IRC Rallye Sanremo 2012

12th October 2012 - 13th October 2012

With the competitive action contained within a 24-hour window, a huge strain is placed on car and crew. The stages use narrow and undulating roads and feature fast and flowing sections, frequent changes of rhythm and blind and open corners with rapid climbs and descents.

Event Updates

  • Best of Video

  • McRae FlatOut trophy Reward

    McRae FlatOut trophy Reward
  • 6th overall

    SS10 - 20.73 km Kopeck Fastest, Breen +0.4, Campana + 5.9. O/A 1st Basso,2nd Kopeck +28.1, 3rd Perico +2:06.9. Craig finishes Rallye Sanremo in the Sainteloc Racing Peugeot 207 in 6th position.
  • SS9

    SS 9 - 18.80 km Kopeck Fastest, Breen +0.4, Basso +9.6. One more to go.
  • SS8 stays 6th

    SS8 19.93 km Kopeck Fastest, Basso +5.3, Breen +6.8. Craig remains 6th O/A
  • Puncture on SS7

    Craig has dropped to 6th as a result of a Puncture on SS7, service now
  • SS6 times

    Albertini retakes 4th on SS6, Craig in 5th on but only 4.5 sec down. 1 more before service
  • Colle Langan 1

    Craig has had a great start this morning and on the opening stage has taken 4th place overall
  • Always part of the Team

    Always part of the Team
  • Day 2 Live!

    The opening stage this morning is now live!

    Saturday Start List

  • Day 1 Video

  • Day 1 Video

  • Saturday Schedule

    All times are CET

    07:46 Service C

    09:05 SS 5 Colle Langan 1 19.93km
    09:39 SS 6 Passo Teglia 1 18.8km
    10:33 SS 7 Colle d'Oggia 1 20.73km

    12:18 Service D

    13:52 SS 8 Colle Langan 2 19.93km
    14:26 SS 9 Passo Teglia 2 18.8km
    15:20 SS 10 Colle d'Oggia 2 20.73km

    17:15 Service E
  • Great time for Craig

    Craig always goes well in the dark, Basso set the pace with 30:20.4, Craig +18s and looks likely to be 5th overnight. Times still coming in
  • SS4 Monster Live!

    The 44km's of Ronde is live! and currently 20 cars are in the stage, we still wait for the first to finish
  • SS4 conditions

    Weather is cloudy, stage is almost dry, temperature around 12 degrees
  • Stage 4 Start List

    SS4 Start List

  • 3 in a row

    Craig makes it 3 in a row by going 7th fastest again on SS3 and remains 7th overall +42.3 on leader Basso

    Umberto Scandola who set fastest time shakedown time yesterday has retired after SS2
  • SS3 info

    Like the opening two stages, the third stage in the loop is mostly dry but there are some wet patches which make tyre choice hard
  • 7th again

    Craig goes 7th fastest again on SS2 and is now +28.5 on leader Basso, Kopecký was fastest on that one.
  • SS2 info

    Weather is cloudy, most of the stage is dry. On the highest places near the finish there is some fog.
  • 7th on SS1 to date

    Craig set the 7th best time on the opener with times still coming.

    1. Basso 00:08:40.2
    2. Andreucci 00:08:44.4 +04.2
    3. Kopecký 00:08:46.8 +06.6

    Craig sets 00:08:55.2
  • Stage 1 is LIVE!

    Weather is cloudy, most of the stage is dry but there are some wet patches.

    First time is just in, Hänninen sets 00:08:49.6 for the 13.06km's, Craig's time is due soon!
  • Mobile Results

    Rallye Sanremo Live Results & News to your phone:

    Live Mobile Results: Rallye Sanremo

    Live Mobile News: Rallye Sanremo

  • Shakedown Times

    -Top 10 IRC shakedown times

    1 Umberto Scandola (ŠKODA Fabia S2000) 2m05.2s
    2 Jan Kopecký (ŠKODA Fabia S2000) 2m05.9s
    3 Giandomenico Basso (M-Sport Ford Fiesta RRC) 2m06.0s
    4 Juho Hänninen (ŠKODA Fabia S2000) 2m06.4s
    5 Pierre Campana (Peugeot 207 S2000) 2m07.6s
    6 Alessandro Perico (Peugeot 207 S2000) 2m08.9s
    7 Paolo Andreucci (Peugeot 207 S2000) 2m09.5s
    8 Craig Breen (Peugeot 207 S2000) 2m09.5s
    9 Stefano Albertini (Peugeot 207 S2000) 2m10.2s
    10 Harry Hunt (Peugeot 207 S2000 (2m12.3s)
  • Shakedown

  • Friday Start List/Schedule

    Friday Start List

    Friday Stage Schedule, all Times are CET

    14:34 SS 1 Coldirodi 13.06 km
    14:56 SS 2 Apricale 17.43 km
    15:23 SS 3 Bignone 10.59 km

    19:56 Service A

    21:00 SS 4 Ronde 44 km

    22:49 Service B

  • Entry List

    Entry List

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