FIA Institute Workshop 3

9th April 2012 - 13th April 2012

FIA Institute Workshop 3
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A host of leading motor sport professionals will be on hand to offer advice and training to the drivers in the 2012 FIA Institute Academy at their next workshop in Teesdorf on 9-13 April.

Pirelli senior engineer Dario Marrafuschi, sports psychologist Hugh Richards and FIA Institute safety expert Andy Mellor are just some of the leading figures who will be passing on their knowledge to the Academy’s young drivers at the five-day workshop. They will be joined by the usual array of senior Academy coaches, led by performance managers Alex Wurz and Robert Reid, who will focus on teaching the drivers about the technical side of the sport.

The physics of driving will be a central theme as the coaches take the participants through all aspects of speed and safety. The drivers will be looking at the effects of braking, steering and sudden weight transfer on cars via various exercises, as well as the significance of their driving technique on the vehicle's balance.

The importance of tyres, both on the road and on the track, will also be a running theme. Pirelli’s Dario Marrafuschi will give a talk on tyres, introducing the drivers to the basics of tyre construction, as well as safety and performance aspects.

FIA Institute’s Andy Mellor will then discuss research and development of road and track safety – and possible ways to improve on both. Safety is at the heart of the FIA Institute’s work and the Academy drivers will become ambassadors for that important message.

In addition, sports psychologist Hugh Richards will run sessions on preparation and performance, whilst the Academy coaches will give presentations on anti-doping and sponsorship.

Alex Wurz said: "My focus during this workshop will be to teach the participants the underlying physics of driving, as well as basic vehicle dynamics and the importance of driver inputs on the car. We will mix classroom sessions with on-track driving to maximise the learning effect. This information will be invaluable both for the particpants’ understanding of how to optimise their driving as well as for their own safety on and off the track."

Robert Reid said: “In the first two workshops we worked a lot on the human performance aspect of racing and now there is an opportunity to put that learning into practice on the track. It is really exciting to be working with a new group of drivers and to see them developing and learning about all areas of performance and safety.”

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