Rally Finnskog

4th February 2012 - 4th February 2012

Event Updates

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  • Rally over for Craig

    Craig won't make it back out. Not a problem though as his confidence is high and it was a minor off. Prepare for WRC Sweden now.
  • Off on SS5

    Craig has been off on SS5, he is driving through the stage now and will come straight back to service. He hope to fix the car and still complete the final to stages. More news when he gets back to service.
  • SS5 live

    Craig happy so far after 4 stages, he changed the suspension settings and fitted new tyres at the mid-point service.
  • At the halfway point

    Craig set 7:04.8 and slots in at 3rd on the stage. Mikkelsen was back at the top of the times sheets with PG Andersson in second + 0:03.1 and Craig 0:10.9

    Super S2000 Class Leader board

    The Overall leaderBoard
  • Great time on SS3

    Great time for Craig SS3, second fastest in S2000, just +1.3 from Marius Aasen but more importantly Craig was ahead of PG (only by 0:00.4) and 13sec ahead of Mikklsen
  • News from service

    News from the first service is that Craig was happy with opening two stages, particularly stage 2 where he was only a few second down on Andreas and PG. He did complain of his windscreen misting up but he has sorted that in service. He has made a few changes to the car in service and is now going out to take on the SS3 Sandsjøbekken 1 (23.78Km)

    The biggest talking point in service is the COLD!, Temp here at present is -33.
  • Amended SS2 Times

    The times from SS2 have been amended and Craig looks to have settled in nicely. Mikkelson was fastest with 4:07, Andersson was +1.7 with Craig in 3rd +5.4

  • SS 2 Times

    Craig continues to take it steady over stage 2. Mikkelsen again was fastest in S2000 with Andersson +15sec, Marius Aasen +27.1 and Craig +27.6

    The O/A leader after SS2 is M.Hirvonen, he holds a 5.1 advantage over Mads Ostberg with Henning Solberg in third 7.8 down on Hirvonen. Solberg is driving a Mitsubishi EVO

    The crews head for first service now. After service they will tackle Sandsjøbekken 1, this is the longest stage of the event
  • SS1 Times

    Craig take a cautious approach on SS1 8:13.1

    Andreas Mikkelsen sets the paces in S2000,PG Andersson (Proton) + 0:13.3, Marius Aasen (Fiesta S2000) + 0:18.1, Craig Breen (Fiesta S2000) + 0:22.2
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