Circuit of Ireland Rally

6th April 2012 - 7th April 2012

On behalf of the Organising Team it gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone including competitors, spectators and volunteers to the 2012 Donnelly Group Circuit of Ireland Rally. It is the largest cross-border event in Ireland this year, Round three of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, round two of the 2011 Irish Tarmac Championship and round three of the Carryduff Forklift MSA Northern Ireland Stage Rally Championship.

The event also incorporates a well supported national rally which also counts for the national championships

For 2012, the Rally Headquarters, Scrutineering, Parc Fermé and the Service Park are all in the historic city of Armagh. The event will have a high profile pre-start in Belfast, with the start control at Belfast City Hall and will feature the opening stages in the Titanic Quarter in the centenary year of the most famous and infamous launch from the City. The event will also be visiting the city of Lisburn on Saturday afternoon for a city street stage, which will be broadcast live on the internet. There are 16 challenging stages in Counties Antrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone and a short section in the Republic of Ireland

Good luck to everyone, obey the marshals and stay safe

Gordon Noble

Clerk of the Course (International)

Event Updates

  • Eurosport COI Day 2

  • Eurosport COI Day 1

  • Interviews end of Final Stage

  • 5th O/A for Craig & Gareth

    5th for Craig and Gareth, well done lads, first time out in the 207.

    4th for Mathieu and Renaud, great result, well done

    Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko take the win

    Mikkelsen A. / Floene Ola 2nd O/A hard luck for the lads

    Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel 3rd O/A
  • On the Limiter

  • Interview end of SS14

  • SS14 penultimate test

    (3 - Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko): It was slippery, not easy now. I need to keep the concentration. (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Floene Ola)2nd Overall: It's very tricky, difficult stage. Juho is too far, we drive for second. (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel)3rd Overall: No need to push, we just want to finish. 9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud)4th Overall: Very slippery, because we have tyres for dry. We did few little mistakes. (7 - Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien)6th Overall: We are really happy with our pace. (4 - Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth)5th Overall: It was first proper stage in the wet and I'm really confident with the car.
  • Raining on SS14

    news coming from the end of SS14 and we have rain @IRCRally this will be tricky, surface already very slippy #caution
  • Interviews end of SS12/13

  • SS13 News & O/A Times

    Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko)O/A Time 01:39:16.0: It's easy to make mistakes, now we just need to get to the finish. Still long way to go.

    Mikkelsen A. / Floene Ola)O/A Time +43.8 2nd place: NO comment from Mikkelsen, not happy.

    (9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud)O/A Time +3:41.8 4th place: Very good stage, it's fun. It's slippery, but no problem for us.

    Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth) O/A Time +4:43.6 5th place : Happy to have both of those stages out of the way, two to go.
  • SS12 Times

    Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko 57.9
    Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel :59.7
    Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth 1:00.2
    Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud 1:00.3
    Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien 1:03.3
    ***Mikkelsen A. / Floene Ola 1:38.3 ***
  • SS12 Comments

    (3 - Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko): Quite slippy stage, but no problems.
    ***(1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Floene Ola): We went off in the stage and hit some bales, we have strange feelings.***Drops 40 sec
    (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel): No problem for us.
    (7 - Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien): Really really slippy, we didn't want to made mistake.
    (4 - Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth): Very slippery, we just go through. I think the first corner was different than in the recce.
  • Service interview with Craig aft

  • Interview end of SS11

  • SS11 Craig up to 5th

    (3 - Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko)Time8:32.2: Quite OK, very good grip on this stage. We will see if we can win.

    (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Floene Ola)Time8:29.8: Good stage, we are pushing very hard. Juho is doing very good job. It's fun to drive.

    (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel)Time8:41.5: It was more clean now. We just try to make no mistake.

    (9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud)Time8:52.2: Beautiful stage, but the time is not good. I don't push on maximum.

    (7 - Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien)Time9:01.5: Really enjoyable, the car worked fine.

    (4 - Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth)Time8:50.6: It's very close, we will see what we can do. I'm happy.

    With that time Craig now takes 5th place O/A
  • Will Craig pass Robert on SS11?

    There's only 7.1 sec in it and the stage is live.
  • Interview end of SS10

  • O/A leaderboard after SS10

    Overall International Leaderboard after stage 10: Hanninen Mikkelsen +4.7, Kopecky +1.18.5, Arzeno +3.19.1, Barrable +4.14.5., Breen +04:21.6

    Craig closing in on Robert Barrable, only 7.1 sec in it now
  • SS10 News/Times

    (3 - Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko)Time8:48.1: There was a lot of gravel, it was very difficult already in the first pass. But we had a clean run.

    (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Floene Ola)Time8:48.6: More gravel, but we tried to push. It was very fast. Nothing more I could do here.

    (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel)Time8:57.1: Not easy stage, we are trying to stay on the road.

    (9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud)Time9:13.1: It's difficult. No rain, but it's very slippery. Škoda boys are very fast, I want to finish the rally.

    (7 - Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien)Time09:19.0: We are happy, we have nice rhythm. We are happy where we are now.

    (4 - Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth)Time9:05.1: We are doing big big steps in the car improvements, many thanks to the team, I'm very pleased.

  • Interview end of SS9

  • SS9 News/Times

    (3 - Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko)Time 13:31.00, OK, much more dry than in the morning. No drama.

    (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Floene Ola)Time13:26.20, We pushed as much as we could. We also had one really big moment, absolutely crazy. We need to push.

    (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel)Time13:37.7, Quite OK, we don't take any risk, the two in front are really fast. Time

    (9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud)Time14:05.6, I tried another set of tyres, but it's still not good. I'm happy to be here.

    (7 - Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien)Time 14:09.4, Very good, we changed the set and we are confident. Nothing to complain about.

    (4 - Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth)Time13:57.8, Very difficult stage. We did great improve with the car. We adjusted the rear dampers.
  • SS9 Next

    The rerun of Redrock (25km) comes next, Craig just leaving service

  • Service park

    Service park
  • Interview end of SS8

  • SS8 Times

    Stage 8 Times
  • SS8 News

    (3 - Hänninen Juho / Markkula Mikko): Nice stage, it was quite good. I'm happy, we just need different tyres.

    (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Floene Ola): We missed a junction, had to reverse and lost a lot of seconds.

    (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel): We were struggling in the first part, it was difficult for both of us. Lot of information in our pacenotes.

    (9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud): Good, but I think I didn't do good tyre choice.

    (7 - Barrable Robert / Connolly Damien): We will do some setup changes now, but generally it's fine.

    (4 - Breen Craig / Roberts Gareth): Difficult day. On the bumps the car is very nervous.
  • SS8 Now live

    The third stage of the day is now live and the top five cars are in the test
  • Interview end of SS7

  • Stage 7 live times

    Stage 7 Times
  • SS7 News

    Arzeno: It's better like yesterday, the car is good. But it's hard to push the throttle, because the road is very slippery. I need more experience.

    Craig: I chose soft compound for the rear and the car is sliding a lot, but we are here
  • SS7 Live

    The second stage of saturday morning is now live and the top 6 cars are now in the test.
  • Rally running late again

    SS7 was due start 09.50 but the first car has still to enter the stage.
  • Times from SS6

    Times From SS6

  • Interview end of SS6

  • SS 6 Times

    Craig fastest on SS6 and happy to have that diffcuilt test out of the way. He does gain a place and is now 6th as Alastair Fisher went out early on the stage.
  • Stage 6 details

    the opening stage this morning is Redrock 1 and is 25km's long.

    News coming through that A. Fisher has had a spin near the start of the stage
  • Day Two Live

    Stage 6 went live at 9.16 am and the top 8 cars are now in the stage
  • Sat Morning iRally Interview

  • Day Two Schedule

    Day 2 Schedule
  • 7th O/A after SS4

    Craig is a provisional 7th O/A after SS4

    Stage Times

  • iRally interview SS4

  • SS4 News

    Craig gets caught out on wrong tyre after it rained and he was on a slick. 7th best on the stage but will be down the field after the fuel pump problem earlier

    Stage Times
  • service interview after SS3

  • Service News

    Fuel pump failure for Craig on road section between end of SS3 and service. Drop's 90sec in road penalties and now looks to be outside the top 10.
  • IRC COI iRally interview SS3

  • SS3 Times

    Craig: We need to do some adjustments to the suspension.

    Top Five:
    1. Mikkelsen 26:39
    2. Hanninen 2.8
    3. Kopecky +28.2
    4. Breen +39.4
    5. Arzeno +43.3
  • SS3 Live

    Stage 3 is now live and the top 7 cars are in the stage
  • SS 3 Running Late

    SS3 will start 20 min late
  • iRally interview SS2

  • SS 2 News

    Craig: Very difficult and slippery stage. we went for hard tyre.

    Top 3 Stage Times todate:
    1. Mikkelsen 00:08:14.6
    2. Kopecký +10.8
    3. Breen +16.8

    (9 - Arzeno Mathieu / Jamoul Renaud): Very slippery, we have a problem with the gearbox.
  • SS 2 Live

    The second stage has started: Hanninen, mikkelsen, kopecky and Craig are in the stage
  • SS 1 News

    After SS1: Kopecky fastest on Titanic superspecial.
    Top 5.
    1. Kopecky +2:11.8
    2. Wiegand +0.2
    3. Mikkelsen +1.2
    4. Breen +3.5
    5. Jennings +3.7

    Crews are now heading to the Drummond stage south of the town of Dungannon. The 12.96-kilometre test goes live at 18:30hrs local time.
  • SS1 iRally Interviews

  • SS1 Times

    SS1 Times

  • Rally NOW Live!

    SS1 now live!
  • circuit of ire gps

    circuit of ire gps
  • Day 1 - Start List

    Juho Hänninen will be first on the road when Circuit of Ireland gets under way this afternoon.

    The cars run at 1 minute intervals.

    Here's the running order

    Hänninen, Mikkelsen, Kopecky, Breen, Fisher, Wiegand, Barrable, Jennings, Arzeno, Kelly, McCormack, Ring, Greer, Barry, Sam Moffett, Josh Moffett, Doyle, Krozser, Cansani, Mark Donnelly, Carmichael, Mavitty, Martin Donnelly, Tony Jardine, McMahon, Byrne, Ballantine, O'Connro, McGonigle, Carney, Agnew, Wood, Beattie, Ingram, Taylor
  • Mobile Results & Event News

    Keep up to date even when your on the move...

    Mobile Results

    Mobile Event News
  • Shakedown Results

    Shakedown Results
  • Friday Schedule

    2012 Circuit of Ireland - Day 1

    16.00 Ceremonial Start – Belfast City Hall
    16.20 Autograph Session / Meet the drivers at Titanic Super Special
    17.00 Start of SS 1 – Titanic Super Special
    SS 2 Drummond 1 11.96 Km
    SS 3 Legane 1 25.16 Km

    19.47 Service ‘A’ Armagh – 30 min

    SS 4 Drummond 2 12.96 Km
    SS 5 Legane 2 25.16 Km

    22.32 Parc Ferme – Armagh

    Friday Weather Forecast
    Mostly dry at first this morning but some patchy outbreaks of light rain and drizzle later this morning and at times during the afternoon. Winds will be mostly moderate northwesterly and top temperatures will around 10 or 11 degrees.
  • Pre Circuit iRally Interview

  • Sainteloc Circuit Test

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  • General Info

    The rally starts in Belfast City Centre on Friday 6th April at approximately 3pm and then heads to the Titanic Quarter for a spectacular Super Special stage, this is then followed up by 2 stages (each run twice) on sweeping tarmac roads in County Tyrone before we head back to Armagh City (60 miles southwest of Belfast) for our overnight halt.

    Day 2 starts in Armagh on Saturday morning at 8am for a service and refuel before the competitors head out to tackle 10 demanding stages in counties Down and Armagh, including a spectator power stage in the City of Lisburn (9 miles west of Belfast) before finishing back in Armagh at approximately 7pm. There are a total of 16 stages on some of the smoothest fastest tarmac in the world.
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    Entry List

  • Sainteloc Racing 207 Test

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