Rally de Espana

8th November 2012 - 11th November 2012

Event Updates

  • TodayFM-Last Word Interview

  • NewsTalk-Off the Ball Interview

  • Sportat7 Post SWRC Spain

  • Final Stage Interview

  • Champion!!!!!!!

    Craig has completed the final stage and is the 2012 SWRC Champion!!!!!!
  • SS17 Interview

  • Last stage to go

    Craig has tiptoed through the penultimate stage and with just the final 4 km test to go
  • Final Service

    Final Service
  • SS16 Interview

  • All ok 2 to go

    Craig clear of SS16
  • Service Interview

  • SS15 Interview

  • SS15 Interview

  • 3 to GO!

    first loop out of the way. 3 stages to go!
  • Craig SS13 Video

  • SS14 Interview

  • All safe on SS14

    Craig clear of SS14, 4 to go!!!!
  • SS13 Interview

  • All ok on SS13

    Craig clear of SS13, he said that was a bit tricky but he has everything crossed to bring it home. P-G was 6.3 faster lead now 3:13
  • Graig Live on SS13

    Graig has begun the final day in Spain
  • Pensive Mode

    Pensive Mode
  • Day 3 Live!

    SS13 Riudecanyes 1(16.35km) is live and the WRC cars are reaching the finish. Craig will enter the stage within the next few minutes
  • Last Day, Here we GO!

    Good morning all, well we're now down to the final day, the final six stages, the final 94Km.

    Fingers Crossed
  • Sunday Schedule

    Sunday Start List

    Live Stage Times

    Mobile Results – Stage Times and Overall Results

    Sunday Stage Schedule (All Times are CET)

    07:00 Service F

    07:50 SS 13 Riudecanyes 1 16.35 km
    08:51 SS 14 Santa Marina 26.51 km
    09:47 SS 15 La Serra d'Almos 4.11 km

    10:47 Service G

    11:52 SS 16 Riudecanyes 2 16.35 km
    12:53 SS 17 Santa Marina [Power Stage] 26.51km
    13:49 SS 18 La Serra d'Almos 4.1 km

    14:42 Service H
  • Stage Map

    Stage Map
  • SS12 Interview

  • Day 2 complete

    All a ok and Craig remains in pole position in SWRC 3:19.3 ahead
  • Craig Photo from SS11

    Craig Photo from SS11
  • All clear on SS11

    Craig through the rerun of El Priorat and no dramas. P-G was 15 sec faster but all still under control

    Craig was initially worried that he had lost a lot of time as he was on the soft compound tyre but P-G couldn't capitalise on this.

    During the end of Stage interview, George Donaldson did notice a small oil leak from P-G's Proton, more news on this later...
  • SS10 Interview

  • Cruise Mode on SS10

    Craig is in cruise mode on SS10 and we are counting down the stages now. Two more for today...
  • Craig SS8 Video

  • SS9 Interview

  • Sat - 1st Loop Finished

    Craig is now heading for midday service and has had another great morning. He leads SWRC by 3:42.1 and is 7th O/A
  • SS8 Interview

  • Craig cautious on SS8

    All a ok for Craig on SS8, SS9 next and then service
  • Craig live on SS8

    Craig has entered SS8 El Priorat 1 (45.97km), we'll keep you updated as he progresses through....
  • Paul's Guide to Day2

  • Craig begins day two

    Craig extends lead on P-G by another 3.4 on SS7
  • MJ drops in

    MJ drops in
  • Ray,Craig,Paul

  • Change to Tarmac 2Day

    Change to Tarmac 2Day
  • Early morning service

    Early morning service
  • Start of Day Two

    Morning all, day 2 is now LIVE! Craig and Paul are on their way to SS7 and will begin the stage at 08.36hrs(CET)
  • Saturday Schedule

    Saturday Start List

    Live Stage Times

    Mobile Results – Stage Times and Overall Results

    Saturday Stage Schedule (All Times are CET)
    07:00 Service C

    08:00 SS 7 La Mussara 20.48 km
    09:15 SS 8 El Priorat 45.97 km
    10:26 SS 9 Riba-roja d'Ebre 1 14.2 km

    12:36 Service D

    13:51 SS 10 La Mussara 20.48 km
    15:06 SS 11 El Priorat 45.97 km
    16:17 SS 12 Riba-roja d'Ebre 2 14.2 km

    18:12 Service E
  • wrc.com SWRC Day 1 report

    Friday SWRC wrap from wrc.com: Breen on top

  • Dinner Time

    Dinner Time
  • Tarmac here we come

    Tarmac here we come
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6 Interview

  • Day 1 lead for Craig

    At the end of the opening day Craig leads P-G Andersson by 3:41.5

    Full day one report to follow
  • image from SS2

    image from SS2
  • SS5 Interview

  • Craig extends lead

    Craig has pulled further ahead as P-G hits a bank and drops over 2minutes
  • Craig live on SS5

    Craig has started Terra Alta 2. The results on this stage will have a big bearing on the standings by the end of the day
  • SS5 update

    Stage 5 (Terra Alta 2 44.02km) is live and the top 10 WRc cars are in the test, but as the stage is 44 km long it will take some time for all the crews to come through. We will let you know when Craig starts the stage
  • SS4 Lead Cut

    PG Andersson has hit back on SS4 by taking 14.4 seconds back on Craig.

    Craig's overall SWRC lead now stands at 55.5 sec
  • Afternoon about to start

    Friday's afternoon loop is about to start and there's more rain on the way. News from service is that Craig is delighted with his mornings work but the rally has just started and there's a huge amount of work to do. Next update after SS4
  • Craig hits the front

    A great time on SS3 by Craig sees him jump to the lead in SWRC as he takes 1min 26 sec out of Andersson to now lead by 1min 9 sec. Andersson now drops to 3rd. Service next.
  • SS 2 PG continues to lead

    PG extended his lead after stage 2, Craig remains second and is 16 seconds down. Conditions are very slippy out there and the most important thing this morning is just staying on the road!
  • SS1 Times

    Craig slots in second 3.5sec behind P-G, the battle begins!
  • News from the stages

    Very slippery out on SS1, some rain near the end of the test and there's reports of heavy rain currently on SS2. Showers forecast all day!
  • Friday Morning

    Before Craig set off this morning he said, "The wait is finally over and now it's time to go to work. Twelve months ago going into the final round of the Academy I had a big deficit to make up, leaving me with only one option and that was to attack from the start. It's different this year, as I'm leading the category and my job today will be to mark P-G's (Andersson) progress. It won't be easy as I'm sure he will go for it, but this is what I've worked from the start of the season and my confidence is high."
  • Day 1 Schedule

    Event Entry List

    Friday Start List

    Live Stage Times

    Mobile Results – Stage Times and Overall Results

    Friday Stage Schedule (All Times are CET)

    07:45 SS 1 Gandesa 7km
    08:10 SS 2 Pesells 1 26.59km
    09:19 SS 3 Terra Alta 1 44.02km

    11:32 Service A

    13:35 SS 4 Pesells 2 26.59km
    14:44 SS 5 Terra Alta 2 44.02km
    17:00 SS 6 Salou 2km

    17:15 Service B
  • RTESportat7 pre event Interview

  • Craig previews Spain on WLR Spor

  • Craig previews Spain with iRally

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