Rallye de France - Alsace

4th October 2012 - 7th October 2012

Event Updates

  • Finish Photos

    Finish Photos
  • Final Stage Interview

  • Victory for Craig & Paul

    Craig and Paul have pulled off an incredible victory in the Super 2000 category of world Rally France and the crew now lead the championship by 5 points going into the final round.
  • Craig in front with 1 to go

    Craig has extended his lead to 44.1 with just the final stage to go
  • WORLD RALLY FRANCE NEWS FLASH: Craig Breen has taken the lead in the Super 2000 category after Stage 20. Breen was in third place as the final morning got underway and over the morning loop he moved ahead of Yazeed Al-Rajhi to take 2nd in the class.

    The final loop has just started and on Stage 20 Hayden Paddon who was leading has stopped within the stage. This elevates Craig into the class lead with just two stages to go.
  • seesaw continues

    Craig in 2nd on SWRC on SS19
  • Pressure

    AL RAJHI retakes 2nd by going 5.9 quicker on SS18
  • Back up to 2nd in SWRC

    Craig retakes 2nd in SWRC on SS17 from Al Rajhi: "I didn't think I'd done that...horrific conditions in there..."
  • Sunday Morning Service

    Sunday Morning Service
  • Final DAY is LIVE!

    Mr.Loeb is live on the first SUNDAY stage
  • Last day Girls

    Good morning all, last day. I hope everyone is ready. Craig and Paul have just left service and are prepared to retake 2nd place in SWRC. The car was all sorted last night and the boys are in top form.

    Six stages today, a 17km one first, then two short ones and then they are all repeated BUT there is no service between the stages
  • Sunday-Start List/Schedule

    Sunday Start List

    07:50 Service H

    09:23 SS17 Vignoble de Cleebourg 1 17.5 km
    10:46 SS18 Bischwiller - Gries 1 8 km
    11:16 SS19 Haguenau 1 5.74 km
    12:44 SS20 Vignoble de Cleebourg 2 (Power Stage) 17.5 km
    14:07 SS21 Bischwiller - Gries 2 8 km
    14:37 SS22 Haguenau 2 5.74 km

    15:35 Service I

    And don't forget, NO service between Sunday's stages. Let the final battle begin...
  • A frustrating day complete

    SS16 Paddon FASTEST, Al Rajhi +1.8, Aigner +18.9, Breen +24.6, Craig drops to 3rd in SWRC by 14.9secs.

    Congrat's to Elfyn Evans who has secured the 2012 FIA WRC Academy Championship
  • Craig through SS15 ok

    Craig lost some more time on stage 15 as he still battles with the rear diff problems.

    The extra problem now for Craig is that he is being caught by Yazeed Al-Rajhi and the gap between the two is now just 7.9 sec
  • Rear Diff Prob SS14

    Craig suffered a rear diff prob and that was the reason for his time loss on SS14
  • time lose on SS14

    Craig has dropped 19 sec to Hayden on the stage. We still have to clarify what the prob is!
  • SS13 Times

    Spin in the stage for Craig, has dropped 30 sec to Hayden
  • SWRC crews live on SS13

    Both Craig and Hayden are live on the stage and neck & neck after split 2
  • Images from Service

    Photos from service in Strasbourg

  • Afternoon loop about to begin

    We are about to get the afternoon loop underway. Craig is hoping to get a run on all four stages.

    10 minute delay to stages this afternoon, SS13 will start at 1448
  • SS12 cancelled

    Stage 12 will be driven as a road section and not as a stage, because of spectator volume's
  • Delay again on SS12

    There looks to be a delay at the start of SS12 again with the volume of spectators. Lets blame Mr. Loeb
  • SS11 Times

    Hayden pulls out another 5.2 over the stage
  • SS11 Live for SWRC

    At last we have a live stage for the SWRC boys. The crews are in SS11
  • SS10 Cancelled

    No SWRC cars on SS10
  • News from SS10

    The stage will restart when the stage is clear
  • SS10 still no go

    No cars in since the VW boys...trying to find out why
  • More delays SS10

    From the splits it looks like Chardonnet has had a problem and there's no splits coming through for the SWRC cars. more news when it's available
  • Long wait

    The SWRC cars are just about to start SS10
  • Delay on Stage 10

    SS10 delayed by 15m because of the amount of spectators. Loeb is now on the stage
  • SS9 Times

    Stage 9 Massif des Grands Crus-Ungersberg 1 (18.16km) and Craig drops 8 sec to Paddon.

    Paddon's lead is now 10.2 sec
  • Saturday is LIVE!

    Saturday is the longest day of the rally with 192.80km of competitive stage action.

    8 stages in all: a loop of four in the morning, repeated in the afternoon.

    The WRC car's are on the stage. P Solberg has already crashed out on the morning opener!

    Craig still to start.
    INTERESTING Day ahead....
  • Saturday-Start List/Schedule

    Saturday Start List

    Saturday is the longest day of the rally with 192.80km of competitive stage action

    8 stages in all: a loop of four in the morning, repeated in the afternoon.

    07.30 Service E Strasbourg (15 mins)

    08.38 SS9 Massif des Grands Crus - Ungersberg 1 18.16km
    09.36 SS10 Pays d'Ormont 1 43.45km
    10.47 SS11 Pays de la Haute Bruche 1 24.04km
    11.45 SS12 Klevener 1 10.75km

    13.15 Service F Strasbourg (30 mins)

    14.38 SS13 Massif des Grands Crus - Ungersberg 2 18.16km
    15.36 SS14 Pays d'Ormont 2 43.45km
    1647 SS15 Pays de la Haute Bruche 2 24.04km
    17.45 SS16 Klevener 2 10.75km

    18.48 Flexi Service G Strasbourg (45 mins)
  • SS8 Mulhouse SuperSpecial

    Craig has the final say today as he takes 1.9 on the superspecial and the gap overnight between Hayden and Craig is now down to just 2.2 seconds.

    At the end of the stage Craig said, "I'm happy with my day's work. Hayden and I have been tussling on every stage, with the lead changing hands a few times. We had to very tide on that last one (stage) because we had no spare(tyre, punctured from a previous stage). Tomorrow will be another tough day with nearly 200km's of competitive action, we still have along way to go."
  • SS7 finished

    On today's penultimate stage Paddon has extended his lead by 2.2 to lead by 4.1 with only the Mulhouse Superspecial remaining later this evening.
  • Top Man Looks on

    Top Man Looks on
  • Pic from Miday Service

    Pic from Miday Service
  • SS6 on the limit

    Hayden takes 4.1 off Craig through SS6 and moves into the SWRC lead by 2.3 sec
  • Afternoon battle Commences

    Craig's SWRC lead is cut to 1.8 sec as the afternoon loop gets underway. Heyden sets the pace on SS5 but Craig is just +0.3

    P-G dropped another +17.4 on that test and he is now +38.1
  • SS4 Craig retakes SWRC lead

    On the final stage in the morning loop it was Breen's turn to hit back as he went fastest beating Paddon by 13.1 retaking the class lead by 2.1 seconds. Paddon has reported a big moment near the end of the stage. SERVICE NOW, more later...
  • SS 3 fight continues

    Paddon continues his hot pace on SS3 going fastest and now leads by 11.4 sec from Craig.
  • Fight begins on SS2

    On the event preview we stated that Craig's win on Rally GB has got him back in to the SWRC title fight. That fight has broken out already on stage 2 Hohlandsbourg-Firstplan 1 (28.67km) this morning between Craig and Hayden. The New Zealander took the stage honours by 1.6 sec from Craig but he still holds the SWRC lead by .3 sec. PG lost some time on the test and is 14 sec back in third.
  • Mobile Results on your Phone

    Live Mobile Results: Rallye de France
  • Fri-Start List/Schedule

    Friday Start list

    Friday Stage Schedule
    07:45 Service B

    09:23 SS 2 Hohlandsbourg - Firstplan 1 28.67 km
    10:06 SS 3 Vallée de Munster 1 22.16 km
    11:22 SS 4 Soultzeren - Pays Welche 1 19.93 km

    13:15 Remote Service C

    13:56 SS 5 Hohlandsbourg - Firstplan 2 28.67 km
    14:39 SS 6 Vallée de Munster 2 22.16 km
    15:55 SS 7 Soultzeren - Pays Welche 2 19.93 km
    18:35 SSS 8 Mulhouse 4.65 km

    20:15 Service D

    Event Maps: from rally-maps.com
  • Service Area

    Service Area
  • Stage 1

    Craig has posted a time of 2 minutes 54.2 sec for the opening stage superspecial and leads the SWRC category at the end of day one.

    Friday day two gets underway with stage 2 at 9.23 (CET). Friday consists of 7 stages in total.

    The Friday start list and stage schedule will be upload later.
  • Press Conference part 2

    FIA Pre-event Press Conference

    What would you say the secret to success is on these stages?
    Those stages are not very narrow, but flowing and smooth. You need to be clever.

    You won the WRC Academy last season - any advice for the series contenders this year?
    Elfyn is in a lot better position than we were last year. He’s done a fantastic job this year.
  • Press Conference part 1

    FIA Pre-event Press Conference

    Craig, after the win in Wales the SWRC is now really close, how are you feeling on the return to tarmac?
    It’s good coming from a victory in Wales. It’s my first time back on tarmac since the accident and it’s going to be difficult here this weekend. I feel confident. Tarmac is always a preference, I am confident with this rally. It’s a big challenge for everybody.

    There is some tough competition here, how critical is it for you to win?
    It is critical as we all three are very close and have been fighting everywhere all year round. Everything can happen, and Spain will be as challenging and the end of the season will be super exciting.

    Do you feel more at home on a tarmac surface?
    We tested on tarmac on Monday, we just need to get familiar with the car again as well as with the conditions.
  • FIA Event Details

    Rallye de France Alsace – FIA Event Preview

  • Rallye de France

    The rally kicks off with a 3.6 km stage near Strasbourg’s European Parliament building on Thursday afternoon.

    Friday’s route is based to the west of Colmar and features three stages each run twice, including the new Soultzeren-Pays Welch test, plus the day-closing standalone Mulhouse town centre stage.

    Saturday’s action is made up of four repeated stages with the Pays d’Ormont stage measuring 43.45-kilometres in length.

    The final day is a slightly more tame affair in comparison with crews covering 61.54 competitive kilometres. These include two passes of the Vignoble de Cleebourg and Bischwiller-Gries tests, the latter now running entirely on asphalt having featured a gravel section in the past.
  • Back in the title fight

    SWRC France event preview coming soon

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