Rally Finland

1st August 2012 - 4th August 2012

Rally Finland
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Four days of the world´s best WRC

This summer´s Neste Oil Rally Finland offers its audience interesting events already before the actual starting day of the rally.

The possibility to include Wednesday, August 1, to the official event date pleased the organisation managers, who decided to extend the Finnish round of the WRC from earlier three days to a four-day event; August 1-4 2012.

Jyväskylä Paviljonki Rally HQ and Service Park will be opened to the audience on Wednesday at 14.00, day before the actual competition begins. In addition to events in the Service Park, Wednesday´s schedule includes Ruuhimäki Qualifying at 19.30 and Start Order Selection at Paviljonki at 21.30.

Neste Oil Rally Finland will once again be based in its traditional home Jyväskylä, but the route stretches as far south as Lahti. In addition to two Super Special Stages (Jokimaa on Thursday and Killeri on Friday) among the highlights will be the return of the legendary Ouninpohja Special Stage, which will double up as the Power Stage that caps off the competition.

On the opening day, Thusday, rally fever can be experienced in Lahti Harbour, where a free-for-all Rally Show offers driver interviews as well as various sideshows connected with the rally.

The "Grand Prix of Gravel" climaxes on the Saturday night at 21.00 with a jubilant prize-giving ceremony at Jyväskylä Paviljonki.

Event Updates

  • Talent Underlined...

    A sad end to what was a great drive by Craig and an excellent job by Paul since he's come on board.

    Crashing out when so close to victory is not what Craig wanted but the most important factor is that the lads were able to walk away from the accident.

    Craig's performance up to that point underlines his talent and resilience in what was the most dufficult rally of his life.
  • Craig and Paul ok after accident

    Sorry about the time delay about posting after the accident on SS17. We had to get 100% clarification that both Craig and paul are ok and we are glad to report that they are.
  • SS17 update

    Craig is now in the stage. There was a delay but now we're back on Schedule
  • SS 17 is now live

    The first run of Ouninpohja is live
  • Service interview with Paul

  • SS13 Craig back in front

    DRAMA on stage 16 for Andersson as he breaks a driveshaft and Breen now leads by 13.3 seconds.
  • SS 15 interview

  • SS 15 times

    only .1 of a second betwn Craig and PG on the stage. Craig said at the end, "I up'ed it a little but I must think of the championship and even more long term in regards to my confidence."
  • Service interview after SS14

  • SS 14 interview

  • SS14 times

    The fight continues on SS14 and PG overtakes Craig but only by 1.3sec. service now, SS14 interview next
  • SS 13 interview

  • SS 13 clear for Craig

    Cautious start for Craig but holds on to his SWRC lead. At the end of the stage he states that he just wants to keep his confidence on a high and if he drops out of the SWRC lead so be it.
  • Final Day

    Good morning everyone, so it's been just a perfect event so far for Craig and Paul.I'm sure the small man has been looking down on them all the way through. To be leading SWRC is much more than exspected.

    We are now down to the last day's action but what a day in prospect. The action has got under way with SS13 and this morning we have a double loop taking in Surkee 14.95km's and Leustu 21.94 km's. This will take us up to lunchtime. We will revisit the stage schedule for this afternoon later as it deserves an introduction of it's own.
  • Sat Start List/SS Schedule

    The final day in Finland is set to be hectic from the start, we now bring you the Saturday Start List and Stage Schedule.

    Saturday Start List

    Service F (Paviljonki) 15 min. 7.00
    SS 13 Surkee 1 7.56
    SS 14 Leustu 1 8.54
    Service G (Paviljonki) 30 min. 10.07

    SS 15 Surkee 2 11.18
    SS 16 Leustu 2 12.16

    Service H (Paviljonki) 30 min. 13.29

    SS 17 Ouninpohja 1 15.37
    SS 18 Ouninpohja 2 (Power Stage) 18.00

    Service I (Paviljonki) 10 min. 20.03
    Podium (Paviljonki) 21.00
  • Lead for Breen end of day two

    SS12 2.06km Craig took a cautious approach through the superspecial but put in another solid time. He leads SWRC by 3.7sec overnight over PG Andersson.
  • SSS Killeri running order

    The unofficial pairings for tonight's superspecial stage at the Killeri trotting track in out of town Jyvaskyla have been released.

    While changes are possible due to lateness or retirements, it is expected the top 10 pairings for the final stage of day two of Neste Oil Rally Finland, round eight of the FIA World Rally Championship, will be as follows:

    Pairing one: Sebastian Lindholm and Armindo Araujo
    Pairing two: Ken Block and Riku Tahko
    Pairing three: Martin Prokop and Matti Rantanen
    Pairing four: Jari Ketomaa and Ott Tanak
    Pairing five: Mads Ostberg and Evgeny Novikov
    Pairing six: Mikko Hirvonen and Petter Solberg
    Pairing seven: Sebastien Loeb and Jari-Matti Latvala
    Pairing eight: Sebastien Ogier and Andreas Mikkelsen
    Pairing nine: Craig Breen and Jarkko Nikara
    Pairing 10: P-G Andersson and Juha Salo

    SSS Killeri is due to get underway at 20:00hrs local time - 18:00hrs Irish time
  • SS 11 interview

  • Craig leads SWRC SS11

    With only the super special remaining today Craig leads SWRC by 4.3 sec to PG Andersson
  • SS 10 interview

  • Joy for Craig on SS10

    After setting his second fastest stage time in SWRC on SS10 Craig has now taken over the lead as reports coming in state that Lappi has had a problem.
  • SS 9 extra news

    As Craig records his first SWRC fastest stage time of the weekend on SS9 news as come in that Hayden Paddon will not restart tomorrow under Rally 2
  • SS 9 interview

  • Update after SS 9

    friday afternoon gets underway with stage 9 and the seesaw battle between Craig and PG continues. Craig gets the better here and retakes 2nd in SWRC. The gap 1.2sec.
  • SS 8 interview

  • 3rd by midday service

    SS8 23.06km Craig reported stage to be tricky and maybe his notes were too cautious, Lappi FASTEST, Andersson +9.4, Breen +15.7, Salo +22.5, Craig drops to 3rd in SWRC by 2.2sec,SERVICE NOW
  • SS 7 interview

  • News from SS7

    Craig safely through SS7 and still in second place in SWRC but he did report that he thought that he had a problem with the rear of the car but ok
  • SS 6 interview

  • SS6 Times

    E. LAPPI continues to set the pace in SWRC but Craig records a great time, seconds fastest on the stage and moves into second overall in SWRC
  • SS 5 interview

  • SS 5

    Andersson retakes 3rd on SS5 but the gap between Craig and PG is only .6s

    Service C - Jyväskylä now, Craig's interview from SS5 next
  • SS 4 interview

  • SS 4

    Craig clear of SS4 and was 4 sec faster then PG Andersson and with moves up to 3rd in SWRC,times still coming in.

    Craig said at the end of the stage that he was happy with the time and that it would have been impossible to come here (Finland)and be on the pace 100%
  • Day 2 Friday is Live!

    Friday day two is live and the first 3 WRC car are clear of SS4 SS4 Urria 12.75km.
  • Friday Schedule

    Service B - Jyväskylä, Paviljonki 06:30

    SS4 Urria 12.75km 07:42
    SS5 Jukojärvi 22.29km 08:39

    service Service C - Jyväskylä, Paviljonki 10:05

    SS6 Mökkiperä 1 11.38km 11:28
    SS7 Palsankylä 1 13.92km 12:14
    SS8 Lankamaa 1 23.06 km 13:32

    service Service D - Jyväskylä, Paviljonki 14:45

    SS9 Mökkiperä 2 11.38km 16:08
    SS10 Palsankylä 2 13.92km 16:54
    SS11 Lankamaa 2 23.06km 18:12
    SS12 Kileri 2.06km 20:00 19:00

    service Flexi Service E - Jyväskylä - Paviljonki 20:30

    Leg total 133.82 km
  • SS3 Interview

  • 4th in SWRC after Day 1

    SS3 14.22km Craig continued to thank everyone for their support at stage end, so happy to have his first day back completed. Lappi FASTEST, Paddon +1.3 , Andersson +4.4 , Breen +6.6, Salo +11.9, Craig 4th in SWRC & 18th overall.

    O/A Loeb leads overnight by 7.3sec over Hirvonen, 3.Latvala 4. Ostberg 5 Solberg.
  • SS2 Results...

    SS2 2km Superspecial, Craig kept it tidy, no mistakes. Lappi FASTEST, Andersson +0.3, Al Rajhi +0.3, Paddon +0.5, Breen +0.7, Salo +1.6, Lappi leads SWRC.

    1 more stage today - SS3 Mynnila (14.22km) start time 20:50 local time - 18:50 Irish time...
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS1 Interview

  • Craig's new chapter begins

    Craig has cleared SS1 and is 4th in SWRC, He said at the end of the stage that it was very emotional and thanked everyone for their support since the accident.

    Paddon FASTEST, Lappi +0.3, Andersson +6.9, Breen +8.9, Salo +10.3, Al Rajhi +16.4
  • Craig Live on SS1

    Craig has started the first stage
  • Sakedown Vid

  • Thursday start list

    Day One – Thursday Start List
  • Rally now Live

    World Rally Finland is now live,first crew S.LINDHOLM after completing SS1 Koukunmaa(13.68km)and the word from the stage is that it's very slippy.
  • Jaffa Tribute Video

  • Wed/Thurs Itinerary

    Wednesday, 1 August

    Ruuhimäki Qualifying 19.30
    Start Order Selection (Jyväskylä Paviljonki) 21.30

    Thursday, 2 August

    Start (Paviljonki) 13.30
    Regroup (Lahti Harbour) 16.00
    SS 1 Koukunmaa 17.23
    SS 2 Jokimaa 19.00
    SS 3 Mynnilä 20.50
    Service A (Paviljonki) 45 min. 22.35
    Parc Fermé (Paviljonki) 23.20
  • SWRC Testing Today

  • iRally Interview with Craig

    Earlier today Craig spoke to iRallies Greg Strange about his decision to return to rallying.

    Click here to listen to the interview
  • The road ahead

    Full event preview, including SWRC season recap coming soon...

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