Rally Sweden

9th February 2012 - 12th February 2012

Rally Sweden
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Welcome the World Rally Championship to Sweden and the 60th edition of Rally Sweden. This year we also welcome you to Norway, since most of the Friday’s stages will be run in our neighbouring country.

Location: The rally in 2012 will, as previous years, be based in Karlstad with stages run in the traditional region as well asacross the border in Norway.The main service park will be established at Hagfors airport as in 2011. The set up of the service park will be on the tarmac surface of the runway.

Itinerary:  The total distance of the rally is 1874 km and the 24 special stages (11 stages repeated twice) will cover 360km in total. A comparison with previous years is enclosed.The official start of the rally and the Qualifying Stage will take place in Karlstad on Thursday 9 February in conjunctionto the running of the super special stage at the trotting course.

Day 1: Will be run mostly in Norway on classic Norwegian stages with a Remote Service in the town of Kongsvinger. The day also includes a regrouping in the town of Torsby.

Day 2: The drivers will cross the county border to Dalarna and run classic stages as Sågen and Fedriksberg and the Vargåsen stage presenting the famous Colins Crest jump. The day will also include the arena stage Hagfors Sprint.

Day 3: The stages in the area of Hagfors will be used, with well known stages as Rämmen and Hafors. The live TV broadcasted “power stage” will be Hagfors which is the same as the 2010 stage Värmullsåsen.

Event Website

wrc.com Event Overview

Shakedown and Special Stage Maps

Event Updates

  • Stage 20 Aerial Footage

  • Interview end of final Stage

  • 2nd for Craig on SWRC Sweden

    Craig continues his great start to the season with 2nd on SWRC Sweden and 16th overall. Full report to follow.
  • Interview end of SS23

  • Last stage to go

    Craig has now only the last stage to go and still hold his advantage overall Pontus Tidemand
  • Craig live on SS23

    Craig has now started the penultimate stage and through the second split
  • Craig clear of SS22

    Craig has now only two stages remaining and all looks good. There was a delay with the times coming through but all back in order now
  • Brains behind team CBR

    Brains behind team CBR
  • Saturday Day-Two Video

    Swedish Rally Day 2 2012 from Tor Andre Børresen on Vimeo.

  • Interview end of SS21

  • Interview end of SS20

  • Three to go

    Craig has completed the opening Sunday morning loop and all is ok,
  • All ok after SS20

    Craig safely through SS20, the gap back to Pontus Tidemand is +1:18.5, 4 stages remain
  • Good start for Craig SS19

    Craig keeps it tide on SS19, Andersson set the pace 9:33.1, Tidemand 9:35.4 and Craig 9:40.8
  • Update from SS19

    The first crew are reporting very slippy conditions through the stage with a lot of loose snow
  • Sunday morning Breakfast

    Sunday morning Breakfast
  • Sunday morning Service

    Sunday morning Service
  • Last day is now live

    Day 3 of Sweden is now live and the first crew are coming through the opening Sunday morning stage
  • Sunday Start List/ Itinerary

    Sunday Start List

    Sunday Itinerary

  • Interview end of SS18

  • Day-Two Over

    Despite only having brakes on three wheels, Craig manages to make the end of day two.
  • Interview end of SS17

  • Extra info from SS16

    Craig had first thought that he had a front diff problem on SS16 but after checking out the car on the road section to SS17 he discovered that a brake disc had broken. Craig and Gareth have made some emergency repairs are hoping now the compete the remaining tow stage and not lose to much time
  • Interview end of SS16

  • Diff problem on SS16

    Craig reported a problem with the differential at the end of the stage. He is accessing the problem now before SS17 and just hopes now to get to the end of the day and final service. End of stage report next
  • Fan Photo 2

    Fan Photo 2
  • Afternoon begins with SS15

    The 'Status Quo' continues within the SWRC. The afternoon gets unferway with SS15, class leader takes the fastest time, 13:47.2 for the 24.63km's of Vargasen 2. Craig was +6.3 and Pontus +6.8

  • Service Fan Photo

    Service Fan Photo
  • Interview end of SS14

  • Interview end of SS13

  • Fastest again on SS13

    Craig recorded his second fastest SWRC stage time on SS13, Standing stay as the were
  • Interview end of SS12

  • SS12 times

    Craig safely through SS12, Tidemand was fastest 7:56.1, Craig +2.9, Andersson +8.4 so all going ok
  • SS12 is Live

    The second test of Saturday is now live
  • Service Area

    Service Area
  • Interview end of SS11

  • Great start to Day-Two

    Craig has had a great start to the first Saturday stage going quickest so for of the SWRC crews. He set 14:19.0 and 4.7 faster than P-G and 10sec up on Pontus
  • Craig live on SS11

    The SWRC crews have started the first of Saturday stages.Craig looks to be flying through the splits
  • Grinder

  • Saturday is a go

    Day-Two is live and the first cars are through SS11.
  • Swedish Rally Day 1

    Swedish Rally Day 1 2012 from Tor Andre Børresen on Vimeo.

  • Saturday Schedule

    Saturday Itinerary

    Saturday Start List

  • Interview end of SS9

  • Craig Breen Fan Cam

  • Catch up time with SS7 & 8

    some catching up to do with news of stages 7 and 8. PG set the pace again on stage 7 with Paddon +2.3 and Tidemand + 3rd +2.6sec. Craig was 5th =18.6 down and reamined in 3rd 1:05.5

    on SS8 the was drama for Tidemad as it was reported that he suffered a puncture but he has twitted that he had tostop because the front air intake was blocked with snow, so he must have been in a snow bank.All this is good news for Craig as he now moves into 2nd in SWRC and holds 16th O/A
  • Afternoon kicks off with SS6

    Andersson and Tidemand still out in front, Craig third fastest as of now on the stage and remains third in SWRC.
  • Fastest time on SS4

    Craig sets his first fastest time on SS4 and is now 3rd in SWRC. Now update on how Paddon lost the time during stage 3 and second Proton driver Alastair McRae also dropped time in that test
  • SS3

    Andersson fastest on SS3, Tidemand +4.7, Craig +11.1

    Paddon looks to have had a problem and has dropped time.

    SWRC standings after SS3

    Overall standings after SS3

  • Standings after SS2

    Standings after SS2

  • Back on track SS2

    On the 27km stg 2 it was P.Tidemand who set the pace with a time 0.6 quicker than PG Andersson, Craig 3rd 16.7 and is now 5th in the category
  • SS2 Live

    First drivers through the opening Friday morning stage reporting the test is very slippery and plenty of snow
  • Friday Schedule

    All times are CET

    08:04 SS2 Mitandersfors 27,07km
    09:28 SS3 Opaker 1 20,17km
    10:03 SS4 Kirkener 1 7,10km
    10:38 SS5 Finnskogen 1 20,97km

    Remote Service Kongsvinger

    12:48 SS6 Opaker 2 20,17km
    13:23 SS7 Kirkener 2 7,10km
    13:58 SS8 Finnskogen 2 20,97km
    16:05 SS9 Torsby 19,21km

    Service Hagfors

    19:20 SS10 Super Special Stage Karlstad 2 1,90km
  • Interview end of SS1

  • SS1 Karlstad

    The crews have completed the opening superspecial stage of World Rally Sweden this evening at the Karlstad’s trotting track and Irish rally driver Craig Breen was unlucky over the test picking up a right rear puncture. Breen who posted the quickest time of the Super 2000 crews on the shakedown test on Thursday morning dropped 9.2 seconds to Proton driver P-G Andersson who set the pace in the category. Overnight Breen holds 6th place in SWRC and as the overall times continue to come in is placed 32nd.
  • Shakedown Times

    Shakedown Times

  • Shakedown News

    As Craig is a priority 3 driver he will not be competing on the qualifying stage but he has been out on his first run on Shakedown. He has returned to service to make some setup changes as the stage is very gravelly and a lot of dirt has been dragged out by the WRC cars. More news later
  • iRally Interview

  • iRally Interview with Craig

    Craig talks to iRally about this weeks World Rally Sweden

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