FIA Institute 2012

6th January 2012 - 10th January 2012

The FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy is a project to develop young driver talent worldwide. It offers a fully-funded training programme that helps drivers develop their motor sport careers, whilst increasing safety skills and actively promoting the principles of safety, fairness and responsibility on and off the track.

It also generates a public benefit by instilling in young drivers an understanding of the highest standards of road safety. As part of the course, participants will gain the necessary skills to become qualified road safety instructors, enabling them to educate the public.

The FIA Institute has teamed up with two motor sport stars to lead the Academy training programme: Alex Wurz, former Formula One driver and two-time Le Mans winner; and Robert Reid, 2001 World Rally Champion.

Academy activities will take place in Europe and further afield, with the intention of making it a truly global driver-training programme.

OBJECTIVES: The primary goals of the Academy are:

- To increase skills in the area of driver and road safety.

- To actively promote the principles of safety, fairness and responsibility both on and off the track.

- To prepare young drivers to compete at the pinnacle of the sport.

The Academy programme is fully funded by the FIA Foundation, and managed by the FIA Institute, as part of the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund's Young Driver Safety Programme.

Academy 2012

Following from the inaugural year of the ‘Academy’ in 2011, 18 drivers have been selected to take part in this year’s programme, with at least three drivers chosen from each of the following five regions: North, Central and South America; Western and Northern Europe; Central and Eastern Europe; Middle East and Africa; and Asia and Oceania.

There they will once again benefit from the expert tutelage of Alex Wurz, former Formula One driver and two-time Le Mans winner, alongside Robert Reid, former World Rally Champion.

The Academy gives opportunities to emerging, talented young drivers to develop the skills necessary for a successful career in motor sport, with a particular focus on safety. Participants will graduate from the Academy equipped to become qualified road safety instructors and pass on their understanding of the highest standards of road safety. Their knowledge and skills will thus generate a true public benefit.

Central to the Academy’s success is the participation and support of every FIA National Sporting Authority (ASN). They ensure that the most talented and deserving drivers across the world have access to the initiative.

Drivers Chosen for 2012 FIA Institute Academy

2012 Academy Class - Workshop 1. Edinburgh

The next Academy workshop will take place 6-10 January 2012 in Chamonix, France.

Event Updates

  • Craig not going to Mont Blanc

    Due to the close proximity of Rally Monte Carlo, Craig will not be attending the FIA Institute Workshop scheduled for January 6 - 10, Chamonix in French Alps. He is very disappointed but the workshop overlaps with the teams preparations for the first SWRC event of the season.
  • Monte: Entry List

    2012 Rally Monte Carlo: Entry List - Unseeded
  • The Dream Continues

    The Dream Continues

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