Rallye Monte Carlo

17th January 2012 - 22nd January 2012

After three years of absence Rallye Monte Carlo makes a welcome return to the World Rally Championship. 2012 will mark the 80th year of the famous tarmac event which takes place from Tuesday, January 17th to Sunday 22nd.

In keeping with tradition the Automobile Club de Monaco has drawn up a gruelling five days of Tarmac Rallying.

The ACM General Commissioner’s office has worked out a concept which remains faithful to the reputation of the winter road rally, so that competitors, manufacturers and spectators can rediscover the elements that forged the legend of the Monte Carlo Rally, allowing amateurs to compete with professionals.

Shakedown will be on Tuesday 17 January in Ardeche near Valence, the Drome capital.  The Starting Ceremony is scheduled to take place at the end of this practice session, in the Champ de Mars.

Day-One Wednesday 18 January: The roads of the Ardeche (department) will start the 2012 World Rally Championship with four stages in a double loop in the South of the region. The day will begin with the monster 36.87 km, Le Mouilinon – Antraigues 1, this is followed by Burzet – St Martial 1 at 30.48 km. After completing the opening two stages the competing crews head for remote service 1 at the Valence Parc d’Assistance. Then in the afternoon the two stages are tackled again and day one is completed with remote service 2.

Day-Two, Thursday 19 January: The Thursday action consists of a double loop of six stages in the North of Ardeche. The second day starts with remote service 3 again being based in Valence Parc d’Assistance. Labatie d’Andaure – Lalouvesc 1 (19 km),  St. Bonnet – St. Julien Mohesabate – St. Bonnet 1 (25.22) and Lamastre – Gilhoc - Alboussiere 1 (21.66) are tackled twice with remote service 4 scheduled for 12.57 hours and remote service 5 concludes the day starting at 18.02.

Day-Three Friday 20 January: For the third day in a row the Rally is based in Valence. Day Three totals three stages, St Jean en Royans – Font d’Urle (23.28 km) kicks things off and is followed by the 24.13 km test of Cimetiere de Vassieux (Vassieux Cemetry) – Col de Gaudissart. The crews return to remote service 7 in Valence before taking on the 29.99 km’s of Montauban sur I’Ouveze – Eygalayes in the afternoon. On completion of SS 13 the rally moves back to Monaco with the competing car being placed in overnight Parc Ferme.

Day-Four Saturday: With the rally back in the Principality, Saturday consists of a double loop of two stages based North of the City near Lantosque. This is where the event begins to bite as the first loop beginning at 15.11 hours. Moulinet - La Bollène Vésubie 1 starts the day and takes in the famous Col du Turini, 23.41 km and is followed by the 18.81 km’s of Lantosque – Luceram. Service in Monaco is scheduled 17.53 hours and then it’s a return for the second loop with SS 16 getting off the start line at 19.34 hours. SS17 begins 20.17 hours and it’s a late finish with the final service of the day at 21.32

Day-Five Sunday: To continue the excitement to the very end, the ‘Power Stage’ of approximately 5km will be held between Sainte Agnes and Col de la Madone, starting at 10am on Sunday morning.

Event Website

wrc.com Event Overview

Shakedown and Special Stage Maps

Event Updates

  • Interview end of SS18

  • Craig Wins SWRC Monte !!

    Craig has completed the final stage on Rallye Monte Carlo and claims victory in SWRC.
  • Power Stage Time!

    Only 1 more stage remains this morning on Rallye Monte Carlo and it's scheduled to get underway in 10 minutes.
  • Interview end of SS17

  • Day 4 Done

    With only the Power Stage remaining Craig holds top spot in SWRC. Very hard luck on PG, interview from SS17 stage end next
  • Inteview end of SS16

  • Craig in SWRC lead

    Craig clear of SS16 and into the lead of SWRC after the retirement of PG Andersson. Interview with Craig from end of stage coming next.
  • News from SS16

    There's reports that PG Andersson has stopped on the stage, reports not confirmed
  • SS16 Top Crews

    Solberg sets new record for the stage 15:45.5
  • Turini in the DARK!

    Second run of Moulinet - La Bollène Vésubie and the Col de Turini
  • Inteview end of SS15

  • Inteview end of SS14

  • Craig fastest S2000 SS14

    Craig through SS14 and set the fastest S2000 time on the stage 16:32.8
  • News from SS15

    @voiceofrally SS15, 14C at start and finish, 12C over col. Ascent damp/greasey in shade, descent completely dry.
  • SS14 Live

    The top cars are through SS14 and the first pass of the Turini.

    HIRVONEN looks to have put the hammer down as he sets 15:38.4

    Petter was next on the times with 15:40.1 and then Seb 15:40.3

    SORDO with 15:54.5

    DELECOUR sets 15:46.1 but has problems with powersteering
  • Kel-Tech Service

    Kel-Tech Service
  • View Monaco Service

    View Monaco Service
  • Saturday Schedule

    13:15 Service

    15:11 SS 14 Moulinet - La Bollne Vsubie 1 23.41 km
    15:54 SS 15 Lantosque - Lucram 1 18.81 km

    17:53 Service

    19:34 SS 16 Moulinet - La Bollne Vsubie 2 23.41 km
    20:17 SS 17 Lantosque - Lucram 2 18.81 km

    21:32 Service
  • Friday Complete

    Craig has completed SS13 and it was unlucky for him as he picked up yet another puncture but this time the Irish driver holds up his hand as he collided with a bridge. Craig stated at the end of the stage, "The stage was nice and dry and we were on a bit of a push, I got the puncture as a result of hitting a bridge, I'm lucky that its only a puncture I got. I'm happy have today over and be heading back now to Monte Carlo." He finishes the day 2nd in SWRC and 15th O/A
  • SS12 tough conditions

    SS12 2.5km of ice section in middle. Andersson FASTEST, Burri +20.7, Breen +42.8, Abbring +53.2 Solberg stuggles with wrong tyre choice & loses over a min to Sordo SERVICE NOW
  • Craig holds station

    SS11 Road was snow lined but surface itself clear, rain now. Abbring FASTEST, Andersson +13.9, Breen +29.8, Burri +44.9. Solid start from Craig as day three gets underway. He holds station in both SWRC and 15th O/A
  • WRC crews on SS11

    The WRC crews are through SS11, P Solberg fastest and retakes 2nd overall. SWRC next, stay tuned
  • More News SS12

    Update from end of SS12 Rain falling steadily, road now wet, temp steady at +6C. No sign of snow! @Official_iRally for all the updates live from FIA President Jean Todt speaking about future direction of #WRC
  • News From 12

    Colin Clark - World Rally Radio: End of SS12, roads wet but no rain or snow. Col has 3kms of hard packed patchy ice. +6C but still time for things to change!
  • Friday Morning

    Raining in service park in Valence. Waiting to hear from Meteo & Ice Note crews as to stage conditions high up in the Vercors - snow?!
  • Friday Schedule

    Friday’s route takes in three stages totaling 77.30 competitive kilometres, leaving from Valence and arriving in Monaco tomorrow evening.

    08:44hrs Remote Service

    10:02hrs SS 11 St. Jean en Royans - Font d'Urle 23.28 km
    10:43hrs SS 12 Cimetiere de Vassieux - Col de Gaudissart 24.13 km

    12:23hrs Remote Service

    15:11hrs SS 13 Montauban sur l'Ouvèze - Eygalayes 29.89 km
  • Day two over

    Craig completes day two, the final stage was very slippy and he was just pleased to get through with no problems. S Ogier did however crash out and this elevates Craig back to 15th overall, more news and full day report later
  • Front Puncture Again

    Another front puncture upsets what was a good run on SS9, the stage remained dry also, as Craig was hoping for rain. Lady Luck, where are you?
  • SS8 Holding Station

    No change in SWRC over SS8, Craig and PG neck and neck, Craig used the super soft compounds on the 1 but the stage was dry he is now hoping for some rain over today's closing two tests.
  • morning loop complete

    Craig has completed the morning of day two. At the end of stage 7 he did say he though he had suffered another puncture as the rear of the car was pulling but no puncture to report, service now
  • SS6 steady as she goes

    Craig continues his steady approach on Stage 6, "We ran mixture tyres, some corners with grip, some not." 
  • Craig clear of SS5

    Craig posts 12:09.4 on SS5 +7.2 to Andersson. He said at the end of the stage that he took no risks and just wants to learn as much as he can for the remainder of he event and gain some championship points.
  • Thursday Weather

    A Sunny day is forecast in Valence today with a high of 11 degrees but I'm sure when the action starts it will get much warmer than that. It all begins again shortly, stay tuned
  • Thursday Schedule

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    7.55am: Service Park C – Valence (15 min)

    9.33am: SS5 – Labatie d’Andaure – Lalouvesc 1 (19km)
    10.14am: SS6 – St Bonnet le Froid – St Julien Molhesabate – St Bonnet le Froid 1 (25.22km)
    11.37am: SS7 – Lamastre – Gilhoc – Alboussière 1 (21.66km)

    12.57pm: Service Park D – Valence (30 min)

    2.50pm: SS8 – Labatie d’Andaure – Lalouvesc 2 (19km)
    3.31pm: SS9 – St Bonnet le Froid – St Julien Molhesabate – St Bonnet le Froid 2 (25.22km)
    4.54pm: SS10 – Lamastre – Gilhoc – Alboussière 2 (21.66km)

    6.02pm: Service Park E – Valence (45 min)
  • Puncture definds Day 1

    After his great time on SS3, Craig was thwarted by a puncture on the final stage of the day. He was only 2.3 sec behind P.G. Andersson going into the stage but as a result of the puncture Craig ends the 3 min 18 sec down on P.G.
  • Latvala out on SS4

    Times are just starting to filter through for SS4 but the big news is that Latvala has rolled out on the stage. Loeb now takes over the lead with Solberg in second.

    SWRC crews are in the stage. SS4 will tell alot, tyre combo makes all the difference. Will be interesting to see Craig's and PG's time and Craig's time in relation to Ogier.
  • Great time on SS3

    Craig has set a great time on stage 3 and currently holds the 6th fastest on the test. His time has narrowed the gap PG Andersson on the SWRC battle to just over 2 seconds as Craig took 1 min 17 sec out of the Swede on the stage. Next come stage 4 the final test of Day One. No details as of yet as to what tyre combo Craig is running.
  • 2nd in SWRC

    After the opening two stages of Rallye Monte Carlo, the opening round of the 2012 World Rally Championship, Waterford driver Craig Breen is placed 2nd in the SWRC (Super 2000) standings and 17th overall after the morning loop of two stages.

    On the opening 36km stage, Breen set 25:38.6  and slotted into second place in SWRC behind Proton driver Per-Gunnar Andersson, trialling the Swede by 14 seconds. On stage two (30.48km) Breen dropped some more time to class leader Andersson as a results of two spins.

    At the end of stage two Breen reported, "We've taken it very steady this morning. Both stages were tricky but not as much frost or ice as expected but on the second I did suffer a few spin as we had the tyre combination but I'm happy overall, this is only the first two and there's a long way to go."

    The action resumes this afternoon with a repeat of both stages starting at 14.21 hrs CET
  • SS 2 Live

    Stage 2 is live and times are coming in for the top WRC crews, has taken over the lead with a better tyre choice, we now wait for the SWRC crews to complete
  • Basso out SS1

    News just in, Craig's SWRC rival Giandomenico Basso in the Proton has retired on the opening stage. No details as of yet what the problem was. SS2 next, stay tuned...
  • Craig through SS1

    Craig's 2012 season is underway and he has completed the first stage. He set 25:38.6 and at present holds third place in SWRC behind S. Ogier (25:05.8) and P. Andersson (25:24.6). Craig reported at the end of the stage that he told it very steady, this is only the start and there's a long way to go.
  • SS1 is now Live

    The opening stage of 2012 is now live.

    If you are having problems logging on to the official event site for live results, please try the following link.

    Live Results

  • iRally NOW on the NET!

    You can NOW logon to the iRally on your PC or Laptop as they have just Launched their new Website.

    iRally Launches New Website
  • Weather from SS1

    Beautiful sunrise for day one of the Monte Carlo Rallye - not a cloud in the sky.

    News from SS1 max temp +1 min -4C. Dry in the majority, little damp in places, icey on just a couple of corners! No snow!!
  • Day-One Schedule

    The opening day of the new season see's the crews tackle 4 stages.

    All times are CET
    1. LE MOULINON - ANTRAIGUES 1 36.87 km 09:03hrs
    2. BURZET - ST MARTIAL 1 30.48 km 10:21hrs

    Remote Service: Valence - 12.45hrs

    3. LE MOULINON - ANTRAIGUES 2 36.87 km 14:21hrs
    4. BURZET - ST MARTIAL 2 30.48 km 15:39hrs

    Stage Maps Including Service

    Day One Start List

    Live Results

    World Rally Radio
  • Cool Craig on Recce

    Cool Craig on Recce
  • More from Shakedown

  • Cerimonial Start

    Cerimonial Start
  • Shakedown Footage

  • Shakedown Underway

    Shakedown is underway this morning in Valence and the times for the WRC crews are coming in. No surprise to see S.Loeb topping the times. The weather reports state that the temp on the stage is around 1 degree. News of the SWRC crews when they become available.
  • Stage photo Details

    Both stage photos are by Colin Clark @voiceofrally

    SS1 Le Moulinon - Antraigues
    Looking very interesting, damp start, wet, icey in places, slush and snow up to Col. Typical Monte!

    SS 2 Burzet - St. Martial
    Full snow for 2kms up to village and 3.5kms down other side. Lots of slush and ice
  • View of Stage 2

    View of Stage 2
  • View of Stage 1

    View of Stage 1
  • Monte Testing part 2

  • Monte Testing

  • FIA WRC - Regs changes 2012

    13-1-1012 - FIA World Rally Championship - Summary of Regulation Changes for 2012

    The FIA has introduced a number of regulation changes for the 2012 World Rally Championship season which aim to help reduce costs whilst raising the sporting challenge and increasing media coverage.

    Link to Full Article
  • Monte Seeded Entry List

    2012 Rally Monte Carlo: Seeded Entry List
  • Monte prep work underway

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