RACMSA Rally of Scotland

7th October 2011 - 9th October 2011

RACMSA Rally of Scotland
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Based: Perth, Scotland

Surface: Gravel

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Event Route and Time Schedule

The Rally of Scotland 7th – 9th October is the penultimate round of the 2011 IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) and could see the crowning of a new IRC Champion as one and a half times the normal points on offer for a win will be up for grabs. That is expected to lead to a first-class overseas entry while also attracting a number of leading domestic crews eager to make a name on the international stage. The route for 2011's Rally of Scotland is now confirmed as featuring a ceremonial start at Stirling Castle on the Friday afternoon followed by the first competitive timed stage mileage taking place on the new Carron Valley stage in North Lanarkshire later that evening.

The event then moves into Perthshire on the Saturday, taking in classic stages such as Craigvinean, Drummond Hill and Errochty before a return on the Sunday to North Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire for another run through Carron Valley as well as two new tests, Loch Chon and the giant 27km High Corrie that will each be tackled twice.

The Rally will then finish late afternoon on the Sunday with its two short final stages through the majestic grounds of Scone Palace near Perth - also the scene for this year's ceremonial finish.

Event Updates

  • Happy Now!

    Happy Now!
  • Craig on Rally Radio SS15

  • Home and Dry

    Craig brings it home in 4th for the BEST drive of his career
  • Craig at the end of SS14

  • Craig ok on SS14

    Craig safe on Stage 14 and still has a 13 sec advantage over Jan Kopecký
  • Craig Interview in Service

  • Craig at the end of SS13

  • Craig through on SS13

    Craig holds his lead over Kopecký on the stage. The gap is now 13sec, 20 min service next and then the final two stages.
  • Craig at the end of SS12

  • Safe on SS12

    Craig was safely through SS12 and was 1.9 sec up on Kopecký the gap is now 16.8. Fingers crossed for the next stage which is the long 25km of High Corrie 2
  • Cracked Manifold on SS11

    After reaching the service area the problem was found to be a cracked manifold. It is hoped he can nurse the car through the last 4 afternoon stages now and bring it home.
  • Remote Service Interview

  • Craig at the end of SS11

  • More Drama on SS11

    Craig is placed in 4th after SS11 but he did have a problem in the stage. There could be a problem with the engine
  • Craig at the end of SS10

  • Drama on SS10

    Craig through SS10 but Sandell went 5.3 quicker but look now to be out after damaging the car near the end of the stage.

    Thierry Neuville also had a problem and Craig now looks to be up to 4th
  • Craig end of SS9

  • Craig happy @ the end SS9

    Craig sets a good time on SS9 the Sunday opener. He was .3sec down on Sandell and the gap between the two now is 5.1

    Craig did narrow the gap to Thierry Neuville in 4th and it's now only 1.4s
  • Top 10 after Saturday Stages

    2011 RAC MSA Rally of Scotland (after 8 of 15 special stages):
    1. Andreas Mikkelsen/Ola Floene (NOR/NOR) Skoda Fabia S2000 58m 52.8s
    2. Bryan Bouffier/Xavier Panseri (FRA/FRA) Peugeot 207 S2000 +50.7s
    3. Juho Hanninen/Mikko Markkula (FIN/FIN) Skoda Fabia S2000 +51.7s
    4. Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul (BEL/BEL) Peugeot 207 S2000 +1m 25.8s

    5. Craig Breen/Gareth Roberts (IRL/GBR) Ford Fiesta S2000 +1m 28.5s

    6. Patrik Sandell/Staffan Parmander (SWE/SWE) Skoda Fabia S2000 +1m 33.9s
    7. Jan Kopecky/Petr Stary (CZE/CZE) Skoda Fabia S2000 +1m 43.4s
    8. Jarkko Nikara/Petri Nikara (FIN/FIN) Mistubishi Lancer Evo IX +2m 22.2s
    9. Toni Gardemeister/Tapio Suommen (FIN/FIN) Skoda Fabia S2000 +2m 27.3s
    10. David Bogie/Kevin Rae (GBR/GBR) Mistubishi Lancer Evo IX +2m 33.0s
  • Craig on EUROSPORT

    Craig will carry incar camera today for LIVE TV COVERAGE OF STAGE 11- High Corrie 1 (25.81kms), 11:10hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT)AND STAGE 13-High Corrie 2 (25.81kms), 13:55hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT PLAYER)

    Coverage of stage 11 will begin at 11am on Eurosport @ 11am sky channel 410 in Ireland
  • Sunday Start List/Times

    Sunday Start List/Times


    Service E: Perth (0:15hrs), 07:12hrs

    SS9: Carron Valley 3 (8.36kms), 09:08hrs
    SS10: Loch Chon 1 (9.91kms), 10:52hrs
    SS11: High Corrie 1 (25.81kms), 11:10hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT)

    Remote Service F: Callander (0:15hrs), 12:28hrs

    SS12: Loch Chon 2 (9.91kms), 13:37hrs
    SS13: High Corrie 2 (25.81kms), 13:55hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT PLAYER)

    Service G: Perth (0:20hrs), 16:20hrs

    SS14: Scone Palace 1 (2.84kms), 17:00hrs
    SS15: Scone Palace 2 (2.84kms), 17:19hrs

    Finish: Scone Palace, Perth, 17:31hrs
  • Day 3 Schedule

    Special stages: Seven
    Special stage distance: 85.48kms
    Liaison distance: 303.41kms
    Total distance: 388.89kms

    Service E: Perth (0:15hrs), 07:12hrs

    SS9: Carron Valley 3 (8.36kms), 09:08hrs
    SS10: Loch Chon 1 (9.91kms), 10:52hrs
    SS11: High Corrie 1 (25.81kms), 11:10hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT)

    Remote Service F: Callander (0:15hrs), 12:28hrs

    SS12: Loch Chon 2 (9.91kms), 13:37hrs
    SS13: High Corrie 2 (25.81kms), 13:55hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT PLAYER)

    Service G: Perth (0:20hrs), 16:20hrs

    SS14: Scone Palace 1 (2.84kms), 17:00hrs
    SS15: Scone Palace 2 (2.84kms), 17:19hrs

    Finish: Scone Palace, Perth, 17:31hrs
  • Craig at the End of SS7

  • Consolidation on SS7

    Craig has a solid run on stage 7 and remains in 5th overall. T Neuville did have some problems through the test and Craig is now only 2.7sec away from the French man.

    The crews are now on their way to the final stage of a tough second day.

    Craig's interview from the end of the stage to follow and some funny comments from the Irish driver.
  • Craig at the End of SS6

  • Moving back up on SS6

    Craig has moved back up to 5th on SS6 with a time of 10:03.3 interview @ stage end to follow. Craig in better mood after reaching the final time control
  • Midday Service Interview

  • Craig at the End of SS5

  • Craig Safely Through SS5

    Craig reported at the end of Stage 5 that the test was very rough and that with the conditions being so difficult, "Today is a survival day today, we're just coaxing our way through, making amendments to our notes as we go."

    Craig is in 7th overall
  • Craig end of SS4

  • SS4 Time

    Craig posts 8:34.6 for SS4 but this is to be confirmed, Craig said he had an overshoot in there but sounded happy and relaxed
  • Craig End of SS3

  • Cautious On SS3

    Craig took a cautious approach on SS3 and set 9:57.3, he is currently 5th overall @ +21.3 from Rally leader Guy Wilks
  • Saturday Schedule

    Special stages: Six
    Special stage distance: 94.76kms
    Liaison distance: 389.76kms
    Total distance: 484.52kms

    Service B: Perth (0:15hrs), 08:14hrs

    SS3: Craigvinean 1 (16:54kms), 09:20hrs
    SS4: Drummond Hill 1 (13.16kms), 10:45hrs
    SS5: Errochty 1 (17.68kms), 12:10hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT)

    Service C: Perth (0:30hrs), 14:54hrs

    SS6: Craigvinean 2 (16.54kms), 16:15hrs
    SS7: Errochty 2 (17.68kms), 17:40hrs (LIVE ON EUROSPORT)
    SS8: Drummond Hill 2 (13.16kms), 18:52hrs

    Service D: Perth (0:45hrs), 20:45hrs
  • Saturday Start List

    Well after a hectic two stages on Friday night we're now on to Saturday morning, stage three and a long day.

    Saturday Start List and Times
  • Craig End of SS2

  • 4th Overnight

    Craig has set a blistering time on the rerun of the Carron Valley Stage (SS 2) and was 2nd quickest. He is 4th overnight 4.8sec behind rally leader Guy Wilks.

    Link to Rally Leader Board

  • Craig End of SS1

  • Craig's SS1 Time

    Guy Wilks sets the pace on Stage 1 with 5:24.8, Craig comes in 4sec away with 5:28.8 and holds 7th place.
  • Start Ramp Interview

  • Start Times

    Event Start Times

    Rally Radio to broadcast live from Scotland

    In addition to the exciting live television coverage on Eurosport and Eurosport Player, coverage of RACMSA Rally of Scotland will be broadcast live on Rally Radio.

    Full Details
  • Craig Wins Sports Star Award

    Craig has won the Park Hotel Sports Star Award for the Month of August. Craig scooped the award for his maiden win in the WRC Academy on WRC Rally Germany. Craig will pick up the award at a presentation at the Park Hotel next Tuesday.

    Craig said on hearing the news, "I'm honoured to be chosen for the Sports Award. It's great to see Rallying getting the notice. On a personal level I and my team put in a lot of effort but Motorsport Clubs up and down the Country work very hard to organise events and it's difficult to compete for exposure with the more traditional sports like GAA, Soccer, Rugby and Golf so to receive this award is great.
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    Live Results

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  • Skoda/Ford Test

  • iRally Colin Clark Preview


    Event: RACMSA Rally of Scotland
    Base: Perth, Scotland
    Starts: Friday 7 October
    Finishes: Sunday 9 October
    Surface: Gravel
    Number of stages: 15
    Special stage distance: 196.96km's
    Liaison distance: 807.55km's
    Total distance: 1004.51km's

    Itinerary (all times shown are local):

    Day one (Friday 7 October):
    Special stages: Two
    Special stage distance: 16.72kms
    Liaison distance: 114.38kms
    Total distance: 131.10kms
    Start: Stirling Castle, Stirling, 19:00hrs
    SS1: Carron Valley 1 (8.36kms), 19:45hrs
    SS2: Carron Valley 2 (8.36kms), 20:10hrs
    Service A: Perth (0:45hrs), 22:16hrs

    Day Two and Day Three Itinerary will be uploaded on Friday and Saturday night respectively.
  • Lets move on !

    Back to 4WD,the S2000,the IRC and MUD! next weekend in Scotland.

    Event Preview Tomorrow (Monday), plus Event Essentials...

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