RallyRACC - Rally of Spain

20th October 2011 - 23rd October 2011

Based: Salou

Surface: Asphalt/Gravel

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Day by Day Event Preview

Along with Neste Oil Rally Finland, the 47th RallyRACC is the only other event on the 2011 calendar to host rounds of both the Super 2000 and Production Car world championships as well as the main WRC.

The event will see a mixed surface rally of pure gravel stages included alongside the traditional Tarmac tests following their successful introduction in 2010.

The use of asphalt and gravel stages on the same event not only increases the challenge facing the crews due to the different driving style requirements, it also adds to the workload placed on the mechanics and engineers, who have to convert their cars from gravel to asphalt specification in a restricted timeframe.

Based on Spain’s Costa Daurada in the country’s Tarragona region, the seaside tourist town of Salou will once again host the permanent service park and headquarters at a site adjacent to the PortAventura theme park.

Event Updates

  • GB Showdown Next

    GB Showdown Next
  • World Rally Radio Interview SS18

  • 4th in SWRC for Craig

    Craig is finished the final test and has claimed 4th in SWRC and 15th overall. Great drive after the problems yesterday morning but he proved his pace both Friday and this morning. Rally GB next and the final showdown in the FIA WRC Academy
  • SWRC crews/starting SS18

    As Loeb takes the win, the SWRC crews are coming through the final stage
  • It's just after starting

    The first Manchester derby of the season has just started. United at home, butterflies
  • Power Stage

    A little different with the start order for the power stage, as the top crews go in reverse positions.
  • World Rally Radio Interview SS17

  • Craig more fun on SS17

    No pressure on Craig through SS17, enjoying himself. Power Stage to go
  • SWRC crews live on SS17

    The SWRC boys are live on the penultimate La Mussara 2 (20.48km). Times look the same through split 1. More news when they reach the end and hopefully an interview with Craig but we'll see.
  • News from SS17

    Wheel off for Wilson and Engine problem for Ogier, who has also stopped
  • WRC car started SS17

    M. WILSON looks to have stoped. No news why
  • World Rally Radio Interview SS16

  • Old Pic 2009 Portugal

    Old Pic 2009 Portugal
  • Craig flies onSS16

    Craig flies through SS16 and sets the 12th best overall, fastest SWRC.

    still 4th in SWRC but up to 17th overall. Looking good, Craig very happy at the end of the stage. End of stage interview to follow
  • SS16 Live for SWRC

    Final loop is Live for SWRC. Craig looks fast again. More news when the times are in from the end
  • World Rally Radio Sunday Service

  • World Rally Radio Interview SS15

  • Craig through SS15

    Craig sounds to being enjoying himself, he said he was showboating on the first run on the "Power Stage" and is now on his way to service. SS15 end of stage interview next....
  • Craig tops again SS14 SWRC

    Craig takes another class stage win on SS14, 3sec faster than H. GASSNER JR.

    J. HÄNNINEN extends lead over N. AL-ATTIYAH to 7.5

    Prokop and Craig holding station in 3rd and 4th respectively
  • SWRC live on SS14

    The top 4 in SWRC are live on SS14, Craig looks quick on the splits.

    Reports on World Rally Radio say there's some rain on SS15
  • SS 14 Live

    Stage 14 is live, with the WRC cars making their way through.

    M. HIRVONEN was quickest on the test and said at the finish, "It's just small things. I finally realised how to drive this car on Tarmac." how nice for him.

    Overall, S. LOEB leads,J. LATVALA +29.4, M. HIRVONEN +1:50.3, D. SORDO +3:00.3
  • Craig on the pace SS 13

    Craig is not showing any signs of fatigue as day 3 gets underway, he set the pace in S-WRC.

    His time on SS13 is 8sec quick than is nearest rival Martin Prokop.

    In the class positions J. HÄNNINEN takes over the lead from N. AL-ATTIYAH +0.5, M. PROKOP is third +43.8 with CRAIG 4th +2:25.2
  • Day 3 Start List/Times

    Sunday Start List and Start Times
  • S-WRC day 2 Highlights

    S-WRC Day 2 Highlights
  • wrc.com S-WRC Sat Wrap

    "A broken right-rear driveshaft seven kilometres into Saturday’s opening 45.97-kilometre El Priorat test looks to have cost Breen a podium place."

    Saturday SWRC wrap
  • Sunday Schedule

    07:02hrs SS13 Santa Marina 1 (26,51 Km)
    08:22hrs SS14 La Mussara 1 (20,48 km)
    09:12hrs SS15 Coll de la Teixeta 1 (4,32 km)

    11:39hrs SS16 Santa Marina 2 (26,51 Km)
    12:59hrs SS17 La Mussara 2 (20,48 km)
    14:11hrs SS18 Coll de la Teixeta 2 (4,32 km)
  • World Rally Radio Interview SS12

  • Craig finished day two

    Craig finished day two, he said at the end of the final stage, "I'm was gutted to pick up the drive shaft problem on the first stage this morning and then I found it hard to find a rhythm on the rerun of El Priorat (45.97), the surface is very smooth compared to at home Ire. It was better over stage's 11 and 12 but I'm here to learn."
  • S-WRC crews on SS12

    N. AL-ATTIYAH has started the final stage of leg two. Craig soon to begin
  • Better for Breen

    Craig on the pace with clean run on SS11. He sets 8:40.2, .1 quicker the HÄNNINEN. Craig remains in 4th in the class and is placed 18th overall.

    Last stage of the day next
  • Hope to get Craig @ end SS12

    We are hoping to catch Craig at the end of SS12, the final stage of the day. Colin Clark and Julian Porter are on hand.
  • Craig is on SS11

    Craig has started SS11 Riba-roja d'Ebre 2 (12.27km)
  • SS11 WRC News

    Sordo has set the pace with fastest time on SS11.

    This will be Craig's first time to take on the stage in anger as he had the drive shaft woe's first time round.
  • S-WRC crews through SS10

    The top 4 crews in S-WRC held station on SS10 but class leader N.AL-ATTIYAH looks to have had a problem near the end and the gap between him and J. HÄNNINEN is now 2.4sec

    This was Craig's first clean run through and he set 27:13.5
  • SS10 El Priorat 2 - 1/2 point

    At the halfway point on SS10 the long 45.97km stage.

    N. AL-ATTIYAH is setting the pace. He is 4.2sec faster the J. HÄNNINEN, 8.4sec on Craig and 4.6sec on PROKOP
  • S-WRC Top crews on SS10

    The top three in S-WRC has gone through the first split.
  • Craig hoping for clean run SS10

    After Craig problem on the first stage this morning he is hoping for a clean run over the second run of El Priorat
  • Afternoon Loop is Live

    We've action underway again and the WRC cars are making their way through the second run of El Priorat(45.97km).

    Top 2 after SS10
    1. Loeb
    2. Latvala +29.6
  • World Rally Radio Sat Service

  • World Rally Radio Interview SS9

  • Craig through SS9

    At the end of stage 9, Craig sounded very disappointed after suffering the problem on SS7. "We were on for a good time on the stage but now we've lost a huge amount over the loop. I hope to show some good speed over the rerun after getting the problem sorted in service."
  • Craig suffers with problem SS8

    Craig is nursing the car through stages 8 and 9. He dropped more time SS8 and is now 1:14.9 adrift of Martin Prokop.

    He is still in 4th in S-SWRC but has dropped to 19th overall
  • Problem confirmed

    Craig's problem has been confirmed as a broken rear drive shaft. Has to complete loop before fix.
  • Craig drops to 4th is S-WRC

    On the second half of the stage (SS7) Craig has lost time, dropping behind Prokop. Reading between the lines it looks like a puncture but not confirmed yet.

    More news soon
  • Halfway on SS7

    Craig looks to have lost 10sec to both AL-ATTIYAH and HÄNNINEN but is 3sec ahead of PROKOP
  • Craig Live on SS7

    Day two is about to get underway for Craig. AL-ATTIYAH and HÄNNINEN are both through split 2
  • S-WRC after Friday

    After the Day-One Action the S-WRC leader board looks like this

    1. N. AL-ATTIYAH
    2. J. HÄNNINEN +1.0
    3. C. BREEN +24.6
    4. M. PROKOP +28.1
    5. H. GASSNER JR +3:52.4
    6. B. SOUSA +12:02.8
    7. A. LLOVERA +17:41.1
  • SS7 update

    Ogier looks to have had some problems in the test. Over a min lost. SWRC news next
  • Day 2 Live!

    The WRC crews are live on the Mammoth SS7 El Priorat 1 (45.97km)

    The leader board overnight looked like this:

    1. Loeb
    2. latvala +30.6
    3. Hirvonen +54.2
    4. Ogier +1:45.3
    5. Sordo 2:02.7
  • Sat Start List

    Saturday Start List
  • Sat Schedule

    Back to Black in the morning but tough start with the 45.97km of El Priorat 1.

    This is how things shape up

    9:40hrs SS7 El Priorat 1 (45,97Km)
    11:08hrs SS8 Riba-roja d'Ebre 1 (12,27 km)
    11:33hrs SS9 Punta de les Torres 1 (13,53 km)

    14:48hrs SS10 El Priorat 2 (45,97 Km)
    16:16hrs SS11 Riba-roja d'Ebre 2 (12,27 km)
    16:41hrs SS12 Punta de les Torres 2 (13,53 km)
  • S-WRC Fri Highlights

    Click here to watch the Day-One action
  • Craig 3rd in SWRC

    After day one in Spain and a long tough day, Craig completed the day in 3th place in SWRC and 14 O/A

  • Extra Wheel

  • Long Day Man!

    Will be at least 30min before we get action from the SWRC crews on SS6.

    Long day for Craig and Gareth but will be worth it if the can hold on to their current position.
  • Craig great time SS5

    Craig has retaken 3rd in SWRC on SS5 and is 14th overall. Going into the last stage of the day he has 12.2sec lead over Martin Prokop.

    During the 35km stage, Craig was 4sec up on Martin after split 3 but by split 4 Martin had hit back, pulling 3s ahead. Then over the second half of the test Craig's stamina kicked in and he finished the stage very strong to retake 3rd in the class.

    Last stage of the day to come now and the WRC crews are complaining about a lot of DUST!
  • SS5 Live

    Terra Alta 2(35.94km)is now live for the S2000 crews, J. HÄNNINEN has set 25:14.5.

    Craig just gone through split 1
  • Craig through SS4

    The rerun of the 'Pesells' test sees the times drop as the stage is much cleaner for the second run.

    Craig was 3rd going into the stage but Martin Prokop has overtaken him by just .1 of a sec.

    The top 5 in SWRC now looks like this:

    1. J. HÄNNINEN 1:10:33.0
    2. N. AL-ATTIYAH 1:10:33.6 +0.6
    3. M. PROKOP 1:10:47.0 +14.
    4. C. BREEN 1:10:47.1 +14.1
    5. B. SOUSA 1:12:03.6 +1:30.6
  • SS 4 Live

    We haven't gone away, there was a long break between the end of the opening loop this morning and the rerun of the stages.

    After the service break the second loop has been underway with a while. The WRC cars have cleared the stage and the first S2000 crews are in the test.

    At the head of the field J.LATVALA leads the rally by 8 sec from S.LOEB and S.OGIER in third. This was after SS4 but word coming through from SS5 which is live for the WRC crews is that OGIER is having problems on SS5.
  • 12th O/A & 3rd in SWRC

    Morning loop completed and Craig is 12th overall and 3rd in SWRC. After SS 2 he did hold 11th and 2nd in SWRC but the last stage had a lot of gravel on it and Craig decided to take a cautious approach
  • SS2 Unreal time by C

    Craig had just banged in the 10th fastest stage time SS 2. He was fastest in SWRC and moves into second in the class and remains 11th O/A
  • Great Start SS 1

    Craig has picked up where he left off in Scotland with a cracking time on the opening stage. He is currently 3rd fastest in SWRC and is 12th overall as times still come in
  • BeatFM Interview before Fri/Star

  • Shakedown Times

    Craig said yesterday evening after Shakedown, "I was pleased with my final shakedown time but I will be treating the event as a learning experience."

    Shakedown Times

  • Friday Start List/Times

    Craig has taken part in the Ceremonial Start during the passed hour and is eagerly looking forward to the off in the morning.

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    Friday Start List

    Friday Itinerary

    Event Website

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  • All Starts Tomorrow

    Heading off tomorrow, testing on Monday

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