Barum Czech Rally Zlin

26th August 2011 - 28th August 2011

Based: Zlin, Czech Republic.

Surface: Tarmac


The 41st Barum Czech Rally Zlin is 620 km long in total and contains 15 special stages at eight sections in total length of 248 km. The event will be preceded by the Super Special City Stage in streets of Zlin.The rally itself is regarded as one of the most difficult events on the IRC calendar due to the proliferation of high-speed blasts through forests and woodland, sections of broken Tarmac and the bumpy nature of the roads. The regulations and schedule of the event which is again part of the FIA European Rally Championship, Intercontinental Rally Challenge and Mediasport International Championship of the Czech Republic.

The schedule follows the well-proven scheme of the previous years. The event itself will be held from Friday till Monday. However, on Thursday, August 25, the scrutineering will be held in the Zlin sports hall. As in the previous years, it will be available for the public and the top crews will also give autographs. On the morning of Friday, August 26, the traditional shakedown will be held on a new route near the service park, which will be located in the Barum Continental area in Otrokovice. The ceremonial start will be held at 17:00 in front of the Zlin town hall. The Super Special Stage will start at 21:15 and the crews will go through the circuit three times. The stage will be held in reverse order. The cars will be parked in parc ferme in front of the Zlin department store.On Saturday, August 27, eight special stages will be held at four sections – Biskupice, Pindula, Trojak and Semetin. The first day, including the Friday prologue, is 402 km long with 133 km of special stages. In comparison with the last year, the route is changed in 70% as many sections are held in reverse direction. For example, SS Biskupice will offer the start in Ludkovice and the route includes the unpaved section near Luhacovice. The classic stages Trojak and Semetin will be held in reverse direction. Trojak is the longest stage in the itinerary – 29 km. The Saturday leg starts ar 08:00 and the first car will be arriving at the parc ferme near the Barum Continental in Otrokovice at 19:04.

The event will finish on Sunday, August 28. The route will be 218 km long at 115 km of 6 special stages – Majak, Kudlovice and Halenkovice. The legendary special stage Majak is coming back into the event’s itinerary after twenty years. The other two stages will be held in reverse direction and with minor changes. The first car will start at 07:40 and the finish including the award ceremony will be held in front of the Big Cinem in Zlin at 15:17.

Event Updates

  • 7th Overall

    Craig has claimed 7th overall after the final stage. he did set the 6th best time on the final stage and was faster than Gardemeister but not enough to gain the extra place.

    To back up his maiden win just ago in the WRC Acadmey and then switch to the S2000 for what was only his third rally this year in the car and mix it with the top boys in the IRC is an unbelievable result.
  • SS 13 and 14

    On stage 13 Craig jumped to 6th overall but on SS14 Toni Gardemeister narrowly got back in front of him. He is just about to start the final stage
  • 8th after SS12

    After the morning loop Craig is 8th. There are now only three stages to go
  • 8th after SS12

    After the morning loop Craig is 8th. There are now only three stages to go
  • SS 11 update

    As of stage 11 Craig has dropped to 11th overall but it's very close between all the crews around him. Time are coming in for SS 12 and we'll bring the next update very soon
  • SS 10

    Craig safely through SS10, holding station in 8th, roads are wet but Becoming dry
  • Sunday action underway

    Craig is currently setting off on day 3 of Rally Zlin, he has just pulled out of Parc Ferme and 6 stage lay ahead. There was some over night rain but this has cleared away and the temp's today are not to be as high as the last few day.

    He is hoping to make some more progress up the leader board but after a great event so far, come home this afternoon as he is would be a great result.

    SS10 gets off the startline in just over 30 min
  • Sunday Start Order

    Sunday Start Order

    Sunday Stage Time ScheduleScroll down to view leg 2

    Live Results
  • Breen HOT! on Rally Zlin

    Breen HOT! on Rally Zlin
  • The climb continues on SS 8

    Over the tough Troják stage (SS8) Craig recorded the 6th fastest time and is now 8th overall
  • SS 7 times

    Craig consolidates his 9th overall on SS 7 by setting the 9th best time on the stage and remains in 9th overall
  • Action resumes on SS6

    On the first stage on the afternoon loop Craig has climbed to places to 9th overall
  • 11th Overall after Stage 5

    With the full results in for the morning loop of stages and Craig is 11th overall. The crew are due out service soon and will then repeat the morning four stages.
  • Saturday Midday Service

    Craig has just come back into service ans he reports that he's happy with the morning loop, the stages are very tough and of course the heat is draining. Temp's today are again in the 30,s and in the cockpit it gets up to nearly 50 degree's
  • SS4 Troják

    Craig has moved up the overall field, he posted 14th best time. He now holds 15th overall.

    The stage has now been cancelled because Car No.38 blocked the road.

    Craig is now on his way back to service
  • SS3 Cancelled

    Stage 3 has been cancelled. Car No.15 - Valoušek Pavel / Hrůza Zdeněk accident. 13 cars through the stage.
  • SS3 now Live

    The Top 10 are through SS3 and we are expecting Craig's time very soon
  • Craig Completed SS2

    Craig Completed SS2

    Craig has finished SS2 and has set 4:56.0, this currently moves him from 20th to 18th with times still coming in.

    The fastest time on that stage was Guy Wilks with 4:41.0.

    Craig's fellow Irishman Robert Barrable set 5:00.4 and there's now only 00:00:00.3s between the two now in the overall standings. With Craig in 18th and Robert in 16th.

    Times are still coming in and we'll give a full result of the stage in the next update
  • Craig equal 21st after SS1

    Craig is 21st overnight after setting 7:25.7 on Super Special. Stage 1 Times

    Stage 2 gets underway in the morning at 09:38hrs (CET).8 stage scheduled for Saturday. Tonights SSS was run in revirse order but tomorrow the order reverts back to the usual setup.
  • Craig after Completing SS1

    Craig's time is in for SS1 setting 7:25.7

    He was equal on time with Patrik Sandell in the Škoda Fabia S2000

    We will bring Craig's overall position when the stage has finished
  • Craig ready to go on SS1

    Just in from Craig on twitter:Lined up ready to start SSS! 11th quickest in shakedown on old tyres, so all is well! Here we go!
  • Zlin is Live

    Zlin is Live
  • Start List Announced

    Please follow the respective links

    Friday Start List

    Start Order - Ceremonial Start and Time

    Start Order Stage 1

    Live Results

    The link to the Live Results will start updating tonight when SS1 goes live.

    Craig is seeded 20th and is scheduled on the Ceremonial Start Ramp at 17.18hrs.

    As Stage 1 is run in reverse order Craig will enter the test at 22.45hrs. All times shown in the following links are CET.
  • Important Event Links

    Craig is ready to take on his first Rally Zlin. He said today that his recce went well but temps are in the 30s and looks to stay high over the three day event.

    Here is a list of important event links to setup this weekends Rally Zlin.

    Event Website

    Entry List


    Event Stage Maps

    Rally Radio

    IRC Championship Website

    Zlin Weather

    The Friday Start List will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available.
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