Pirelli International Rally

29th April 2011 - 30th April 2011

Event Updates

  • Craig on the Move SS3

    Craig on the Move SS3, Craig fifth fastest on the stage.Craig has moved up to 9th overall. He is 3nd in F2, 2nd R2 and the Fiesta's
  • Craig Looks Ahead to Sardinia

    Craig Looks Ahead to Sardinia
  • Event Report Now In News Section

    Breen ready for Sardinia after Pirelli stern test. Full event report now uploaded to news section and Photos from the event in Multmedia Section
  • SS13 - Final Stage

    Craig pulls 4 second back on Korhonen on the final test and finihes with second in R2. McCormack records the fastest time on the final stage and takes the Formula two win, with Korhonen 2nd and Craig in third Class R2 Result: 1. Korhonen 1:35:22.5 2. Craig Breen 1:35:32.6 3. Siim Plangi 1:38:07.9 Formula 2 Results: 1. Martin McCormack 1:35:03.3 2. Korhonen 1:35:22.5 3. Craig Breen 1:35:32.6
  • 12 - Pundershaw 2

    McCormack setts blistering pace and takes over the lead in Formula 2. In R2 Korhonen extends lead by another 1.6 to now hold 13.2 of an advantage
  • Stage 11 - Shepherdshield

    Korhonen goes 1.6 quicker than Craig and his lead is now 12.5 over the Waterford Driver. Top Three in R2: 1. Korhonen - 1:19:27.4 2. Breen - 1:19:39.9 3. Plangi - 1:21:34.9 Formula 2 1. Korhonen - 1:19:27.4 2. Martin McCormack - 1:19:36.9 3. Breen - 1:19:39.9 Just second between McCormack and Craig
  • stage 10 - Chirdonhead

    Craig pushing and pulls 3.8 from Korhonen. Korhonen's lead is now 10.8 sec
  • SS 9 Pundershaw

    Korhonen pulls out a lead on SS 9 setting 7:21.5, Craig sets 7:31.3 In the R2 class Craig drops to third and is 1.6 down on Mikko Pajunen. It also looks the same in Formula 2 Martin McCormack is 6.1 sec back in 4th here. Craig is in total control in the Fiesta SportTrophy with a lead of nearly 4 and half minutes over Nick Cristofaro
  • Temp's start to rise on SS 8

    Things are heating up as the times come in on stage 8. Craig has pulled 1.8 sec back off Korhonen and the gap is now 5 seconds
  • Craig sets pace on Stages 6

    On stage 6 Donnelly sets the pace but has that time penalty which puts him out of the running. Craig was next with a time of 12:23.6 and as he makes his way back to service he is 6.6 behind Jukka Korhonen
  • Times on SS4

    As times come for SS4 Jukka Korhonen has set 12:40.6 and has pulled out 4 seconds on Craig. Martin mccormack's time is 12:41.2 Craig's time on the stage 12:44.9 Cars now in remote service at Kielder Waters
  • Results from SS3 and Changes the

    As the times flow in from SS3 the first stage this morning, its all change. Craig has moved up a place to second in Formula 2, he has lost his lead in the R2 class and the Fiesta's but only by .3 of a second. Mark Donnelly set the pace on SS3 with a time of 6:37.8 but has incured time penalties which has dropped him down the field. Finnish driver Jakka Korhonen was next on the time sheets with 6:42.8 and Craig was next with 6:45.7. Martin McCormack who was lead Formula 2 recorded 6:51.4 The means in Formula 2 the top three are: 1. Jukka Korhonen 0:21:07.0 2. Craig Breen 0:21:07.3 3. Martin McCormack 0:21:10.2 In the R2 Class and the Fiesta@s Craig is just that .3 of a second of Korhonen. All very close....
  • Saturday First Service

    This morning in service before Craig heading back out on the stages he reported that he was delighted to be holding the lead in the R2 class and the Fiesta's. He said that his time on stage 2 last night was good as the surface cleaned a lot from the opening pass which allowed him the commit more. Four stages make up this mornings loop. After the first two there's a remove service and then a full service halt in the Carlisle Racecourse after SS6. More news as the stage times come in and after remove service
  • Start of Day Two in Carlisle

    Day two of the Pirelli is about to get underway in Kielder Forest. The opening loop takes in 4 stages, with two stages being repeated. Stage 3 (Falstone 1) is 6.79 miles and Stage 4 (Bower 1) 13.4 miles
  • Saturday Action

    The Saturday action gets underway in the morning with the first stage at 09.30 hrs. Logon to view Craig's progress as the rally unfolds.
  • Times for Stage 2

    After the second run of Newcastleton, Craig has taken over the lead in his Class and the FiestaSport Trophy and he has moved into third place in Formula 2. After setting 7:18.3 on the first run over the 7.2 mile stage, Craig improved his time to set 7:03.3 Rally Radio reporting that the expected dust has not been the main issue but some drivers stating the amount of gravel on the top surface. This has not been confirmed.
  • All Times in for SS1

    With more times in for SS1 we're starting to get a clearer picture. Craig stands in 15th 0verall, 3rd in class and 2nd in the FiestaSport Trophy. More news later from Stage 2
  • Times In for SS1

    SS1 - Newcastleton 1 Jukka Korhonen/Marko Salminen Setting the pace over the opening test with a time of 7:13.4. Craig slotting in at 5th but just 4.9 off the leader. All cars not on stage yet. First car scheduled to finish at SS2 at 21:07, More news as it comes in
  • Friday Event Update Before Event

    Recce completed for Craig, he reports the weather is just perfect but as it's so dry dust could be an issue. The stages are fast and flowing, with lots of those famous Killer Kielder ditches. 13 stages in all, 2 tonight, then early start in the morning and 11 stages tomorrow. Updates as the action happens tonight and tomorrow. The Official start is tonight 19.00 hrs and will be covered by rally radio. Check back later for times from the opening two tests and Craig's comments.

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