Rallye de France

29th September 2011 - 2nd October 2011

Event Updates

  • Drive Shaft Broken

    News from WRC Rally Radio

    Craig's great fight to cut Egon Kaur's lead in the WRC Academy has come to premature end on stage 10 (The second stage of the day)when the drive shaft broke in his Fiesta R2.
  • Problem on SS10

    Craig has stopped on stage 10, more news when it comes in
  • Lemes cuts the gap on SS9

    Yeray Lemes has cut Craig's lead on SS9 by 7.6 sec

    Craig now has a 17 sec advantage. We are still waiting for Alastair Fisher's time but he is slower on the splits
  • Craig on SS 9

    Craig and Yeray are showing up on the Split times and @ split 1 Craig is faster by .1sec and at split 2 Lemes has gone 5 sec head
  • Day Two Live

    Big day ahead for Craig. He leads the Academy field by 24 sec and championship leader Egon Kaur crashed out yesterday.

    Craig set six fastest times yesterday, for which he picks up 1 championship point for each. At the start of the event the gap between Egon and Craig was 26. Egon on 92, Craig on 66. With the six points Craig collected yesterday the gap is now 20 points.

    To recap on the Academy Championship scoring system, the Winner of an event nets 25 points, 2nd place 18, 3rd 15 points and 4th 12th. It goes down then 10,8,6,4,2,1 for the next respective finishing places.

    This illustrates the importance the position Craig holds. If he wins this evening he can take over the lead in the series with round remaining.

    Stage 9 is LIVE and we will have times to follow, we will also bring some interviews later during the day.
  • Saturday Schedule

    Times are all CET

    Saturday Start Times

    SS 9 Hohlandsbourg 1 9.87km 08:23hrs
    SS10 Firstplan 1 16.5km 08:41hrs
    SS11 Vallee de Munster 1 22.26km 09:10hrs
    SS12 Grand Ballon 1 24.02km 10:33hrs


    SS13 Hohlandsbourg 2 09.87km 13:02hrs
    SS14 Firstplan 2 16.5km 13:20hrs
    SS15 Valle de Munster 2 22.26 km 13:49hrs
    SS16 Grand Ballon 2 24.02km 15:12hrs
    SS17 Mulhouse 3.09km 16:56hrs
  • WRC France Live

  • Overnight lead for Craig

    With the times coming in for the final stage of Day-One.Craig has set his sixth fastest time of the day to round off a perfect performance and hold a 24.6 sec lead over night.

    His nearest rival Yerey Lemes was closest to him over the final stage today just .5s away but it was Craig who set the pace over the Friday stages. A puncture on stage six was the only thing to hold him back.

    Full review of the day's action and comments from Craig to follow
  • Back on Top SS7

    Craig was back on top on SS7 with another fastest time to extend his advantage again back up 24sec.

    One more stage today
  • Puncture on SS6

    A puncture on SS 6 was the cause of Craig's loss of time. It happened with about 6km's left in the stage.
  • Craig's lead cut on SS6

    Yerey Lemes has cut Craig's lead on stage 6. Lemes set 10:16.2 and Craig 10:29.8, his lead is now 18.2

    It is not known if Craig had a problem or was conserving his tyres. The rerun of Pays d'Ormont (36km) comes next and we will know more after that.
  • 4 in a Row on SS5

    Craig makes it 4 in a Row on Stage 5 with another fastest stage time. A Fisher was next on the stage. Yerey Lemes could only manage 5th place and dropped another 5.5 seconds.

    Craig's now holds a lead of 31.8 over the Spanish driver.

    News on Championship leader Egon Kaur is that he went off the road on SS3 ending his day.It is not yet known if he will be able to Superally tomorrow
  • Craig heads field SS4

    A great morning was rounded off on SS 4 when Craig set his third fastest time in a row. Over that 4th stage he was 8.2 sec faster the Lemes and as the cars head for service he holds a 26.3 lead
  • Breen class act SS3

    Craig has taken his second stage win over the 36km of SS3 beating his nearest rival Yerey Lemes by 23sec.

    Craig is now the overall leader by 18.1 sec from Lemes.

    SS 4 to follow
  • News WRC Crews

    At the head of the field Ogier leads the rally by 6.5 sec from Petter Solberg with Mini driver Sordo in third 11.6 down. Top Ford is Mats Ostberg in 4th +35.8

    The big news is that Seb Loeb has stopped on SS2 with Mechanical Failure and both works Fords have had problems
  • Craig fastest on SS2

    Craig has set the fastest time on stage 2 and has jumped up the leader board to 2nd overall. Craig was 3.9 quicker than Yerey Lemes and gap between the two now is just 5 sec. A Fisher dropped over 15 seconds and is now In 6th overall.

    The first first run over Pays d'Ormont stage 3, come next and is the longest of the day at 36km
  • Cautious start for Craig

    Times are in for SS1 and Yerey Lemes has recorded the fastest time with Alastair Fisher in second place. Craig is currently in 9th +8.9 on Lemes with Egon Kaur in 11th +12.2
  • Stage 1 Live

    The opening stage in Rally de France is currently live and there's 44 cars after posting times. News in from the front WRC crews is the poles placed on the stage to stop drivers cutting the corners, has not worked and most of the poles have been knocked down. A knock on effect of this is that a lot of dirt and gravel is being pulled out on the driving line and will make it very hard for the Academy crews.
  • Friday Schedule

    Craig is Seeded 109 – All Times are CET

    SS1 Klevener 1 9.68km 07:48hrs
    SS2 Ungersberg 1 15.45km 08:14hrs
    SS3 Pays d'Ormont 1 36km 09:19hrs
    SS4 Salm 1 13.06km 10:12hrs


    SS5 Klevener 2 9.68km 13:23hrs
    SS6 Ungersberg 2 15.45km 13:49hrs
    SS7 Pays d'Ormont 2 36km 14:54hrs
    SS8 Salm 2 13.06km 15:47hrs

    Friday Start List
  • Rallye France Interview

  • Shakedown today

    Recce finished yesterday evening and Shakedown starts today from 12.00 hrs until 15.00hrs for the Academy Crews
  • WRC Academy Preview

    WRC.com - WRC Academy Preview: Rallye de France

    While Egon Kaur's healthy advantage at the top of the WRC Academy Cup standings makes him the favourite to win the inaugural young driver-training series title, the challenging nature of the French stages means the Estonian is far from home and dry.

    Full Story Here
  • WRC Live TV Stream

    WRC to pilot live web content during Rallye de France

    Stages from this week's Rallye de France Alsace will be streamed live and exclusive on the World Rally Championship's official website, wrc.com, as part of a pilot project to investigate future digital opportunities for the all-action series.

    World Rally Championship promoter North One Sport has made a substantial investment in the trial, which will be used to test the latest camera and streaming technology as well as to gauge the appetite among fans for live online coverage and more interactive content.

    Full Story Here
  • Academy briefings

    Chat with Dani Sordo this evening. Recce starts tomorrow, weather looking good
  • Itinerary Video

    Rallye de France Alsace - The 2011 route by FFSA-tv
  • Count down starts here

    Big week ahead!
  • WRC France only a week Away!

    Craig carried out a test session today for next weekend's WRC France. He is now eagerly looking forward to taking on the penultimate WRC Academy event of the season. You can read the full event preview in the NEWS section.
  • Preview Coming Soon

    We're only two weeks away from the penultimate WRC Academy event of the season in France. Event preview will be published soon....

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