ADAC Rally Deutschland

18th August 2011 - 21st August 2011

ADAC Rally Deutschland
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ADAC Rally Deutschland

WRCAcademy: Round 4

Based: Trier

Surface: Asphalt


Rallye Deutschland has the honor of being the first world championship event of the 2011 season to take place on asphalt, although it’s an asphalt rally like no other with the two days of the event held on different types of sealed surface.

Based in the historic city of Trier in Germany’s wine-producing Mosel region, the need to maintain an extremely high level of concentration is the secret if you want to succeed, particularly in the Baumholder military training area, where giant boulders, known as hinkelsteins, line the route.

There are some very fast sections, some extremely difficult passages, narrow and then wide asphalt roads and the surfaces are so varied. The stages in the Mosel vineyards require 100 per cent concentration and the satisfaction afterwards is immense because the roads are so narrow.

Event Updates

  • WRC Radio Interview SS14

  • WINNER Allright

    Craig showed his class on the final stage to take victory. Craig had a 9.6s lead and even under pressure he set the fastest time in the Academy to take his first win of the year by 15.1s.

    Both Craig and co driver, Gareth Roberts were ecstatic at the end of the stage.

    Full event report to follow
  • Craig matches Yeray on SS13

    Craig and Yeray were neck and neck all the way through SS13. At the finish Yeray took 1.3s from Craig and gap now is 9.6s

    This sets up a final stage showdown on Arena Panzerplatte 2. 34km between Craig and his first WRC Academy win
  • Lead back up 10.9 sec

    Craig has pulled out his lead to 10.9 seconds on SS12. He bettered his first run time on the test by just over 5s.

    Two stages remain
  • SS11 tension Mounts

    On stage 11, the rerun of Hermeskeil/Gusenburg and Lemes cuts Craig's lead to 6.2 sec

    Craig stated after coming off the stage that his brakes were sticking.

    3 stages to Go!
  • 4 Stages to Go!

    Stage Start times are CET

    SS11 Hermeskeil/Gusenburg 2 11.37km 15:18
    SS12 Bosenberg 2 14.29km 16:31
    SS13 Birkenfelder Land 2 15.23km 17:29
    SS14 Arena Panzerplatte 2 34.18km 18:07
  • Criag leads after Panzerplatte

    With the morning loop completed Craig holds a 12.1s lead. Arena Panzerplatte 1 was the final stage of the loop and over 34 km's long is the toughest stage of the event. Lemes was fastest setting 22:35.2 but Craig was right up there, taking second fastest, just 5.8 away.

    Craig is currently in service and was really chuffed with his mornings work. 4 more stage to go
  • Breen Tops again On SS9

    Craig backed up his fastest time on SS8 by winning stage 9 and pulled out another 1.7sec on Lemes who was second fastest. Lead now is +17.9

    The daunting 34.18km's of Arena Panzerplatte 1 is next
  • Lemes off on SS8

    Pressure is mounting in the mosel region this morning in the WRC Academy.

    Overnight leader Yeray Lemes had an accident on stage 8 causing a loss of 55.s. Lemes had extended his lead over Craig to 39s on the mornings opening stage but Craig battled back on SS8 and reports in from Germany state that the Irish driver was up on the early splits when Yeray made the mistake.

    Craig now leads by 16.2 seconds but there's six stages remaining
  • Big News On SS8

    There has been a big shake up stage 8 Bosenberg 1. Craig has taken the fastest stage time and Yeray Lemes has had some type of a problem and has dropped 55.9s. This puts Craig into the lead for the first time in the rally.

    He now has a 16.2 sec advantage over Lemes.
    Top 5 after SS8:
    1. C. BREEN 1:46:42.2
    2. Y. LEMES +16.2
    3. J. SUAREZ +1:04.7
    4. A. CRUGNOLA +1:06.6
    5. T. VAN DER MAREL +1:14.3
  • Saturday - Saarland Stages

    Day two starts with what are known as the Saarland stages. They’re generally very fast and the first SS7 Hermeskeil/Gusenburg 1 is particularly well-known as it has a jump on gravel.

    Reports coming in state there was a lot of loose gravel on the gravel section at the jump but all the Academy crews are through ok.

    J. CERNY set the fastest time 7:03.8 over the 11.37km and top 5 were:
    1. J. CERNY 7:03.8
    2. Y. LEMES +1.8
    3. A. CRUGNOLA +5.2
    4. C. BREEN +5.3
    5. T. VAN DER MAREL +5.6

    Lemes' advantage over Craig extended to +39.7

    Alastair Fisher was 6th and remains 11th overall +3:35.0 on the rally leader.

    Championship leader Egon Kaur could only manage 11th best time on the test and dropped to 5th overall.
  • Saturday Schedule

    Day 2 Saturday - PARC FERME


    SS 7 Hermeskeil/Gusenburg 1 11.37km 08:18
    SS 8 Bosenberg 1 14.29km 09:31
    SS 9 Birkenfelder Land 1 15.23km 10:29
    SS10 Arena Panzerplatte 1 34.18km 11:07


    SS11 Hermeskeil/Gusenburg 2 11.37km 15:18
    SS12 Bosenberg 2 14.29km 16:31
    SS13 Birkenfelder Land 2 15.23km 17:29
    SS14 Arena Panzerplatte 2 34.18km 18:07

    Saturday Start List and Times

  • Craig happy after day One

    After the opening day in Germany, Graig lies in second place overall of the WRC Academy. He is 32.4 sec down on Spanish driver Yeray Lemes.

    After returning to service after the final stage of the day Craig said,"I'm happy to be in second overall, I'm 32.4 off Yeray but it could have been closer. I was on a really good time on the last stage, we hit something after sliding on a junction near the end of the stage. I'm still happy with my days work which included one fastest stage time. Tomorrow will be another tough day with 8 stages"
  • 2nd Overall after Day 1

    Craig set the early pace but it was Yeray Lemes who recorded the fastest time in the end on the last stage of the day. The Spanish driver now holds an advantage of 32.4 sec on Craig overnight.

    Alastair Fisher looks to have had a problem and lost nearly 3 minutes, it's not clear why or how he lost the time. He has now dropped to 11th overall, +3:26.2 on the leader.

    We will get comments from Craig when he returns to service and a rap up of Day One
  • Action hotting up on SS5

    Y Lemes fastest on Stage 5 14:41.8 for the 22.47km's of Grafschaft Veldenz 2, Craig +1.3 and Fisher in 3rd +1.7

    We're now on to the final stage of Day One and it will be the first the acadmey crews tackle the 19.92km's of the Moselland test
  • Craig fastest on SS4

    Craig takes his first fastest stage time on SS4, where he was 1 sec better than Y Lemes and 11.6 faster than A Fisher.

    All three drivers bettered their respective first run times. In total craig was 18 seconds fastest on the repeat of the test.

    With that time Craig moves into second in the class, 6 sec ahead of A Fisher.

    So on to the penultimate stage of the opening day and we should have times from the Academy field within the next 30 min
  • SS3 cancelled

    Stage 3 was cancelled for the Academy Field, so the leader board after the opening loop looks like,

    1. Y. LEMES 30:50.5
    2. A. FISHER 31:13.2
    3. C. BREEN 31:18.8
    4. J. SUAREZ 31:30.4
    5. S. WIEGAND 31:32.8

    In service Craig was happy with the opening two stages. Craig said, "The first stage was dry but it rained during stage two,I took a cautious approach over the wet surface and the cuts."

    More news and times from the second loop as they comes in
  • Adjusted times for SS1/SS2

    There was a delay with times being registered for stages 1 and 2. Now however the problem has been resolved and it's Y Lemes who holds a lead of 22.7 sec over Alastair Fisher with Craig in third 28.3 down
  • Academy Times SS1

    Academy tmes for SS.1, at this point Craig has the fastest time (16:00.8).

    Fisher is in 2nd +1.2sec, Baldoni 3rd +5sec. Egon Kaur was 5th +11.5 sec

  • SS 1 Live

    The WRC Crews have completed the opening stage. Comments coming from the end of the stage state it was dry but there are some ominous clouds around and the rain is not far away.

    First of the Academy field is championship leader Egon Kaur, seeded 108, Craig comes next at 109 with Brendan Reeves in third. We will also need to keep an eye on the times of Alastair Fisher and the remainder of the Academy field as the opening stages unfold. 
  • Start List/Stage Times

    Click the appropriate link for the Day One Start List and the Live link to the Stage Times

    Start List

    Live Stage Times 
  • Friday Itinerary

    Start Service Park - Trier 09:30hrs

    SS 1 Ruwertal/Fell 1 24,18 kms 10:13hrs
    SS 2 Veldenz 1 22,47 km 11:26hrs
    SS 3 Moselland 1 19,92 km 12:14hrs

    Service Park - Trier 13:54hrs

    SS 4 Ruwertal/Fell 2 24,18 km 15:07hrs
    SS 5 Grafschaft Veldenz 2 22,47 km 16:20hrs
    SS 6 Moselland 2 19,92 km 17:08hrs

    Service Park - Trier 18:18hrs

    Day One Finish - Trier 19:18hrs

    All Times listed are based on CET Time Zone
  • Shakedown finished

    Craig has finished his shakedown and comments his delighted with the setup of his car. He also says this is the big one and he will be going for the win from the start.
    The rally gets underway with a ceremonial start at Porta Nigra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the centre of Trier later this evening.
  • Busy week continues

    After travelling to Germany last weekend it's been a busy week already and the rally only starts tomorrow. Craig carried out his recce over Tuesday and Wednesday.

    There was a WRC Academy Media Masterclass then yesterday afternoon with World Rally Radio host Becs Williams and McKlein Photographer Colin McMaster.

    Craig is testing this morning and will be finalising his setup for tomorrow mornings first stage. 
  • Craig Seeded 20th for Zlin

    I know that Rallye Deutschland is Craig's priority this week but just some news on Barum Czech Rally Zlín which starts on Friday week.

    The entry list and event maps have just been released and Craig is seeded in 20th position.

    Click here

    to view the full entry list.

    Click here

    to view event maps.
  • Event Preview

    The event preview has now been uploaded to the news section. Click here to read
  • Germany up next

    The WRC Academy rounds the corner with event number 4 of the season WRC Rally Deutschland and is the first of two asphalt rallies.

    Full event preview to follow

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