WRC Rally Sweden 2016

11th February 2016 - 14th February 2016


  • The only true winter round and a classic Rally Sweden will be characterised by frozen roads lined with snow banks.

  • Drivers ‘lean’ cars against the banks to guide them round corners. But in warmer temperatures the banks disintegrate on impact and cars become stuck in the snow.     

  • Studded tyres are essential and provide remarkable grip but drivers must acclimatise to the ‘floating’ feeling and different braking points.

  • When temperatures hover around freezing, the studs tear up the road surface and exposed gravel rips them from the tyres to leave little traction.

  • Outdoor servicing in temperatures as low as -25°C makes normally routine jobs slower and tricky for gloved mechanics. 

Event Updates

  • Craig finishes 8th Overall

    Craig finishes 8th Overall
  • Craig 8th Overnight

    Craig 8th Overnight
  • Saturday Radio

  • Saturday Dawns

    Saturday Dawns
  • Friday End of Day Interview

  • Craig 9th Overnight

    Craig 9th Overnight
  • Friday News Summary

  • Craig Blitzs the times

    Craig posts 3rd Fastest time!
  • Snow is Falling

    Snow is Falling
  • Friday cold and dry.

    Friday cold and dry.
  • See you in the Morning.

    See you in the Morning.
  • Bring it on!

    Bring it on!
  • Monday Test

    Monday Test

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