Rallye Deutschland

20th August 2015 - 23rd August 2015

 Picture postcard start and finish in front of the Porta Nigra Roman gate in Trier. Four distinct types of stages – bumpy narrow Mosel vineyard roads, Baumholder military tracks with many different surfaces, roads in the Eifel mountains and smooth country tests in Saarland. Friday blends tests in the Eifel region, close to the Luxembourg and Belgian borders, with the Mosel.Saturday mixes country roads, vineyard tracks and the daunting Panzerplatte military area before Sunday’s final leg in the Mosel wine area.

Event Updates

  • Another WRC finish!

    Another WRC finish!
  • Finish Interview

  • Craig finishes 5th

    SS21 14.08km
    Kopecky FASTEST
    Camilli +0.8
    Breen +6.6
    Suninen +7.4
    Giordano +9.1
    Al-Attiyah +10.9

    Craig takes 5th in WRC2
  • SS20 Interview

  • SS20

    SS20 19.59km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Al-Attiyah +1.4
    Camilli +5.0
    Breen +5.1
    Giordano +6.6
    Suninen +8.7

    Craig extends his advantage in 5th / JUST 1 TO GO!
  • Just two stages to go.

    An even earlier start in Germany today and Craig has been on a recovery mission after dropping to sixth overnight following that puncture on the Panzerplatte stage. A fourth fastest time on the day opener followed by a fastest time on the next has seen him climb to fifth in WRC2 as he arrived at service.

    Two stages remain!
  • SS19 Interview

  • SS19 Back up to 5th

    SS19 14.08km

    Breen FASTEST
    Camilli +1.4
    Giordano +6.4
    Al-Attiyah +8.6
    Suninen +10.4

    Craig moves back up to 5th

  • SS18 Interview

  • SS18

    SS18 19.59km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Al-Attiyah +1.7
    Camilli +9.6
    Breen +10.0
    Giordano +17.3
    Suninen +19.0
  • Day 3 Is LIVE

    The leading WRC drivers have started SS18
  • Craig 6th after Puncture

    Craig 6th after Puncture
  • Day 2 End Interview

  • SS17

    SS17 17.13km

    Kopecky FASTEST

    Al-Attiyah +7.3
    Camilli +12.2
    Giordano +20.7
    Breen +26.0

    Kopecky continues to lead WRC2, Craig drops to 6th.

    4 Stages left tomorrow
  • SS16 Interview

  • SS16 Craig Punctures

    Just over 7km in to the 45.61km SS16 Craig picked up a rear puncture and lost over 3 minutes.

    He drops to 5th in WRC2.

    1 Stage left today.
  • SS15

    Craig continues to pull away.

    SS15 2.87km

    Al-Attiyah FASTEST
    Kopecky +0.1
    Breen +1.3
    Suninen +2.9
    Giordano +3.0
    Camilli +4.8
  • SS14 Interview

  • SS14

    Minor set-up changes to the 208T16 in service.

    SS14 18.35km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Al-Attiyah +7.4
    Breen +12.1
    Giordano +12.2 Suninen +16.2
    Camilli +18.7

    Craig extends his advantage over 3rd place Camilli.
  • Time to get back out there.

    Time to get back out there.
  • SS13 Interview

  • SS13 Craig holds 2nd in WRC2

    SS13 45.61km

    Craig felt his tyre went off towards the end.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Breen +26.3
    Camilli +29.7
    Suninen +30.0
    Al-Attiyah +39.6
    Giordano +49.7

    Craig holds 2nd in WRC2
    >br/> SERVICE NOW
  • SS12

    SS12 2.87km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Al-Attiyah +1.1
    Breen +2.4
    Giordana +3.6
    Camilli +3.7
    Suninen +3.8

    The massive 45km Panzerplatte Stage up Next.
  • SS11

    SS11 2.87km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Camilli +0.3
    Breen +1.0
    Giordano +1.6
    Suninen +2.1
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10

    SS10 17.13km

    Craig felt he struggled on the faster parts of the stage.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Camilli +6.4
    Suninen +9.2
    Breen +10.6
    Giordano +19.3
    Al-Attiyah +20.5
  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9

    SS9 18.35km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Breen +8.0
    Suninen +12.0
    Giodano +14.8
    Camilli +15.5
  • WRC2 Day two is LIVE

    The first of the WRC2 runners have entered Stage 9
  • Next Stage Saturday 7.34 CEST

    Next Stage Saturday 7.34 CEST
  • Day end Interview

  • Craig 2nd in WRC2 Overnight.

    SS8 13.67km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Breen +4.4
    Camilli +6.1
    Al-Attiyah +13.8

    Kopecky leads WRC2 after day one, Craig 2nd.
  • SS7

    SS7 23.24km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Camilli +10.6
    Breen +11.4
    Al-Attiyah +36.0

    1 Stage remains today.
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 16.40km
    Kopecky FASTEST
    Breen +5.7
    Camilli +7.8
    Al-Attiyah +14.3
  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5 Craig up to 2nd

    SS5 14.84km
    A high speed spin for Craig.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Camilli +8.8
    Al-Attiyah +10.3
    Hirschi +17.3
    Breen +21.8, Maurin +31.5

    Craig moves up to 2nd in WRC2
  • Craig 3rd after opening Loop!

    Craig 3rd after opening Loop!
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    SS4 13.67km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Breen +5.6
    Kremer +7.9
    Camilli +8.0

    Kopecky leads WRC2, Kremer 2nd, Craig 3rd

  • SS2

    SS2 16.40km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Kremer +3.0
    Breen +6.5
    Camilli +8.8
    Maurin +19.0
    Hirschi +23.7
    Al-Attiyah +25.2
  • SS1

    Dry but cold temperatures in Germany this morning are making for slippy tarmac.

    SS1 14.84km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Kremer +5.6
    Lappi +6.1
    Breen +13.7
    Camilli +19.7
    Maurin +22.2
    Hirschi +23.7
    Al-Attiyah +1.19.8
  • SS1 goes live at 8.30 CEST

    SS1 goes live at 8.30 CEST
  • Craig 5th in Shakedown +2.3

    Craig 5th in Shakedown +2.3
  • Ready for Action

    Ready for Action
  • Shakedown underway.

    The main WRC entries are having their runs through the 4.6km shakedown test at the moment.

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