Rallye International du Valais

29th October 2015 - 31st October 2015

Based in the towns of Martigny and Sion in southwest Switzerland, the popular asphalt rally had been scheduled as an ERC reserve event for 2015 but replaces Giru di Corsica-Tour de Corse on the 10-round ERC calendar as the prestigious season-closer. With stages climbing ice-coated cols and through demanding gravel sections, the event is ranked as one of the toughest, albeit perhaps the most picturesque, on the ERC schedule. The rally, in its 56th year, also forms the closing round of the Swiss championship and regularly attracts big entry numbers with local experts providing formidable opposition to the ERC regulars.

Event Updates

  • SS8 On - Board SS8

  • Post event penalty.

    Craig having lead the spectacular Swiss asphalt event from start to finish and easing off towards the finish to provisionally win the event by 39.4 seconds. However, a genuine mistake by the Peugeot Rally Academy team saw Craig use 20 marked Michelin tyres instead of the allocated 18 on his 208 T16, and he was given a two-minute penalty.

  • The Winner Speaks

  • Craig takes WIN No.4 of 2015

    Craig wins Rallye International du Valais taking win number four and becoming the most winning ERC driver of 2015. What a way to finish his ERC season
  • SS16 Interview

  • SS16

    SS16 10.15km
    Craig driving for the finish.

    Lukyanuk FASTEST
    Breen +10.4
    Gonon +15.8
    Burri +17.3
    Gryazin +22.5
    Bergkvist +26.3

    1 More stage to go.
  • SS15 Interview

  • SS15

    SS15 14.98km
    Craig spins at the first corner with cold tyres.

    Lukyanuk FASTEST
    Breen +1.0, Burri +1.4
    Bergkvist +8.6
    Gryazin +10.0
    Gonon +10.5

    Craig still leads by over a minute.
  • Service Interview

  • SERVICE NOW 3 to go!

    SERVICE NOW 3 to go!
  • SS14 Interview

  • SS14

    SS14 6.18km
    Craig managing his lead.

    Lukyanuk FASTEST
    Gryazin +4.9
    Breen +5.7
    Gonon +5.8
    Bergkvist +9.4

    Craig leads by 1min 5.4secs

    SERVICE NOW, 3 Stages to go.
  • SS13 Interview

  • SS13

    SS13 33.07km
    Craig cautious through the slippy stage.

    Lukyanuk FASTEST
    Breen +7.6
    Burri +23.4
    Bergkvist +29.7
  • SS12 Interview

  • SS12

    SS12 10.51km
    A real tricky stage, Craig happy to have avoided all the rocks.

    Breen FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +0.9
    Burri +6.4
    Bergkvist +11.8
    Hirschi +13.6
    Gryazin +22.7
  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11 Craig wide awake

    SS11 14.98km

    Breen FASTEST
    Delecour +7.7
    Lukyanuk +8.1
    Bergkvist +12.0
    Gryazin +13.7
    Gonon +16.4
    Burri +17.6

    Craig extends his lead again. Now 1min,13.5 seconds
  • Day 3 goes LIVE

    In just a little while day 3 goes live. The longest day of the rally and Craig leads by 55.9 seconds.

  • Craig leads Overnight

    Craig leads Overnight
  • SS10 Interview

  • Craig leads the way

    SS10 12.08km

    Lukyanuk FASTEST
    Breen +3.8
    Bergkvist +6.3
    Burri +7.3
    Delecour +7.5
    Gonon +8.1
    Hirschi +10.0
    Craig leads overnight by 55.9 seconds, 2.Burri, 3.Lukyanuk, 4.Delecour, 5.Gonon

    7 Stages left tomorrow.
  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9

    SS9 13.62km

    Breen FASTEST
    Delecour +3.6
    Hirschi +3.7
    Bergkvist +5.5
    Lukyanuk +6.9
    Burri +7.6

    One more stage today.
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8

    SS8 14.22km
    Craig comfortable with his driving and taking no chances.

    Breen FASTEST
    Burri +8.4
    Delecour +10.9
    Hirschi +11.1
    Perroud +12.2
    Lukyanuk +14.0
    Bergkvist +15.9
    Gonon +16.1

    Craig now leads by 44.8 seconds

  • SS7

  • SS7

    SS7 6.18km Some muddy patches, Craig taking no chances.

    Gonon FASTEST
    Breen +0.8
    Hirschi +4.3
    Burri +7.3
    Lukyanuk +7.6
    Bergkvist +7.8

    Craig leads Burri by 36.4, 3rd Lukyanuk, 4th Delecour, 5th Gonon

  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 12.08km
    Very slippy, Craig tops the times again.

    Breen FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +2.4
    Burri +2.5
    Delecour +5.8
    Gonon +6.7
    Bergkvist +8.2

    Craig now leads by 29.9 seconds.
  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5

    S5 13.62km
    Craig really enjoying his driving.

    Breen FASTEST
    Burri +4.8
    Lukyanuk +5.7
    Hirschi +7.0
    Delecour +7.6
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4 Craig extends his lead.

    The top ten cars run in reverse order today.

    SS4 14.22km Slippery cold damp tarmac

    Breen FASTEST
    Delecour +7.2
    Burri +7.2
    Gonon +11.4
    Hirschi +11.6
    Lukyanuk +14.8
    Bergkvist +15.4

    Craig extends his lead to 22.6 seconds.
  • Ready for DAY 2

    Ready for DAY 2

  • Craig leads Overnight

    Craig leads Overnight
  • SS3 Interview

  • SS3 Three in a row

    SS3 12.47km Craig taking care not to get a puncture on the stage like last year.

    Breen FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +5.2
    Burri +9.2
    Bergkvest +17.3
    Gonon +17.3
    Jakes +21.1

    Craig leads overnight by 15.4 seconds. 2.Burri, 3.Lukyanuk, 4.Delecour, 5.Jakes
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2 Craig fastest again

    SS2 11.66km
    Some patches of mist and fog making things tricky on Craig’s harder tyre choice.

    Breen FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +4.6
    Burri +5.6
    Jakes +13.1
    Delecour +14.2
    Gonon +16.9
    Magalhaes +17.3
    Bergkvest +17.8
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1

    SS1 8.82km

    Breen FASTEST
    Burri +0.6
    Hirchi +6.9
    Jakes +9.6
    Bouffier +11.0
    Magahaes +11.0
    Lukyanuk +11.1
    Bergkvest +12.3
    Tlustak +14.6
  • Craig to run 4th on the road

    Craig to run 4th on the road
  • Craig FASTEST in Qualifying

    Qualiying Stage 3.30km

    Breen FASTEST
    Bouffier +0.300
    Lukyanuk +2.200
    Jakes +3.600
    Gryazin +3.700
    Magalhaes +3.700
    Bergkvist +5.400
    Gonon +5.600
    Hirschi +7.200
    Burri +7.500
    Botka +7.500
  • Qualifing Interview

  • Qualifying Underway

    Drivers are now challenging each other over the 3.30km stage.

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