Rally of Greece 2015

9th October 2015 - 11th October 2015


  • Greece made a successful return to the ERC in March 2014 following a lengthy absence when the seaside town of Loutraki on the banks of the Gulf of Corinth hosted the 60th running of the Acropolis Rally. Having last appeared on the ERC schedule in 1968, Greece’s comeback featured one day on fast asphalt roads and the second leg on more traditional rough gravel tracks having begun with a spectacular ceremonial start above the Corinth Canal. The event will run as Rally of Greece when it takes place in October 2015 subject to the signing of the event promoter agreement. 

Event Updates

  • Bonnet up, who cares!

  • McRae Flat Out Award WINNER

    McRae Flat Out Award WINNER
  • Craig takes the McRae Award

    Craig has been awarded the Colin McRae Flat Out Award for his never give up attitude and pace in such difficult conditions on the stages of the Acropolis Rally 2015
  • Post Rally Interview


    BREAKING NEWS Organisers have cancelled the rest on the rally on Safety Grounds after heavy rain and thunderstorms flood the stages. Kajetanowicz wins the Rally and the Championship. Tragic for Craig and Scott who are denied the chance keep their championship hopes alive.
  • Service Interview

  • Craig talks tyres

  • Service Now

    Service Now
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 20.31km
    Drama as Craigs bonnet opens on the stage.

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Athanassoulas +12.6
    Botka +14.3
    Tarabus +27.0
    Butvilas +32.3
    Jeet +32.9
    Breen +43.7

    Craig drops to 2nd by 10 seconds

    3 Stages remain

  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5 Craig extends his lead

    SS5 18.52km
    Very slippy, Craig hampered a little by a faulty windscreen washer.

    Breen FASTEST
    Athanassoulas +16.4
    Kajetanowicz +16.5
    Butvilas +49.8
    Tarabus +51.1

    Craig extends his lead to 33.7
  • Craig leads after SS4

    Craig leads after SS4
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4 Craig takes the lead

    SS4 20.67km Fog in parts.

    Breen FASTEST
    Athanassoulas +20.3
    Kajetanowicz +23.6
    Tarabus +55.9
    Butvilas +1.03.3

    Craig jumps into the lead.
  • SS3 Interview

  • SS3

    SS3 17.93km

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Breen +1.3
    Lukyanuk +6.7
    Athanassoulas 15.7
    Butvilas +31.5
  • Lets Go!! Day 2

    Lets Go!! Day 2
  • Craig 3rd after Leg 1

    Craig 3rd after Leg 1
  • SS3 Interview

  • SS2 Craig 3rd Overnight

    SS2 24.33km a repeat of SS1 in the Dark.

    Athanassoulas FASTEST
    Breen +27.4
    Lukyanuk +27.5
    Kajetanowicz +34.5
    Tarabus +51.2
    Jeets +1.01.1

    Athanassoulas leads overnight , Kajetanowicz 2nd Craig 3rd

    7 Stages tomorrow.
  • Service Now

    Service Now
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1

    SS1 24.33km originally to be 43.41km but shortened due to bad weather.
    Very muddy after raining for a few hours, many top cars did not make it through.

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Breen +12.2
    Botka +17.4
    Lukyanuk +19.7
    Athanassoulas +24.9
    Jeets +44.1
    Tarabus +49.7
    Martin +51.8

  • SS1 Has gone LIVE

    The first competing car has entered a now shortened Stage 1
  • Craig chooses 11th on the Road

    Craig chooses 11th on the Road
  • Craig 3rd in Qualifying

    Qualiying Stage 3.10km

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +0.402
    Breen +1.546
    Athanassoulas +5.147
    Martin +5.962
    Tarabus +6.179
    Jeets +6.567
    Magalhaes +7.775
    Consani +7.866
    Butvilas +8.809
    Tlustak +9.904
    Botka +10.279
  • Qualifying Interview

  • Ready for Qualifying

    Ready for Qualifying
  • Now even more to choose from

    Now even more to choose from

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