Czech Rally Zlin 2015

28th August 2015 - 30th August 2015


  • Ever-present in the ERC since the championship’s streamlining in 2004, Barum Czech Rally Zlín turns 45 in 2015 and will once again take place around the South Moravian university city, 300 kilometres south of the Czech capital Prague. It’s a Tarmac test like no other due to the bumpy and sometimes broken nature of the road surface. To add to the challenge, several stages feature high-speed blasts through forest areas and intermittent showers are always a possibility. While the weather might be hard to predict, huge numbers of fans follow the action, especially on the opening night time Zlín superspecial.

Event Updates

  • Final Interview

  • Craig snatches 7th

    Craig has made it safely through the final 8.93km stage and snatched seventh overall.

    Kopecky wins, 2.Pech, 3. Kajetanowicz

    Not the result Craig and Scott were looking for but from what was an unlucky weekend they finish the rally and take home some vital championship points.
  • SS14

    SS14 23.01km Kobus Spins

    Lukyanuk FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +5.7
    Pech +7.2
    Kopecky +7.4
    Jakes +8.8
    Tarabus +10.7
    Breen +18.0

    Craig nursing a problem, 1 More Stage to Go!
  • SS13

    SS13 11.74km

    Pech FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +1.9
    Breen +5.5
    Tarabus +7.0
    Valousek +8.3
    Jakes +8.8
    Kopecky +9.5
    Kobus +11.5

    Craig holds 8th 22seconds behind Kobus in 7th.
  • Craig PRE Zlin Interview

  • Ready for the last Loop!

    Ready for the last Loop!
  • Craig Service Interview

  • Service Now

    Service Now
  • SS12 Interview

  • SS12

    SS12 8.93km Slippery in places.

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Tarabus +2.3
    Lukyanuk +2.8
    Valousek +2.8
    Breen +4.0
    Kopecky +5.7
    Cerny +6.4

    3 More stages to go. SERVICE NOW
  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11

    Craig feeling his tyres went off towards the end of such a long stage.

    SS11 23.01km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Pech +4.2
    Kajetanowicz +4.6
    Breen +11.5
    Lukyanuk +11.5
    Tarabus +14.5
    Valousek +19.0
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10 Craig Fastest

    SS10 11.74km Tricky bumpy stage.

    Breen FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +1.3
    Kobus +1.4
    Jakes +1.5
    Pech +2.2
    Valousek +3.0
    Kajetanowicz +3.9
    Tarabus +5.8
    Kopecky +6.3
  • Day 2 is Live

    SS10 is Underway
  • Sunday goes LIVE at 08.38

    Sunday goes LIVE at 08.38
  • End of LEG1 Interview

  • Craig 11th after difficult Day

    SS9 17.97km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +2.0
    Pech +4.2
    Breen +10.2
    Kopecky leads overnight, 2.Pech, 3.Kajetanowicz, Craig 11th

    After an unlucky day with 3 punctures and a car problem Craig is promising a big push tomorrow.

    6 Stages Remain
  • SS8 Craig taking no risks.

    SS8 13.72km
    Craig feeling to be closer to the lead pace there is too much to risk championship wise, he needs to finish.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +5.3
    Pech +6.8
    Breen +10.6
    Valousek +15.0

    1 more stage today.
  • Service Now

    Service Now
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7

    SS7 18.43km
    Craig reporting a problem at stage end.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Pech +1.0
    Lukyanuk +8.2
    Kajetanowicz +9.8
    Valousek +15.6
    Breen +35.1

  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 16.05km
    Craig taking no risks without a spare.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +6.3
    Lukyanuk +6.7
    Pech +7.2
    Kostka +13.1
    Breen +13.4
    Valousek +14.7
  • SS5 Interview

  • Puncture for Craig on SS5

    Craig’s 208T16 running a harder of tyre and suspension set up for the second loop.

    SS5 17.97km Craig picks up a front right puncture and loses 2.30.0

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +4.8
    Pech +7.7
    Lukyanuk +15.4
  • Scott SERVICE Interview


  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    SS4 13.72km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Pech +3.7
    Kajetanowicz +5.5
    Breen +7.1
    Lukyanuk +8.3
    Kostka +8.5

    Battle of the Czech drivers at the front, Kopecky leads, 2.Pech, 3.Kajetanowicz, 4.Breen, 5.Kostka

  • SS3 Interview

  • SS3

    SS3 18.43km
    Craig felt he was a little too cautious towards the end.

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Pech +3.4
    Kajetanowicz +12.2
    Lukyanuk +15.2
    Breen +16.7
    Kostka +18.8
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2

    SS2 16.05km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Pech +9.4
    Tarabus +10.2
    Breen +11.9
    Kostka +11.9
    Valousek +15.6
    Lukyanuk +22.4
    Kajetanowicz +38.5
  • SS2 Here we Come!

    SS2 Here we Come!
  • SS1 Interview

  • Craig 4th Overnight

    SS1 9.51km Zlin spectator street stage.

    Pech FASTEST
    Kopecky +3.6
    Kostka +5.5
    Breen +5.7
    Kajetanowicz +7.7
    Consani +7.7
    Lukyanuk +9.3
    Valousek +10.0
    Jakes +11.7
    Kobus +13.1
  • Problems delay SS1

    Spectator incidents have seen delays on SS1, Top ERC drivers still to run.
  • SS1 Running Reverse Order

    SS1 Running Reverse Order
  • SS1 goes Live at 21.15

    SS1 goes Live at 21.15
  • Craig 6th on the road!

    Craig 6th on the road!
  • Craig 6th in Qualifying

    Qualiying Stage 4.71km

    Kopecky FASTEST
    Lukyanuk +0.10
    Pelch +0.60
    Kajetanowicz +0.80
    Consani +1.50
    Breen +1.80
    Kostka +2.40
    Tarabus +2.80
    Valousek +3.8
    Kobus +4.10

    Start order selection at 17.00 hrs Local Time
  • Craig completes Qualifying

    Craigs time through the 4.71km Qualifying stage was 2.53.5

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