Ypres Rally 2015

25th June 2015 - 27th June 2015


  • One of the most popular fixtures in international rallying, the Geko Ypres Rally turned 50 in 2014 when local legend Freddy Loix scored a record-extending ninth win. Using farmland roads around the historic market town in western Belgium, the narrow sealed-surface stages are lined by drainage ditches and telegraph poles and characterised by tight junctions that catch out the unwary. Following Free Practice, Qualifying Stage and Shakedown, the action is traditionally contained in a 30-hour window, making the rally a real test for car and crew. The event is a round of the Belgian championship and new-for-2015 FIA R-GT Cup.

Event Updates

  • Retirement Interview

  • Retirement.

    Craig can go no further and retires from ERC Ypres. So disappointing after such a strong mature drive
  • SS12 DRAMA

    SS12 Craig went off road and into field but despite getting out again and to the stage end the 208T16 will not restart at the stop control. UPDATE SOON
  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11 Puncture

    SS11 13.60km
    Craig gets front right puncture.

    Lefebvre FASTEST
    Loix +0.3
    Bouffier +1.8
    Casier +6.5
    Verscheuren +8.6
    Breen +15.0

    Craig drops to 2nd overall +0.6
  • SS11 Delayed

    A delayed due to spectators

  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10 Craig leads at Service

    Craig happy to be able to Manage he lead and take no chances.

    SS10 19.28km
    Loix FASTEST
    Breen +1.7
    Lefebvre +1.8
    Bouffier +3.8

    Craig leads Bouffier by 12.6 seconds, Lefebvre 3rd, Loix 4th, Verscheuren 5th

  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9

    SS9 14.29km

    Loix FASTEST
    Breen +1.6
    Bouffier +2.1
    Verschueren +10.3
    Casier +12.6
  • SS8 Interview

  • Craig extends his lead

    Craig extends his lead on the opening stage of Leg 2.

    SS8 14.50km
    Breen FASTEST
    Loix +0.3
    Lefebvre +2.4
    Bouffier +5.4
    Casier +5.5

    Craig now leads by 10seconds.
  • Leg 2 Beckons!

    SS8 goes live at 11.16 CET
  • Craig leads after LEG 1

    Craig leads after LEG 1
  • SS7 Interview

  • Craig leads Overnight

    SS7 7.48km

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Lefebvre +2.1
    Breen +2.7
    Loix +2.7
    McCormack +5.4

    Craig leads Bouffier overnight by 4.6 seconds. Lefebvre 3rd
  • SS6 Interview

    SS6 13.81km.

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Breen +1.5
    Lefebvre +5.9
    Loix +6.6

    Craig leads by 7.3
  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5

    Some rain during the service break making tyre choice difficult.
    SS5 14.22km Dry. Abbring FASTEST
    Lefebvre +6.0
    Breen +7.7
    Bouffier +8.7
    Loix +8.9

    SS5 goes live at 20.16 CET
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4 Craig leads mid Leg

    SS4 7.48km
    Abbring and Loix puncture, Craig happy to get to the end of his first loop ever in Ypres without problems.

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Breen +4.1
    Verscheuren +4.6
    Lefebvre +4.7
    McCormack +6.2

    Craig leads by 7.8secs over Bouffier.
  • SS3 Interview

  • SS3

    SS3 13.81km
    Craig feeling he is more committed on this type of surface than he has been in a long time.

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Abbring +2.4
    Breen +2.9
    Lefebvre +6.1
    Loix +7.8
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2

    SS2 14.22km
    Craig being clean and tidy to avoid punctures as in previous years on this stage.

    Abbring FASTEST
    Breen +5.2
    Loix +7.6
    Lefebvre +8.1
    Bouffier +12.8
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1

    Craig will run second on the road for LEG1.

    SS1 12.56km
    Abbring FASTEST
    Breen +1.4
    Loix +2.8
    Lefebvre +3.3
    McCormack +3.5
  • Craig chooses 2nd on the road.

    Craig chooses 2nd on the road.
  • Craig 4th in Qualifying

    Qualifying 4.79km

    Abbring FASTEST
    Loix +0.821
    Lefebvre +1.371
    Breen +1.576
    Bouffier +1.650
    McCormack +2.279
    Verschueren +2.943

    Craig will choose his road order postion for Leg 1 tomorrow Friday at lunch time.
  • Qualifying Here we Come!

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