Rally Finland 2015

30th July 2015 - 2nd August 2015


  • A mix of hard, wide roads with narrower more technical sections.

  • Flat out from start to finish. It is affectionately known as the Finnish Grand Prix and eight of the 10 fastest WRC rallies have been here.

  • Pace notes must be perfect. Blind crests often hide corners and it’s vital to position the car correctly before take-off to ensure maximum speed through the bend.

  • Speeds are so high that time differences are small and there is little opportunity to regain time after a mistake.

  • One of the hardest rallies for co-drivers as high speeds demand a constant, pinpoint accurate delivery of pace notes.

  • Mastering the jumps. If the speed is too high, the car’s aerodynamics will force the back down and the front will rise. The tactic is to brake before take-off and accelerate full throttle over the jump.  

Event Updates

  • Craig retires at regroup.

    It is all Over for Craig and Scott in Finland.
    After suffering engine trouble on the previous three stages they have retired at regroup.

    An oil pressure problem unrelated to their Shakedown accident yesterday.
  • SS5

    SS5 5.62km

    Brynildsen FASTEST
    Tidemand +1.0
    Lappi +1.2
    Lefebvre +1.7
    Protasov +3.7
    Gorban +5.1
    Breen +13.2

    Rally O/A 1.Ogier 2.Latvala 3.Meeke

  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    SS4 34.39km

    Lappi FASTEST
    Nikara +11.6
    Tideman +23.9
    Lefebvre +31.4
    Breen +34.1
    Protasov +41.9
    Ahlin +53.4
  • The Big one Next!

    The Big one Next!
  • SS3

    SS3 23.56km

    Lappi FASTEST
    Brynildsen +9.5
    Tidemand +10.3
    Breen +13.0
    Lefebvre +18.4
    Ahlin +24.0
    Protasov +26.8
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2 Craig moves up to 5th

    SS2 14.51km

    Lappi FASTEST
    Tidemand +1.3
    Camilli +3.7
    Parn +4.1
    Breen +7.1
    Lefebvre +8.1
    Protasov +17.5

    Craig moves up to 5th in WRC2
  • Day 2 is Live

    The leading WRC cars are on the opening stage of the day SS2
  • SS1

    SS1 2.27km

    Lefebvre and, Brynildsen JOINT FASTEST
    Protasov +1.3
    Lappi +1.6
    Nikara +1.8
    Tidemand +2.0
    Breen +3.7
    Pedder +3.7
    Giordano +4.2
    Ahlin +5.3

    Craig equal seventh in WRC2 overnight.

    O/A Ogier leads, 2.Meeke, 3.Mikkelsen, Craig 21st
  • Busy day for the team

    Throughout this morning’s shakedown Craig consistently posted in the top WRC2 times but unfortunately the 208T16 picked up a puncture on the 4th run and left the road. Thankfully both Craig and Scott are okay and the car is currently undergoing repair. SS1 goes live this evening with the first full day of competition tomorrow.
  • Craig showing good pace

    Craig showing consistently in the top WRC2 times on this mornings shakedown stage.
  • Prepped and Ready for Shakedown

    Prepped and Ready for Shakedown

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