Rally de Portugal 2015

21st May 2015 - 24th May 2015


  • Regarded as the most technically difficult gravel round. Fast, open roads mixed with narrow tracks, littered with blind crests, make it hard to find a rhythm.

  • Accurate pace notes are vital as many crests hide corners beyond them. 

  • A dry spring will mean the championship front-runners starting first must manage roads covered in slippery loose gravel during the opening leg.

  • Trees and stones line the stages, both on the inside of corners where a driver looks to make cuts, and on the outside where a car slides if a driver approaches too quickly.

  • The roads have a clay surface which is hard in dry conditions and demanding on tyres. If it rains they quickly become very slippery.

Event Updates

  • Not how we wanted it to end...

    Not how we wanted it to end...
  • Craig Retired on SS2

    Craig has retired from WRC Rally de Portugal 17km into SS2 due to Engine trouble. Devastating news when Craig was showing to be the fastest WRC2 up to that point.
  • SS2 goes live for WRC2

    The WRC2 runners are now in the first stage of the day.
  • Day 1 Here we Come!

    Day 1 Here we Come!
  • SS1

    SS1 3.36km Craig really happy with the feeling of his 208T16 through tonight’s super special and is looking forward to tomorrow’s stages.

    Al Attiyah FASTEST,
    Ketomaa +0.3
    Tidemand +1.5
    Kruuda +1.7
    Al Kuwari +1.8
    Lappi +2.1
    Al Rajhi +2.4
    Breen +2.4
    Gorban +4.3
    Fuchs +4.9
    Kremer +5.1
    Lefebvre +5.8

    Mikkelsen leads the rally overall by 0.5 over Ogier, Kubica 3rd

    Craig 21st and 7th in WRC2 overnight.
  • SS1 Interview

  • Superspecial Underway

  • Portugal Shakedown Complete

    SS1 goes LIVE at 19.01 Local time
  • WRC - 2 Shakedown Underway

    WRC-2 Entries are now tackling the shakedown stage.

    Craig in the top times.
  • Lets Go!!!

    Lets Go!!!

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