Circuit of Ireland Rally 2015

2nd April 2015 - 4th April 2015


  • First held in 1931, the Circuit of Ireland Rally is not only one of the oldest rallies in the world, it’s also one of the most prestigious and has the honour of hosting the ERC’s first pure asphalt round of the 2015 season. Based in Belfast, the rally runs on challenging country lanes in Northern Ireland while some fan-friendly street stages in town centre locations are also set to form part of the itinerary with organisers promising a “bigger and better event” than in 2014. The rally will also welcome competitors from the Irish Tarmac and Northern Ireland Stage championships.

Event Updates

  • Dramatic Day 2

  • The Winners Speak

  • Circuit Winners

    Circuit Winners
  • Craig wins the Circuit

    Craig achieves his dream and WINS the Circuit of Ireland by 6.2 seconds even after an overshoot on the last stage. What a great performance by Craig and Scott after digging deep and never giving up throughout the Rally.
  • SS17 Interview

  • SS17

    SS17 8.71km
    Craig spins and loses 14.8 seconds to Kajetanowicz / Craig leads by 5.0sec

  • SS16 Interview

  • SS16 Craig Leads

    SS16 26.02km

    Barrable OFF
    Breen FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +6.2
    Martin +19.7

    2 Stages to go.
  • SS15 Interview

  • SS15

    SS15 13.44km

    Craig 0.2 quicker than Barrable, Craig 2nd overall 1.1sec behind with 3 stages to go!
  • Craig's problems solved

  • Wath Lisburn Stage LIVE

  • Service Leg 2 Interview

  • Peugeot IRL Day1 Review

  • Service Now

    Service Now
  • SS12 It's Nip-Tuck

    The battle continues.

    SS12 14.80km
    Barrable FASTEST
    Breen +3.6
    6 Stages to go, Craig drops to 2nd +2.5

  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11 Craig snatches back the lea

    SS11 8.71km

    Breen FASTEST
    J.Moffett +1.2
    Kajetanowicz +2.1
    Barrable +2.3

    Craig leads by 1.1 sec
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10 Craig fights back

    SS10 26.02km Craig pushing hard.

    Breen FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +1.2
    Barrable +7.3
    J.Moffett +8.5
    S.Moffett +12.8

    Craig second overall 1.2sec off Barrable.
  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9 Craig slips to 2nd

    A dry morning in Northern Ireland for day 2 of the Circuit. Craig running tenth on the road has a new turbo and gearbox today but struggle a little on the opening stage.

    SS9 13.44km
    J.Moffett FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +1.8
    Barrable +2.1
    Thorburn +6.7
    Tarrabus +8.1
    S.Moffett +9.3
    Breen +11.0

    Craig drops to second overall.
  • Day 2 LIVE

    The first cars are into SS9, Craig running tenth on the road today.
  • Craig leads overnight by 1 Sec

    Craig leads overnight by 1 Sec
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8

    Craig made it safely through his second run on the spectator special to end the day leading by 1 second over Barrable, Kajetanowicz lies in 3rd spot. 10 Stages tomorrow.
  • SS7

    SS7 1.53km

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Barrable +1.8
    Martin +2.9, Greer +5.0
    Breen +5.6,
  • SS7 Interview

  • Watch Newtownards Live

  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 10.50km

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Breen +1.7
    Barrable +2.2
    Martin +8.7

    Just two runs through the streets of Newtownards remain today.

    Craig leads by 10.9 secs over Barrable, Kajetanowicz 3rd.
  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5

    SS5 16.95km Mostly dry.
    Craig driving around his power problem.

    Breen FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +3.8
    Barrable +9.7
    Martin +14.1

    Craig extends his lead to 10.9 seconds.
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    Conditions drying out but it remains slippy at the Circuit.

    SS4 14.54km
    Craig down on power through parts.
    Barrable FASTEST
    Katjetanowicz +1.8
    Breen +4.9
    Martin +5.8

    Craig’s lead down to 1.2 seconds.
  • Stage 4 is LIVE

    The Action has re-started and the cars are into SS4
  • Happy to be leading Mid-day

    Happy to be leading Mid-day
  • Service Interview

  • Service Now

    Service Now
  • SS3 Interview

  • Craig leads at Midday Service

    SS3 10.50km

    Breen FASTEST
    Barrable +3.6
    Consani +4.0
    Thorburn +5.5
    S.Moffett +5.6

    Craig leads by 6.1sec. SERVICE NOW
  • SS2 Interview

  • Craig takes the Lead

    SS2 16.95km
    Craig slightly down on power, all drivers loving the folly.

    Breen FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +7.1
    Consani +8.8
    Barrable +9.7
    S.Moffett +16.9
    Martin +32.1

    Craig moves into the lead.
  • The Famous Folly Awaits

    The Famous Folly Awaits
  • SS1 Craig 2nd Fastest

    SS1 14.54km

    Barrable FASTEST
    Breen +7.2
    Fisher +7.3
    S.Moffett +10.4
    Kajetanowicz +11.1
    Consani +11.1
    J.Moffett +12.2
    Thornburn +15.8
    McCormack +19.0
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1 Gone Live!

    First competing car has entered stage 1
  • Stage 1 here we come!

  • Plan Ready

    Plan Ready
  • Final Note Check

    Final Note Check
  • Craig picks 3rd on the road.

    Craig picks 3rd on the road.
  • Craig 3rd in Qualifying

    Qualifying 3.22km

    Barrable FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +0.5
    Breen +1.3
    Consani +1.7
    Martin +1.7
    McCormack +2.4
    Greer +2.8
    S.Moffett +3.4
    Tarabus +3.6
    Thorburn +3.7
    Fisher +3.8
    Lukyanuk +4.4
    J.Moffett +4.5
    Wright +4.9
    Tlustak +5.4
    Costenaro +6.3
    Jeets +6.7
    McGonigle +8.0

    Start order Selection at 18.00
  • Qualifying Interview

  • Qualifying Shortly

    Qualifying Shortly
  • Not Long Now!

  • Tested & Ready!

    Tested & Ready!
  • The Excitement is Building!

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