Geko Ypres Rally

19th June 2014 - 21st June 2014

Geko Ypres Rally
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    Using farmland asphalt roads around the historic market town, the narrow stages are lined by drainage ditches and telegraph poles and popularised by tight junctions.

Event Updates

  • Double disappointment

    Abbring retired on road section soon after SS13 and unfortunately Craig has stopped on SS14 both with mechanical issues.

    A double disappointment for the Peugeot Rally Academy team.
    Freddy Loix is now on course for his 9th Ypres victory. SERVICE NOW
  • SS13

    Craig has diff trouble, now running in rear wheel drive only.

    SS12 9.76km Abbring FASTEST
    Loix +0.9
    Rossetti +1.8
    Tsjoen +3.9
    Wiegand +4.0
    Cherain +7.9
    Kobus +8.5
    Breen +9.5
  • SS12 Interview

  • SS12

    Craig’s actual position overall after SS11 was 11th when all times were in.

    Handbrake release issue now, causing an overshoot.
    SS12 14.33km
    Abbring FASTEST
    Loix +0.2
    Rossetti +2.9
    Breen +7.8
    Cherain +9.6
  • Service Interview

  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11

    SS11 7.25km
    Craig thinks the car is stalling with fuel pressure problems.

    Abbring FASTEST
    Loix +0.6
    Cherain +3.2
    Breen +2.35.4

    Abbring leads Loix overall by 19.8 secs, Craig 5th.

  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10

    SS10 12.32km
    Craig’s car cut out and he had to do a full Reset.

    Loix FASTEST
    Rossetti +2.5
    Abbring +4.2
    Cherain +5.4
    Breen +25.3
  • SS9 Drama at the Top

    SS9 14.1km Twitter news- Lappi reported off the road

    Abbring and Loix stopped
    Craig’s brakes heating too much.
    Breen FASTEST
    Rossetti +0.4
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8

    A beautiful morning in Ypres Craig much happier.

    SS8 14.50km

    Lappi FASTEST
    Rossetti +0.6
    Breen +0.9
    Loix +1.6
    Abbring +1.8
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7

    SS7 7.48km Abbring FASTEST

    Loix +3.1
    Lappi +3.9
    Rossetti +5.6
    Cherain +6.8
    Breen +8.6

    Abbring leads at the end of leg1 by 24.8 secs over Loix, Lappi 3rd +39.1

    Craig admitting he just couldn’t get into a groove today.
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 23.80km Problems for Rossetti

    Abbring FASTEST
    Loix +3.7
    Lappi +10.1
    Breen +10.2
    Cherain +10.3
    Rossetti +3.50.4
  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5

    SS5 14.22km Craig feels the rear wheels are locking up a bit and plans to make bias adjustments before the next stage.
    Abbring FASTEST
    Rossetti +3.9
    Cherain +4.5
    Lappi +6.5
    Loix +7.0
    Breen +7.1
    Consani +9.2
  • Service 1 Interview

  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    Craig gutted with time loss but promising a fight back.

    SS4 13.77km Loix FASTEST
    Rossetti +0.4
    Abbring +0.5
    Lappi +3.1
    Consani +5.1
    Cherain +5.6
    Breen +18.7

    Abbring leads over all by 11 secs over Loix. Craig 14th SERVICE NOW
  • SS3 Interview

  • SS2

    SS3 7.48km

    Abbring FASTEST
    Rossetti +0.1
    Lappi +3.4
    Loix +3.9
    Consani +4.9
    Cherain + 8.5
    Breen +10.7
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2 Craig brake trouble!

    Craig’s puncture damaged brakeline No brakes!

    SS2 23.80km Abbring FASTEST
    Loix + +2.4
    Lappi +7.3
    Rossetti +7.8
    Cherain +13.7
    Breen +32.7
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1

    Sunshine in Ypres, 30 degree road temp

    SS1 14.22km Craig front left puncture.
    Abbring FASTEST
    Cherain +4.9
    Loix +5.2
    Lappi +5.3
    Rossetti +5.9
    Consani +16.0
    Breen +31.4
  • Craig chooses 2nd on the road.

    Craig chooses 2nd on the road.
  • Craig 2nd Fastest in Qualifying

    Rossetti FASTEST
    2.Breen +0.541
    3.Abbring +0.900
    4.Loix +1.371
    5.Cherain +2.111
    6.Consani +3.098
    7.Lappi +3.190

    Drivers will select their starting position Friday at 13.00hrs Local time.

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