Rallye Acores

15th May 2014 - 17th May 2014

Rallye Acores
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    Based São Miguel, the Atlantic archipelago’s largest island, the event features stunning countryside and narrow and undulating gravel stages. Changeable weather is also a factor.

Event Updates

  • No re-start for Craig

    Despite the best efforts of the Peugeot Rally Academy mechanics Craig will not start Leg 2 of ERC SATA Rallye Azores.
  • Craig Explains

  • Craig Retires from Leg1

    Unfortunately Craig has retired from Leg1 with electrical Problems.
  • Craig in trouble

    Craig made it through SS9 FASTEST but they have a small engine bay fire after the stage finish.

    More News soon!
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8

    SS8 7.82km Craig being careful on his first pass through the stage that caused so much drama earlier.

    Abbring FASTEST
    Breen +5.3
    Sousa +9.2
    Magalhaes +9.3
    Gryazin +10.4

    Craigs lead now 2.5 seconds.
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7

    SS7 7.38km

    Breen FASTEST
    Abbring +0.4
    Sousa +4.0
    Gryazin +10.7

    Craig leads by 7.8 seconds over 2.Abbring
    3.Sousa +36.1

    Craig happy with his drive just a few minor adjustments to make in service.
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 23.90km Volcano stage

    Craig picks up a puncture
    Sousa FASTEST
    Abbring +4.2
    Breen +5.5
  • SS5

    Times delayed.

    SS5 7.46km
    Breen FASTEST
    Abbring +5.2
    Sousa +10.1
    Magalhaes +10.1
    Gryazin +10.7

    Craig running 10th on the road today.

    SS4 CANCELLED after Kajetanowicz & Moura hit rocks and blocked the stage causing Craig’s start to be delayed.
    Abbring one car infront of Craig was fastest car to complete the stage.

    Cars being re-route to SS5
  • Craig leads Overnight

    Craig leads Overnight
  • SS3

    SS3 Quarry Super Special 3.45km.

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Breen +1.8
    Moura +2.0
    Magalhaes +2.1
    Abbring +3.2
    Sousa +4.2
    Orsak +4.5

    Craig leads Kajetanowicz overnight by 0.9 secs, Abbring 3rd + 3.5, Moura +5.0, Sousa +18.8 / 8 Stages of Leg1 remain tomorrow.
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2

    SS2 8.22km Very narrow in parts. Craig saying he had to drive around big rocks in places that were pulled out by the drivers in ahead.

    Kajetanowicz FASTEST
    Moura +1.0
    Breen +1.2
    Abbring +1.3
    Sousa +5.3
    Magalhaes +7.1
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS1

    SS1 12.10km Many drivers saying they found the stage very slippy and Craig arrived at stage end with front bumper damage.

    Breen FASTEST
    Abbring +2.0
    Kajetanowicz +3.9
    Moura +5.0
    Sousa +12.3
  • Craig chooses to run 12th

    Craig chooses to run 12th
  • Craig fastest in Qualifying.

    Craig happy, just a few little changes to make.

    Breen FASTEST
    Moura +1.239
    Kajetanowicz +1.504
    Abbring +2.031
    Gryazin +3.922
    Magalhaes +4.053
    Consani +4.994
    Sousa +6.565
    Orsak +7.033

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