Circuit of Ireland Rally

17th April 2014 - 19th April 2014



    First held in 1931, one of the oldest rallies in the world returns to the international schedule after a one-year absence. Run on asphalt roads in Northern Ireland

Event Updates

  • Craig retired

    Craig’s rumored temperature problems turned out to be lack of fuel pressure and the 208 T16 is stranded at the side of the road early into the first stage of the day.

    A cruel halt to an exciting challenge for the lead that was sure to thrill all the spectators lining the stages today.
  • Craig in trouble

    Craig is pulled in on SS11 with Temperature problems, update soon.
  • Good Morning Day 2

    Good Morning Day 2
  • Latest News

    Latest News
  • Craig 2nd Overnight

    Leader board after Leg 1

    2.Breen +12.6
    3.Barrable +1.40.2
    4.Wiegand +1.49.0
    5.S-Moffett +2.05.5

    Craig happy with his day saying the rally’s not over yet.
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10

    SS10 2.30km Street stage, low sun blinding some drivers.

    Breen FASTEST
    Wiegand +1.3
    Lappi +1.8
    Consani +3.4
    Simpson +4.7
    Barrable +5.4
  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9

    SS9 9.92km Craig admits to trying, but looking at the bigger picture taking no big risks.

    Breen FASTEST
    Lappi +4.0
    Wiegand +4.7
    Barrable +5.9
    S-Moffett +11.1
    Consani +15.5

    One more stage today.
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8

    Abbring retired on the road section.

    SS8 10.55km
    Craig praising Lappi for his times
    Breen FASTEST
    Lappi +0.1
    Barrable +7.0
    Wiegand +8.2
    S-Moffett +14.4
    Simpson +22.8
    Consani +24.8
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7

    SS7 17.02km

    Craig lost rear screen over the jumps again.
    Abbring having temp trouble.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Breen +1.3
    S-Moffett +18.4
    Barrable +23.7
    Consani +28.7
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    SS6 14.64km

    Craig reporting the biggest moment of his life at stage end, rear light and bumper damage, Abbring & Wiegand overshoot.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Abbring +7.6
    Breen +8.1
    Barrable +11.9
    S-Moffett +12.7
    Consani +19.3
  • Service 1 Interview

  • SS5 Interview

  • SS5

    SS5 9.92km

    Craig happy, the car is as little nervous due to the missing rear screen that should support the rear spoiler.
    The weather would have suited harder tyres also.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Breen +0.9
    Abbring +1.7
    Wiegand +6.2
    Barrable +7.6
    S-Moffett +12.3

    Lappi leads by 7.7 seconds over Abbring, Craig 3rd 1.4 sec back. Barrable 5th +52.2, Moffett 6th +57.9

    Next stage at 16.01
  • SS4 Interview

  • SS4

    SS4 10.55km
    Craig has a small cut on his left hand from trying to make repairs on the road section.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Breen +0.2
    Abbring +0.6
    Barrable +10.2
    Wiegand +11.3
    S-Moffett +13.1
    Simpson +16.2
  • SS3 Interview

  • SS3

    SS3 17.02k All drivers reporting it to be the best stage in the world.

    Craig pushing hard and losing the rear green on a landing over a jump.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Abbring +0.2
    Breen +2.1
    S-Moffett +14.9
    Wiegand +17.7
    Consani +28.6
  • SS2

    SS2 14.64km

    Lappi FASTEST
    Breen +2.8
    Abbring +3.0
    Barrable +7.7
    S-Moffett +8.4
    Wiegand +10.7

    Lappi leads by 5.2 seconds.
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1

    SS 6.92km

    Craig smiling at stage end saying he really enjoyed that.

    Lappi FASTEST
    Abbring +2.0
    Breen +3.0
    Wiegand +4.0
    Barrable +6.0
    S-Moffet +8.0
    Consani +12.0
    J-Moffet +18.0
  • Jac Roberts :)

    Jac Roberts :)
  • The sun is out for Leg1

    The sun is out for Leg1
  • Leg 1 Road Order

    Leg 1 Road Order

    1 Josh MOFFETT
    2 Sam MOFFETT
    3 Robert CONSANI
    4 Craig BREEN
    5 Robert BARRABLE
    6 Kevin ABBRING
    7 Sepp WIEGAND
    8 Esapekka LAPPI
    9 Neil Simpson

    SS1 09.13 Tomorrow
  • Craig chooses to run 4th

    Craig chooses to run 4th
  • Craig 3rd in Qualifying

    Rain came for the qualifying stage, Craig reported a half spin on the hairpin near the start and because his tyre choice was too hard for the damp conditions it was all about survival.

    2 Robert CONSANI (FRA) +2.148
    3 Craig BREEN (IRL) +3.898
    4 Kevin ABBRING (NLD) +5.138
    5 Sepp WIEGAND (DEU) +5.308
    6 Esapekka LAPPI (FIN) +5.929
    7 Sam MOFFETT (IRL) +14.149
    8 Josh MOFFETT (IRL) +16.736

    Start order selection at 1800hrs
  • Countdown to Qualifying

    Countdown to Qualifying
  • Pre Event Testing

    Pre Event Testing

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