Acropolis Rally

28th March 2014 - 30th March 0014

Acropolis Rally
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  • Gravel and asphalt, 


      Turning 60 in 2014 and back in the ERC after lengthy WRC stay with a mixed-surface route. Based in Loutraki beside the Gulf of Corinth

Event Updates

  • Craig wins Flat Out award

    Craig wins Flat Out award
  • Proud Parents

    Proud Parents
  • Service Park Interview

  • Final Stage Interview

  • Acropolis Winners

    Acropolis Winners
  • Craig wins!

    Craig has made it safely through the final 16.13km stage to take his first ERC win and the First ERC win for the new Peugeot 208 T16.

    A brilliant result for Craig, Scott & the new 208 T16

    2nd Bouffier, 3rd Kajetanowicz
  • SS12 Interview

  • SS12

    SS12 22.20km

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Breen +1.8,
    Lappi +2.7
    Kajetanowicz +9.3

    Craig leads by 16.5 seconds,1 More to go!
  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11

    SS11 18.19km Roads cleaning 2nd pass through.

    Craig pushing for the win
    Breen FASTEST
    Bouffier +3.7
    Lappi +6.6
    Kajetanowicz +14.6

    Craig extends lead to 18.3 seconds
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10 - Super Special

    SS10 1.18km Tarmac Super Special

    Tarabus FASTEST
    Breen +1.0
    Bouffier +1.1
    Kajetanowicz +1.8

    Craig extends his lead by 0.5 secs / Craig going to give it everything he’s got to win.
  • Service Leg 2 Interview

  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9

    SS9 16.13km Kajetanowicz FASTEST

    Bouffier +2.4
    Breen +7.3
    Lappi +11.9

    Craig leads by 14.1 secs over Kajetanowicz , Bouffier just 0.4 secs back in 3rd
    4 Stages remain. SERVICE NOW
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8

    SS8 22.20km Lappi & Gryazin get punctures
    Craig losing rear bumper

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Breen +6.9
    Kajetanowicz +12.5
    Lappi +26.2
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7 Craig goes Fastest

    Craig wide awake.

    SS7 18.19km
    Breen FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +0.8
    Gryazin +9.3
    Lappi +10.5
    Bouffier +11.6
  • Day 2 is Live

    SS7 is live, Craig running 8th on the road today.
  • Current ERC tarmac Ace

    The all-Tarmac first day in Greece is the first leg of the season to count for ERC Asphalt Master points. After the six Tarmac stages, Craig has scored 37 points with Kevin Abbring and Bryan Bouffier both landing 32 points.
  • Transformers

  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6

    Abbring Retired.

    SS6 17.60km
    Breen FASTEST
    Bouffier +1.0
    Kajetanowicz +2.3
    Lappi +6.9

    Craig leads overnight by 14.7 secs, Bouffier moves up to 2nd. 3rd Kajetanowicz, Lappi 4th.

    Cars now return to service to change to Gravel setup for tomorrows 7 stages.
  • SS5 interview

  • SS5 Craig leads

    SS5 23.63km Abbring Overheating.

    Bouffier FASTEST
    Breen +2.5
    Lappi +3.8
    Kajetanowicz +5.7
    Abbring +3.15.8

    Craig leads by 12.7 secs
  • SS4 interview

  • SS4

    SS4 21.08km Rain in Mid section of Stage

    Abbring FASTEST
    Kajetanowicz +2.3
    Breen +2.9
    Bouffier +4.5
    Lappi +8.0
  • Leg 1 Mid-day Service

  • SS3 interview

  • SS3

    SS3 17.60km

    Breen FASTEST,
    Abbring +3.8,
    Bouffier +4.2,
    Kajetanowicz +7.2,
    Lappi +7.3,
    Wiegand +10.6

    Abbring leads by 2.9secs over Craig. SERVICE NOW
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2

    SS2 23.63km Craig happy, learning the car.
    Bouffier punctures.
    Abbring FASTEST,
    Breen +1.7,
    Lappi +6.5,
    Kajetanowicz +9.3,
    Wiegand +14.3,
    Bouffier +17.9
  • SS1 interview

  • SS1

    SS1 21.08km Very fast and wide.
    Bouffier FASTEST,
    Abbring +0.8,
    Kajetanowicz +1.1,
    Wiegand +4.8,
    Breen +5.8,
    Lappi +14.2
  • Start Order for leg 1

    SS1 21.08km (Tarmac) 09.31 Local time
    1. Tarabus
  • Craig chooses to run 4th

    Craig chooses to run 4th
  • Craig 2nd in Qualifying

    Craig was second fastest in qualifying, 0.634s behind his Peugeot Rally Academy team-mate Kevin Abbring with European championship leader Esapekka Lappi third best 0.752s down on Abbring. Abbring now earns the right to select his starting position first for Saturday’s opening leg of all-asphalt stages. Crews will make their selection in the service park in Loutraki at 15:00hrs local time.
  • Pre Qualifying

    Pre Qualifying
  • Craig supports Daffodil Day

    Craig Breen will be once again supporting “The Irish Cancer Society” today by wearing a Daffodil. The charity is hoping to raise 3.4 million euro this year from their Daffodil Day today which is the charity’s biggest one day fundraiser annually.
  • Service this morning

    Service this morning
  • Finishing Touches

    Finishing Touches

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