Rally Liepāja

31st January 2014 - 2nd February 2014

Rally Liepāja
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  • ERC newcomer in 2013, the snow rally will now focus on stages around LiepÄ�ja having ventured north up the Baltic coast to Ventspils this year. 

    • 240.56 kilometres (137.82 kilometres leg one, 102.74 kilometres leg two) - Gravel/snow

Event Updates

  • 3rd in Latvia

    Craig has made it safely through the 24.92km of SS12 to take 3rd and his first podium of the season. Finnish driver Esapekka Lappi was fastest on the final test to take 1st overall, while Russian driver Vasily Gryazin finished 2nd. Craig admits he could never get into a groove in what was his final rally in the Peugeot 207 S2000 but he was delighted to at least begin the year with a podium finish.
  • SS12 interview

  • Regroup Interview

  • SS11 The penultimate

    SS11 16.16km Alot more grip this time through the stage but it was mostly gravel. Craig said he found the hairpins awkward due to a handbrake / diff problem locking the front wheels. Gryazin stuck in 4th gear. Wiegand FASTEST, Lappi +2.8, Breen +4.8, Kajetanowicz +7.9 / Lappi still leads overall, Gryazin 2nd, Craig 3rd, SERVICE NOW, 1 STAGE TO GO!
  • SS10 interview

  • SS10 Craig has a scare.

    SS10 10.29km Craig reporting he clipped something with the right rear 2km from the finish and backed off fearing a puncture but luckily he escaped. Lappi FASTEST, Kajetanowicz +2.3, Wiegand +2.6, Breen +3.5, Gryazin +4.7
  • SS9 interview

  • SS9

    SS9 24.92km Drivers reporting a very difficult stage and Craig admitting to a huge moment in there. The 207 S2000 was running a little hot through the stage but its probably just snow in the grilles. Lappi FASTEST, Breen +9.6, Gryazin +11.8, Kajetanowicz +18.4
  • Regroup Interview

  • SS8 interview

  • SS8

    SS8 16.16km Craig said he was losing studs so the rear of the car felt a bit loose but overall he was happier with that stage. Lappi FASTEST, Gryazin +4.1, Breen +8.0, d Kajetanowicz +8.0, Wiegand +9.2 SERVICE NOW
  • SS7 interview

  • SS7

    SS7 10.29km Craig chose a longer stud tyre but felt there was not enough snow for them. Gryazin FASTEST, Kajetanowicz +0.8, Wiegand +1.7, Lappi +3.4, Breen +5.3
  • Leg 2 Timetable

    Craig will run 11th on the road for Leg 2. SS7 8.00, SS8 9.10, Service 10.15, SS9 11.00, SS10 11.50, SS11 13.10, Service 14.15, SS12 15.00 All times local CET +1hr, BST +2hr
  • SS6 interview

  • Craig 3rd after Leg1

    SS6 32.03km Craig said at the stage end that it just didn’t click today, he felt like he had no studs left through that one and he will try different springs tomorrow. Lappi FASTEST, Wiegand +15.1, Breen +17.5, Gryazin +19.1 Kajetanowicz +40.1 / Gryazin leads after Leg1, Lappi 2nd, Craig 3rd. 6 Stages tomorrow.
  • SS5 interview

  • SS5 Craig moves up to 3rd

    Craig made some minor suspension changes in service but the car now seems to be under steering more. SS5 26.34km Lappi FASTEST, Gryazin +1.9, Wiegand +9.8, Breen +12.6, Kajetanowicz +27.8 / Craig moves up to 3rd. Next stage in darkness.
  • Service 2 Interview

  • SS4 interview

  • SS4

    SS4 10.54km Craig was much happier with the stage this time around. Lappi FASTEST, Breen +7.8, Wiegand +7.9, Kajetanovicz +8.8, Vorobjovs +11.3, Gryazin +11.8 Gryazin leads, Craig 4th overall SERVICE NOW
  • SS3 interview

  • SS3

    SS3 26.34km Drivers saying the grip seems to vary throughout the stage. Craig reporting he just cant push with confidence. Gryazin FASTEST Lappi +10.8, Kajetanowicz +20.7, Breen +28.8
  • Service 1 Interview

  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2

    SS2 32.03km Craig saying the snow is so deep at times its lifting the car. Bouffier stopped in stage. Gryazin FASTEST, Lappi +14.8, Breen +16.7, Kajetanowicz +24.0, Wiegand +49.4 SERVICE NOW
  • SS1 interview

  • SS1

    Snowfall overnight has made conditions very different from recce. SS1 10.54km Craig saying it was very difficult driving. Bouffier FASTEST, Grazyn +0.2, Lappi +5.7, Kajetonawicz +5.8, Breen +7.1, Wiegand +22.5
  • LEG 1 Timetable

    SS 1 SPORTA BĀRS OPTIBET 1 - 10:55 SS 2 KULDĪGA 1 - 11:30 Service - 12:50 SS 3 ECORENT 1 - 13:40 SS 4 SPORTA BĀRS OPTIBET 2 - 14:35 Service - 15:35 SS 5 ECORENT 2 - 16:25 SS 6 KULDĪGA 2 - 17:30
  • Craig picks 14th on the road.

    Craig picks 14th on the road.
  • Positions picked

    Craig has chosen to run 14th on the road for Leg 1 of Rally Liepāja. Wiegand 7, Lappi 10, Gryazin 17, Bouffier 16,
  • Qualifying

    Craig has gone 2nd fastest through the qualifying stage giving him second choice of road position tomorrow. Qualifying Stage 4.19km Wiegand 1.41.490 Breen +1.060 Lappi +1.130 Gryazin +1.160 Kajetanowicz +2.990 Korge +3.040 Vorobjovs +3.070 Bouffier +3.190 Tempestini +4.930 Start selection takes place at 1700hrs local time
  • Craig No.1 in Latvia

    Craig & Scott have been seeded number one in their Peugeot Rally Academy 207 S2000 for Latvia next weekend. This will see them lead the crews into the all important free practice on Friday morning ahead of the qualifying stage later that afternoon which is used to help determine the leg 1 running order on Saturday. Full seeded entry list on www.fiaerc.com

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