Monza Rally Show 2013

30th November -0001 - 30th November -0001

Monza Rally Show 2013
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The Monza Rally Show can now be defined as a "classic" due to its history of over thirty years. The race was in fact held for the first time in 1978 under the name "Rally of Monza" and with the characteristics of a typical rally. Over the years the event has since evolved into a particular event, unique in its kind.


Event Updates

  • Video: More Highlights

  • Video: Full Highlights

  • 2nd in S2000 for Craig

    Craig competes the final stage and takes 2nd in S2000. His quote at the finsh, "we had great fun, it was a very interesting weekend. I am very happy."

    Full standings to follow
  • Video: Day - Two Highlights

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  • Craig contines 2nd in S2000

    SS8 breakdown: The test was won by Rossetti. His lead over Craig is 44.4 sec, in turn Craig has a 54.5 sec advantage over Manuel Villa.
  • Craig completes SS8

    Craig has posted 5:16.1on SS8 and reports no problems. Full stage times and standings to follow. Then the final stage which is the third time for the crews to tackle the 32.5 km of Grand Prix special stage.
  • Final Day is now Live!

    Good morning and welcome to the third and final day on the 2013 Monza Rally Show.

    SS 8 the penultimate stage of the event is now running and 25 cars have already completed the test. Craig and Seb will be in action shortly and info on their time will follow next.
  • Incar: Stage 5

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  • Sunday Schedule

    The final day on the 2013 Monza Rally Rally - All Times Listed are CET

    8. Monza 2 - 08.30hrs

    9. Grand Prix 3 - 10.33hrs
  • SS7 Interview

  • 2nd in class & 14th O/A

    Craig has had a strong final stage and moves to 14th overall by the end of a long day-two action at the Monza Rally Show. Breen is in Italy this weekend driving for POWER TEAM CAR in one of their Peugeot 207 S2000’s and began this morning holding 12th overall and was lying 2nd in the Super 2000 class.

    After a 12 hour day that entailed five special stages Breen will embark on tomorrow’s final day holding those same positions. The Irish driver has continued through the Saturday action with a tight grip of 2nd in the class but trails class leader Luca Rossetti by 40.2 seconds.

    In the overall standings he did drop to 15th overall by the midday service, a strong time on this evenings final test has seen him gain back a position to climb back to 14th.
  • SS 7 Initial Times

    Rossetti finishes the final test of day-two with 4:46.1, Paul ANDREUCCI +4 sec and Craig 4.3

    Craigs comment after completing, "A beautiful day, not bad Im glad to be here to run."

    Class and Overall positions to follow
  • Final SS of Day2 to follow

    With just the final stage of day 2 to go Craig trails Rossetti by 35.9 seconds in Super 2000.

    That final blast around SOUTH BEND 2 9 kms is scheduled to begin 17.56hrs(CET)
  • Held up by car on SS6

    Craig complained of being held up by another competitor for a full circuit of the track on the rerun of the Grand Prix stage (32.5km). Craig and Seb posted a time of 16:34 .8, even with the hold up it was still three seconds faster then their previous run over the stage. Category leader Rossetti looks to have gone fastest with 16:23.6

    Overall times and Craig O/A position to follow
  • Seb Quote before SS6

    Great quote from Seb on twitter before the lads head out on the 32.5km SS6 "Brakes and transmission are warmed on axle stands, we sit in helmeted up and hot tyres bolted on at last second - then go!" #VaiVaiVai
  • Photo: 207 in Service

    Photo: 207 in Service
  • At last..........

    At last we have some times coming in on SS6 the penultimate test of today.

    Its a rerun of the Grand Prix stage and is 32.5 kms long.

    Andrea Nucita is currently setting the pace with 17:06 .3 but times will get faster with the field running in reverse order
  • Overall Battle After SS5

    As we wait for the times to come on SS6, lets have a quick look at the battle for Overall positions.

    After SS5 - Top Five

    1. Dani Sordo 35:21.5
    2. Valentino Rossi +2.3
    3. Capello Rinaldo +4.7
    4. Alessandro PERICO +25.7
    5. Piero Longhi +26.9
  • SS5 details

    After SS5 the Super 2000 class looks like this...

    On the stage - Rossetti fastest

    S2000 Top 3

    2.Breen +24.7
    3.Bosca +47.2
  • SS5 - CIRCUIT 2

    Craig continues 2nd in S2000 but has dropped to 15th overall all.
  • Video: SS3 Highlights

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  • Interview after SS4

  • SS4 Times & News

    Craigs time for SS4 was 16:37.4 and was 14th fastest overall and third in S2000. He remains 2nd in S2000.

    Super 2000 class: Rossetti wins the stage from 13.4sec Bosca, with Craig third a further 4 seconds away.

    Andreucci who was third overnight had to stop in the stage, no info on his problem.

    Craig said that conditions were more dry than he expected.

    Super 2000 Top 4 after SS4
    1.Rossetti 2.Breen +20.0 3. Bosca +43.0
  • SS3 info

    Craig has completed SS3 MONZA 1 and set a time of 5:22.4

    Class leader Luca Rossetti has also been out on track and went 2.8 sec faster to extend his lead.

    After the stage Craig said his tyres were a little soft but for todays opening stage not to bad.

    Complete overall and class times to follow.
  • Photo: Mr Movember

    Photo: Mr Movember
  • Photo: The Grid

    Photo: The Grid
  • Photo: Sat Morning on Track

    Photo: Sat Morning on Track

    You can also form the action LIVE on the following links:

    Live Stage Times
    Competitor Tracking

    Event Website

  • Day Two LIVE!

    Hi and welcome to the DAY TWO action from the 2013 Monza Rally Show. After yesterdays DAY 1 where 2 stages were completed Craig is lying 12 overall and 2nd in the S2000 Class, 10 seconds away from Luca Rossetti.

    During today we will have updates from each of the five stages and interviews from Craig. For this event Craig is partnered by Sebastian Marshal
  • Saturday Schedule

    Day Two of the Rally Show consists of five stages ***All Times Listed are CET***

    SS 1. Monza 1 - 8.55 hrs
    SS 2. Grand Prix 1 - 11.08 hrs
    SS 3. Circuit 2 - 13.38 hrs
    SS 4. Crand Prix 2 - 15.51 hrs
    SS 5. South Bend 2 - 18.21 hrs

    Start Order to follow when available
  • End of Day1 Interview

  • 12 O/A after END of ONE

    Craig and Seb end day one 2nd in S2000 and 12th Overall

    Craigs comment after stage 2, Its always hard when you are driving on a new track for the first time but I am learning.

    On the stage Craig set 14th fastest on the stage with a time of 5:01.4

    S2000 Class leader Luca Rossetti set a time of 4:57.4 to pull out that 10 sec lead after two stages.
  • 12 O/A after SS2

    After stage 2 Craig and Seb still remain 2nd in S2000, 10 sec down on Rossetti.

    In the overall standings however the boys move up to 12 position.

    Super Class 2000:Top Five

    1.Rossetti - Skoda Fabia 2.Breen - PEUGEOT 207 +10.0 3.Andreucci - PEUGEOT 207 +10.7 4.Reduzzi - FIAT GRANDE PUNTO +18.2 5.Spataro - PEUGEOT 207 +20.7
  • Correction to O/A SS1

    After SS1 Craig and Seb move to 13th O/A after UZZENI Pierfranco was given a 10sec penalty, Craig remains 2nd in S2000.

    Craigs time for the stage was 5:09.3

    Dani Sordo set the pace on the stage with 4:50.5 driving a CITROEN DS3 WRC
  • Stage 1 S2000 Times

    After stage 1 Craig is second in class and 14th overall.

    Super Class 2000:Top Five
    1.Rossetti - Skoda Fabia
    2.Breen - PEUGEOT 207 +6.0
    3.Reduzzi - FIAT GRANDE PUNTO +7.7
    4.Andreucci - PEUGEOT 207+8.2
    5.Villa PEUGEOT 207 +9.6
  • Day 1 Live

    The action on Day 1 of the 2013 Monza Rally Show is LIVE.

    Craig has been out for his first run and reprted to have made a mistake at the first hairpin and dropped 3 or 4 seconds.

    Class times to follow
  • Shakedown

  • Friday Schedule

    Friday Schedule
  • Event Website & Entry List

    Event Website

    Event Entry List

  • Pre-Event Interview

  • Shakedown Incar

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  • Photo_Home for the Weekend

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