Donegal International Rally

21st June 2013 - 23rd June 2013

Event Updates

  • Craig Out of Rally

    Sad to report that Craig and Karl are out of rally. Car stopped on road section. faulty relay was the prob but by time it was discovered the GUYS were OTL. Craig is very disappointed as he wanted to push today and try to climb back to third in the National. The focus now turns to the ERC Geko Ypres Rally next weekend
  • Final Live in a few Minutes

    Most drivers away from service on full wets. Heavy rain on first stage this morning and reported standing water
  • Sunday Start List

    Updated Results

    Day Three - Start Times
  • Day Three Schedule

    Service Out - 11.30hrs

    SS 15 - 11.48hrs
    SS 16 - 12.33hrs
    SS 17 - 13.09hrs

    Service - 14.01hrs

    SS 18 - 14.49hrs
    SS 19 - 15.34hrs
    SS 20 - 16.10hrs

    Finish Ramp – 17.24hrs
  • 5th after day 2

    SS14 Mc Phillips FASTEST, M Kelly +1.5, Hethrington +5.8, F Kelly+9.1, Breen +9.2. There have been some problems with the Nationals timing on evening loop so times might change. As it stands M Kelly leads Nationals by 25.6sec over Mc Phillips, Craig 5th and leading class 13
  • SS13 times

    Times being posted for SS13 have Craig placed 5th but he and Karl will query their SS12 time.
  • SS11 damage

    SS11 damage
  • SS12 interview

  • SS12 Times

    Times showing up on leader board as having Craig down to 6th but there was a timing problem on the stage. Times to be confirmed!!
  • Service update

    damage report from SS11: knocked out tracking. changing rear diff now bearing issue. Very little panel damage
  • Prob with times on SS12

    Some confusion with times at the end of Gartan, SS12. International Rally leaders times just showing up now. National runners to follow....
  • leaderboard after SS11

    After SS11 Nat. 1 McPhilips 2 MKelly +2.8 3 FKelly +51.0 4 Breen +1:02.0 5 Heth’ton +1:03.3 6 Gallagher +1:05.5
  • Craig off SS11

    Manus Kelly fastest Mk2 on SS 11. 11secs faster than McPhilips. Breen in the wars with an off that has damaged the steering!
  • SS10 Cancelled

    Sadly the second run of knockalla was cancelled due to oil on the road
  • Fastest 2wd on SS9

    Craig sets his 1st fastest 2wd time of the weekend on SS9, remains third, gap between himself and frank Kelly is just 7.2sec

    Second run of knockalla next!
  • Up to 3th on SS8

    Breen has had a good start to day two moving up to 4th place in the Nation section on stage 7 and then on SS8 he moved into the top three. The time difference between Craig and 2 Wheel Drive category leader Gary McPhillips is 51.8 seconds.

    Craig has also extended his lead in class 13 and now holds a 22.6 second lead over Daniel Conaghan who has taken over the position from Paul Reid.

    The crews now in Millford service, six more stages remain today.
  • Craig starting SS8

  • Early Service Photo

    Early Service Photo
  • Condidtions on Knockalla

  • National Leaderboard

    After SS7

    1 McPhillips
    2 M. Kelly 10.5
    3 Wilton +23.2
    4 Breen +48.1
    5 Gallagher +49
  • Knockalla Weather Update

    Raining heavily now on knockalla
  • SS7 Craig on the move

    Seting 4th fastest time on SS7 Craig has jumped to 4th in 2WD moving ahead of Damian Gallagher and Frank Kelly on the stage. Knockalla next!!
  • Morning Everyone

    Rain sets the secne for day two, Interesting. SS7 is live, times to follow.....
  • Sat Start Times & Weather

    Day Two - Start Times

    Weather forecast states there’s rain on Friday night and intermittent rain on during Saturday. It’s going to be interesting.

    Full Saturday Weather Forecast for the Millford Area
  • Saturday Schedule

    SS 7 09.40hrs
    SS 8 10.18hrs

    Service 11.05hrs

    SS 9 12.04hrs
    SS 10 12.36hrs

    Service 13.20hrs

    SS 11 14.02hrs
    SS 12 14.37hrs

    Service 15.16hrs

    SS 13 16.18hrs
    SS 14 16.53hrs

    Service 17.35hrs

    Live Results
  • 6th overnight

    Subject to ratification Craig is 6th after the opening day. Full day one report to follow
  • SS5 details

    logistical problem caused SS5 to be cut, on we go now SS6 and the last of today
  • SS5 cancelled

    SS5 cancelled, crews on their way to SS6, Letterleague
  • SS 5 maybe cancelled

    Reports are coming in that SS5 could be cancelled. Back soon with details
  • back to 5th after SS4

    With no time for Manus Kelly on SS4, Craig and Karl are back up to 5th...still awaiting times to be updated.
  • National Cat after SS3

    National Cat after SS3
  • Fri Midday Service

    Fri Midday Service
  • Robert & Craig

    Robert & Craig
  • Rally Start

    Rally Start
  • End of opening loop

    As the crews reach the finish of SS3 and the end of the opening loop, Craig holds 6th position in the Nation Section and leads class 13. After been in 5th place after SS2 Frank Kelly over took Craig on the last test in the loop.

    National Section Leader board
    Gary McPhillips are out in front, Manus Kelly is in second place and Rodney Wilton is third. Craig and Karl 6th, 43.4 seconds down
  • 5th after SS2

    Craig looks to be starting to enjoy himself on SS2 and climbed to 5th in the National Cat. McPhillips continues to lead with Craig trailing by 21.6
  • SS 1 Times

    On the opening stage Craig and Karl were 10th fastest in the National Section 13.9 sec down on Gary mcPhillips who went quickest.
  • Friday Schedule

    Friday Schedule

    SS1 12.03hrs
    SS2 12.28hrs
    SS3 13.02hrs

    Service 13.28hrs

    SS4 14.38hrs
    SS5 15.03hrs
    SS6 15.37hrs

    Service 16.03hrs

    Entry List
  • Craig in relaxed mood

    Craig in relaxed mood
  • Scrutiny Photo

    Scrutiny Photo
  • All ready for SS1

    All ready for SS1
  • Scrutiny Interview (Art McCarrick) Interview with Craig in Scrutiny this afternoon

    Scrutiny Interview

    Logon to @Ditchslapblog
    over the weekend for some great reports and interviews
  • Preview from

    Art McCarrick gives a very interesting event preview on his Rallying Blog

    Donegal International Rally Preview

    Main contenders, Group N, and of course the National Section
  • iRally Pre Rally Interview

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