Rally of the Lakes

3rd May 2013 - 5th May 2013

Rally of the Lakes
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Event Updates

  • Incar SS7

  • Disappointment on the Gap

    There was disappointment for Craig and Paul as the rally resumed this morning with special stage eight Molls Gap. The crew were about 4km into the stage when they had a mechanial problem with there Mk2 Escort. The problem is a suspected head gasket. Both Craig and Paul are very disappointed for the rally to end this way after having a great run yesterday.
  • Day 2 Start List/Ininerary

    Sunday Start List

    Sunday Itinerary

  • After Ss4

    At service after SS4. Craig is now the leading 2WD, Fergus O Meara +2.7 sec also in a MK 2. Overall 1.ORiordan 2.Jennings 3.Kelly with Craig 8th
  • Breen_Nagle Clan in Service

    Breen_Nagle Clan in Service
  • Craig on the startline SS3

    Craig on the startline SS3
  • SS2 interview

  • SS1 times

    After the opening Molls Gap stage on the 2013 Rally of the Lakes, Craig Breen is fifth in the National section and second in class 13, 25 seconds down on Roy White who leads. Breen driving the Suirway Forklifts Mk2 Escort set a time of 9 minutes 9 seconds but complained of a small misfire during the stage and he wasn’t able to drive the car in the correct gear but all in all was happy
  • Craig, James & Paul

    Craig, James & Paul
  • Ceremonial Start Ramp

    Ceremonial Start Ramp
  • Live Results

    Live Results www.harcon.ie/

    Ditchslapped Rally Updates

  • Saturday Stage Schedule

    SS 1 Molls Gap 09.00

    Service A 10.30

    SS 2 Gortnagane 11.28
    SS 3 Banard 12.13
    SS 4 Knockacullig 13.03

    Service B 13.36

    SS 5 Gortnagane 15.18
    SS 6 Banard 16.03
    SS 7 Knockacullig 16.53

    Service C 17.26
  • Link to Test Photos

    Mk11 Test Photo Gallery

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