Rallye Azores

25th April 2013 - 28th April 2013

Based on the Atlantic archipelago’s largest island of São Miguel, the event is famous for its stunning countryside and narrow and undulating gravel stages. Changeable weather is also a big factor with rain and fog adding to the challenge facing crews. The event begins with the non-competitive City Stage in host town Ponta Delgada on the night of Wednesday 24 April followed by the Qualifying Stage on Thursday morning, which will be used to determine the starting positions amongst the ERC and FIA priority drivers for the first of three legs on Thursday afternoon. Eurosport and RTP Açores will show both runs of Sete Cidades and Tronqueira live. 

Event Updates

  • 2nd for Craig

    Craig completes a hat trick of 2nd place finishes in the ERC this season. Well done Craig and at the finish Craig had a word for his Mum as today is her Birthday. Happy Birthday Jackie
  • SS18

    Time to bring it home...

    Kopecky extends lead to 26.7 seconds on the penultimate

    Craig at stage end, "We just got through that one. We need to be clever again. Of course I tried to push very hard this morning. Nothing stupid, but for sure we were pushing. Its all very well racking up these 2nd places, 2nd is getting monotenious. I want to win."
  • SS17

    SS17 8.27km Kopecky FASTEST, Breen +2.2, Moura +5.1, Ancian +9.2, Kopecky stretches lead to 23secs
  • Final run to Finish

    The final 3 stages are about to begin. 20.8sec is gap between Jan and Craig.
  • SS15 Craig hits rock

    SS15 6.14km Craig hits a rock in the stage. Kopecky FASTEST, Ancian +2.5, Kubica +3.3, Moura +3.4, Breen +3.5, Magalhaes +11.2 Super Special up next.
  • SS14 interview

  • SS14 Smoke in the Car

    Craig and Jan were neck and neck over the stage. The gap is now 15.1 with 2 stages still before service.

    Craig is still reporting smoke coming into the car and making it hard on both Paul to call the notes and hard on him to drive
  • SS13 Interview

  • Day 3 Live

    Heavy fog again as day three begins. Kopecky pulls another 2.6 sec on Craig over the 20.8km stage. Difference between the two now is 15.7sec
  • can you spot the spy

    can you spot the spy
  • Day Two Footage

  • HomeSupport

  • Day 3 Schedule

    07:55 Service F

    09:21 SS 13 Graminhais 1 20.82km
    10:21 SS 14 Tronqueira 1 21.33km
    11:26 SS 15 São Brás - Vila Franca 2 16.18km
    12:33 SSS 16 Grupo Marques 2 2.2km

    13:43 Service G

    15:14 SS 17 Lomba da Maia 8.27km
    16:06 SS 18 Graminhais 2 20.82km
    17:06 SS 19 Tronqueira 2 21.33km

    18:58 Service H
  • SS9

    Craig narrowed the gap to Kopecky by taking a second out of him on the stage. the gap is now 15.4, three more stages today
  • SS 9 live

    SS9 in progress
  • Eurosport SS8 Interview

  • BIG change on SS8

    Bad fog moving in for some drivers with Craig reporting zero visibility in places. Sousa FASTEST, Magalhaes +22.9, Breen +31.0, Moura 32.1, Kopecky +36.8, Kubica loses over a minute and drops to 6th O/A, Kopecky now leads by 16.4secs over Craig. SERVICE NOW
  • Puncture yet again

    Breen & Kubica Puncture. Kopecky FASTEST Moura +5.3, Kubica +6.2 Sousa +8.8 , Craig +16.8
  • Very Close on SS6

    Only a second divided the top the on SS6, positions study the same.
  • 3rd after SS5

    Day 2 of ERC Rallye Azores. SS5 7.91km Kubica FASTEST, Kopecky +1.3, Breen +3.7, Moura +5.2, Ancian +6.9sec. Craig back up to third.

    You can see Craig in action LIVE on SS7 13:00hrs-13:30hrs on www.fiaerc.com SS8 13:30hrs-14:30hrs on Eurosport, Eurosport player & RTP Azores
  • ERC TV Spectacular

    Today, two stages will be shown live on Eurosport, Eurosport Player and RTP Açores, with two stages also streamed live on the official ERC website, www.fiaerc.com, a first for the ERC.

    The full live broadcast schedule is as follows:
    SS7: Feteiras 1 (7.54kms): 14:00hrs-14:30hrs (www.fiaerc.com)
    SS8: Sete Cidades 1 (23.97kms): 14:30hrs-15:30hrs (Eurosport, RTP Açores)
    SS11: Feteiras 2 (7.54kms): 18:30hrs-19:00hrs (www.fiaerc.com)
    SS12: Sete Cidades 2 (23.97kms): 19:00hrs-20:00hrs (Eurosport, RTP Açores)
  • Friday Schedule

    10:10 Service C

    10:50 SS 5 Lagoa 2 7.91km
    11:14 SS 6 Batalha Golfe 1 7.86km
    12:04 SS 7 Feteiras 1 7.54km
    12:36 SS 8 Sete Cidades 1 23.97km

    13:55 Service D

    15:04 SS 9 Coroa da Mata 2 8.25km
    15:44 SS 10Batalha Golfe 2 7.86km
    16:34 SS 11Feteiras 2 7.54km
    17:06 SS 12Sete Cidades 2 23.97km

    18:04 Service E
  • SS4

    Craig 4th overnight and confident for a push tomorrow.
  • SS4

    Craig 4th overnight and confident for a push tomorrow.
  • SS3

    After picking up a punture on SS3 Craig decided to drive with a controlled pace on SS4. He is now 4th O/A 9.5 sec behind Kubica who leads
  • Craig 2nd on SS2

    Kubica FASTEST, Breen +2.2, Moura +3.6, Kopecky +7.4

    Craig happy but admitted to being a bit sloppy in places
  • Day 1 start order

    Raoux, Cerny, Wallenwein, Magalhaes, Moura, Sousa, Breen, Kopecky, Ancian, Kubica
  • Revised day 1 Schedule

    SS1 Cancelled, SS2 Shortened, more news as it comes in
  • Qualifying SS Results

    Qualifying Stage result: Kubica, Ancian, Kopecky, Craig.

    Road order selection for opening days stages in an hour.
  • City Slicker Craig

    Craig will start this morning’s Qualifying Stage with a psychological advantage over his FIA European Rally Championship rivals after he topped the times on the City Show last night.

    Although the stage on Ponta Delgada’s seafront won’t count towards the final results, The Peugeot Rally Academy number one nevertheless set a stunning pace in his Peugeot 207 Super 2000.

    Roared on by thousands of spectators in damp and windy conditions, Breen recorded a time of 1m37.1s with ERC Production Car Cup ace Jaroslav Orsák impressing with the second fastest time in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX R4. The Czech stopped the clocks in a time of 1m42.5s.

    Ex-Formula One racer Robert Kubica was next up on a 1m43.3s ERC title leader Jan Kopecký, who was 0.3s behind the Citroën-driving Pole.
  • Thursday Schedule

    08:30 Shakedown

    10:00 QS Qualifying Stage

    11:00 Shakedown

    14:35 Service A

    15:29 SS 1 Coroa da Mata 1 8.25 km

    16:02 SS 2 São Brás - Vila Franca 1 16.18 km

    16:52 SS 3 Lagoa 1 7.91 km

    17:20 SSS 4 Grupo Marques 1 2.2 km

    17:50 Service B
  • Craig confident after test

    Craig said he wasn’t surprised that he was able to make “big strides” during a pre-event test ahead of round four of the FIA European Rally Championship this week.

    He sampled his Peugeot Rally Academy 207 Super 2000 on gravel for the first time during a pre-rally test session on Monday, “It was my first time driving the car on gravel and I was really happy with how the it behaved. I won’t say I was surprised because I knew it would be good but everything worked really well and we made some big strides with the set-up of the car. Everyone was working really hard – it was one of those days when you change something it’s better and you don’t have to go round in circles trying to find a solution. The weather was not perfect but it looks like it will be the same for the rally.”

    Breen has never competed in the Açores before and said the test had provided a timely confidence boost. “It was a bit of an unknown quantity coming here,” said the Irish ace. “I didn’t know what to expect from the car or the rally and I’m feeling a hell of a lot more confident now.”
  • Entry List/Itinerary

    Entry List

    Event Itinerary

  • five facts

    The FIA European Rally Championship is back in action on SATA Rallye Açores from 25-27 April. Here are five facts about the mid-Atlantic archipelago and its famous gravel rally.

    1: The Açores archipelago, which lies approximately equidistant between Lisbon and New York in the Atlantic Ocean, consists of nine islands formed from a series of volcanic eruptions. São Miguel to the southeast, where the rally is based, is the biggest at 747 km2, while Corvo, to the northwest is the smallest at 17km2.

    2: Known as the Green Island due its lush and fertile landscape, São Miguel is famous for its changeable weather with sunshine one minute and rain the next.

    3: Ricardo Moura might be a multiple Azorean champion but he’s never won his home event, which ran for the first time in 1965 and takes place for a 48th time this season. Now armed with a ŠKODA Fabia Super 2000 he has his best chance, however.

    4: Azorean menus are big on fish and seafood with barnacle a particular delicacy. It wouldn’t be unheard of to start a meal with a dish of local mashed red peppers and cheese.

    5: While the event has never enjoyed full European Rally Championship billing before, it did achieve coefficient 2 status in 1992.
  • Event Preview - part3

    Forty-two cars, including 13 eligible for the Super 2000 category, will do battle for FIA European Rally Championship glory on SATA Rallye Açores from 25-27 April.

    Czech Republic’s Jan Kopecký, who leads the standings on the back of wins in Austria and Spain is the top seed for ŠKODA Motorsport followed by Peugeot Rally Academy’s Irish talent Craig Breen and promising Czech privateer Jan Černý in a Fabia S2000.

    Robert Kubica from Poland, who is making his first start in the ERC on gravel, is next up in his Citroën DS3 RRC with Frenchman Bryan Bouffier the fifth seed in a Peugeot 207 S2000. Ricardo Moura, the multiple Azorean champion, switches from his familiar Mitsubishi Lancer to a Fabia S2000. He’s the sixth seed ahead of German champion Mark Wallenwein and Portuguese Peugeot ace Bruno Mãgalhaes, a double Açores winner.

    Seeded nine, Jérémi Ancian will be driving his 207 on gravel for the first time, while the highly capable Bernado Sousa has a Ford Fiesta RRC at his disposal. Jean-Michel Raoux makes his long-awaited ERC debut in a 207 and is seeded 11.
  • Event Preview - part2

    Back on gravel following the all-asphalt round in Gran Canaria last month, the ERC runners will face 19 stages through some truly spectacular scenery and lush countryside. Covering a competitive distance of 240.79 kilometres, the roads on the island of São Miguel are characterised by their sandy surface and narrow nature.

    Undulating and with stone walls lining large sections, there is simply no margin for error, particularly on the Sete Cidades stage, which includes a charge along the rim of a volcanic crater lake. With a changeable climate, tyre choice and car set-up can play a key role as can road position, which will be determined by the outcome of the Qualifying Stage on Thursday morning.

    Taking place on a 3.27-kilometre stage, the 11 FIA and ERC priority drivers will get two practice runs before their sole timed effort. The fastest driver will earn the right to choose their starting position first followed by the second quickest and so on until all drivers have selected their road order. The remaining 31 competitors will start the rally in number order. Fans attending the event will get an early glimpse of their ERC heroes with the City Show, a non-competitive run over a temporary course on the streets of host-town Ponta Delgada on Wednesday night. The event follows the popular ceremonial start from 20:30hrs local time.

    Thursday’s route features four stages and concludes with the 2.20-kilometre Grupo Marques Super Special Stage constructed in a quarry where drivers compete against each other in pairs. On Friday, crews head to the west of São Miguel for eight stages with a further seven to the east on Saturday, the longest day of the rally at 111.15 kilometres.
  • Event Preview - part1

    There will be serious competition ahead when the FIA European Rally Championship resumes on the Açores archipelago in the mid-Atlantic next week – and some serious live coverage too.

    Four stages will be shown live on Eurosport and RTP Açores with a further two stages streamed as they happen and free-of-charge on the ERC’s official website, www.fiaerc.com. And with a star-studded line-up taking part – including Formula One race winner Robert Kubica and current ERC title-leader Jan Kopecký – the action will be too good to miss.

    The ground-breaking coverage, produced by ERC promoter Eurosport Events, will total five hours and feature stunning images captured by a helicopter-mounted Cineflex camera, 10 in-car cameras and static cameras at the stage starts and finishes. SimulCam, which was pioneered for use in rallying by Eurosport and allows the viewer to compare the performances of two drivers on a section of a stage at the same time, will also be used during the live broadcasts.

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