Rally Liepaja-Ventspils

1st February 2013 - 3rd February 2012

Rally Liepaja-Ventspils
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The second round of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship will take place from 1st till 3rd February in Latvia, and will be organized by the Association RA Motosport. Rally Liepāja-Ventspils will also host the first two rounds of the 2013 Latvian Rally Championship. Along the snow/ice-covered roads of Kurzeme region both the foreign and the local sportsmen in three days of rally will have to cover stages with the total length of 240 km.

Starting from 2013 the sportive format of the FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) will undergo significant changes. With the decision of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) the organization of the Championship in the next 10 years has been assigned to the Eurosport Events — it has developed the successful project Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC), which can be considered the second most remarkable rally championship in the world. From now on these two championships (ERC and IRC) will be merged, basing on the IRC format, and will provide a remarkable and exciting rally season for spectators.

The 2013 FIA European Rally Championship calendar will contain 13 rounds and will be run on all types of surface – asphalt, gravel, and snow. The season will start with Jännerrallye, held from 3rd till 5th January in Austria, and will be followed by the pure winter rally in Latvia. Rally Liepāja-Ventspils is going to be on of two winter rallies, and the only one to be run with studded tires.

It is planned that the first teams will arrive in Latvia already on 29th January, to get used to local weather conditions and properly prepare for a succesful start. The official start will be given and the first stages of the Rally Liepāja-Ventspils will be covered on 1st February in the Liepāja neighbourhood. During the second day the Rally will slowly advance towards the North, and the day will be concluded nearby Ventspils. However the final rally day will be spent in the Ventspils neighbourhood and the Awarding Ceremony will be held there as well.

Spectators will be able to follow Rally Liepāja-Ventspils not only at the event venue, but also in the Eurosport channel in 59 countries — at the end of each rally day broadcast about the Latvian round will be relayed, and on Tuesday it will be possible to see the event summary. In addition in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia these broadcasts will be retranslated in TV6.

Event Updates

  • Event Video Highlights

    Day 1 - Part 1/2

    Day 1 - Part 2/2

    Day 2 - Part 1/2

    Day 2 - Part 2/2

  • RTE 2FM GameON Interview

  • Craig's Post Event Interview

  • Final Stage Interview

  • 2nd O/A for Craig

    Craig has completed the final stages and has taken provisional 2nd place overall.
  • SS14 Interview

  • SS14 all ok

    Craig clear and all ok on SS14
  • SS13 Interview

  • SS13

    Lucky 13 for Craig as he is clear of the test on 11:36.8 and is now driving for second place and a points scoring finish
  • Sunday Service

    Sunday Service
  • Good news from Service

    The news from remote service is that Craig's 207 has been repaired and he is able to continue.
  • SS12 Kuldīga 1 (26.34 km)

    Craig sets 14:16.8 and Jari 14:11.4 gap now with 19.5 but there's a problem with the car
  • SS11 Interview

  • SS11 Swecon 1 (21.34 km)

    Both Craig and Jari complain of changes to stage setup from recce. Craig sets 11:51.5 and Jari sets 11:49.7

    The gap between the two now is 14.1 sec
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10 no change @ top

    Craig at the end of SS10, "WE were on the limiter all the way." and as the times come in Craig sets 4:53.9 and Jari sets 4:53.7

    SS11 Swecon 1 comes next and is 21.34km
  • Breen's Boss Speaks

    Craig Breen’s team boss says his star driver will settle for second place on Rally Liepāja-Ventspils if he’s not in touching distance after this morning’s loop of three stages.

    Breen starts the final leg of the FIA European Rally Championship counter a little more than 12 seconds adrift of Saturday pacesetter Jari Ketomaa following an impressive performance on only his third winter rally.

    “We never expected to win here because we know that the Ford is faster on the straight sections, 30kph faster than the 207 in fact,” said Peugeot Rally Academy-Saintéloc Team Manager Vincent Ducher. “It’s why yesterday we lost a lot of time and we will see today during the first loop if he can catch him or not. If we cannot catch Ketomaa on the first loop we will finish the rally like that because to finish second is better than nothing. The championship is long.”
  • Moynihan Sun Stage Guide

    SS10: Ventbunkers 2 (Alsunga), 10.42 kilometres
    David Moynihan says: “This stage starts in a very twisty section then goes onto a fast, wide road with lots of crests and hidden corners where the position of the car will be crucial.”

    SS11 and SS13: Swecon 1 (Īvande), 21.34 kilometres
    David Moynihan says: “A very fast and flowing stage, which was almost full gravel and slush during the recce. The start is very narrow and quite tricky then it’s a left onto a main road and it becomes very fast. The final section is also very fast but on a soft ground so it’s very tricky to work with.”

    SS12 and SS14: Kuldīga 1 (Mežvalde), 26.34 kilometres
    David Moynihan says: “This is the longest stage of the rally and it will be the final proper stage of Sunday before we tackle the superspecial one last time. It’s mostly in the forest on a medium-width road with a few surface changes but there’s one narrow lane where it’s easy to get caught out with punctures or by slipping off the road. There’s no room for error.”

    SS15: Ventspils kains 2, 3.40 kilometres
    David Moynihan says: “This has been designed specifically for the spectators and it allows them to get close to the action. It’s in a ski slope area and was quite rough in the recce with a lot of ruts.”
  • Final Day Live !

    Good morning folks, we are now live om the final morning here in Latvia.
  • Star Signing

    Star Signing
  • Day Three Schedule

    07:10 Service F Ventspils (15 min)

    08:30 SS10 Ventbunkers 2 (Alsunga) 10.42km
    09:00 SS11 Swecon 1 (Īvande) 21.34km
    10:10 SS12 Kuldīga 1 (Mežvalde) 26.34km

    11:25 Remote Service G Kuldīga (15 min)

    12:05 SS13 Swecon 2 (Īvande) 21.34
    13:15 SS14 Kuldīga 2 (Mežvalde) 26.34km
    15:00 SS15 Ventspils kains 1 (Ventspils) 3.40km

    15:20 Service H Ventspils (10 min)
  • Keeping the best till Last

    The FIA European Rally Championship’s first visit to Latvia concludes on Sunday with six special stages.

    And just to ensure there’s another day of high drama on the ice and snow-coated tests, organisers of Rally Liepāja-Ventspils have come up with one final twist. Rather than arrange a relaxed run to the finish in Ventspils, leg three’s route is the longest so far in terms of competitive distance covered.

    In total, crews will cover 109.18 kilometres of timed running on Sunday, having completed 92.05 kilometres on Saturday and 41.77 kilometres on Friday.

    Sunday’s first stage, Ventbunkers 2, goes live at 08:30hrs local time with the 26.34-kilometre Kuldīga test, the longest of the ERC qualifier, being run twice at 10:10hrs and 13:15hrs respectively.

    The finish in Ventspils is scheduled for 15:35hrs.
  • SS9 Interview

  • Craig ends day 2 in 2nd

    On the final stage today craig dropped another 5.1 sec and going into tomorrows final day he is now 12.1 behind Ketomaa. Stage interview and day report to follow
  • SS8 Interview

  • Clear of SS8

    dropped 5.5 but Craig was very happy at the end of the stage as he contained ketomaa and didn't drop as much as the first run through. Gap now is 7 seconds.
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7 Times

    Ketomma wins the stage and Craig is just .5 of asecond behind. Gap now is 1.5 seconds
  • Lets retake the Lead

    Lets retake the Lead
  • It's nice to Talk

    It's nice to Talk
  • Dave gets a French lesson

    Dave gets a French lesson
  • MID-DAY Sat Service Interview

  • 1st Sat Loop Complete

    Craig has dropped to 2nd place as Ketomaa takes his first fastest time. The gap between the two is 1 second. Service Now
  • Moynihan describes SS6

  • View all Rally Updates

    FIAERC Rally Liepāja - Ventspils as it unfolds on craigbreen.com

  • SS5 Interview

  • Five in a Row

    Craig fastest again...
    "We lost a lot of time in there, we hit a rock towards the end...I lost some confidence.. but all ok..."
  • SS4 Interview

  • 4 in a Row

    Craqig sets fastest time on SS4 to extend his lead to 10.1 sec
    Birthday boy on a Roll
  • Time to Compare

    It will be interesting this morning to compare the stage times of the opening SS4 test as it was run in the dark last night as SS3.

    Some SS3 times:
    Craig 9:44.6
    Delecour 9:47.4
    Ketomaa 9:48.0
  • ERC Boost

    The Peugeot Rally Academy-Saintéloc is the latest organisation to enter the FIA European Rally Championship for Teams, marking another significant boost for the new-look ERC.

    Peugeot, which has a long and successful history in rallying, remains at the forefront of the sport with sales of its 208 R2 topping 70 and testing of its all-new 208 Type R5 firmly on track.

    On Rally Liepāja-Ventspils, which resumes with stage four shortly, Craig Breen is leading in a 207 Super 2000 having gone fastest on all three stages run so far with François Delecour in third place and closing on second. Meanwhile, in the ERC 2WD Championship, Stéphane Lefebvre is excelling on his ERC debut by leading the two-wheel-drive division on the back of three stage wins.

    Explaining the decision to submit a registration for the overall and ERC 2WD teams’ championships, Peugeot Sport Director Bruno Famin said: “Since 2007, Peugeot has been a faithful supporter of Eurosport Events, the new promoter of the ERC and we would like to support the new European Rally Championship.

    “Our objective for this season is to prepare for the next one with the R5 regulation and the 208 and of course to promote the Peugeot Rally Academy with our three young drivers Craig Breen, Jérémi Ancian and Stéphane Lefebvre.”
  • Day 2 Start News

    @LVRally: TOP 12 drivers today will start in reverse order. First car in stages will be V. Gryazin
  • Happy Birthday Craig

    Birthday Boy Breen leads the way as Day-Two Begins

    Celebrating his twenty third Birthday, Peugeot Sport Academy – Sainteloc driver Craig Breen begins day-two of FIAERC Rally Liepāja-Ventspils with a 6.4 second advantage over Finnish rival Jari Ketomaa and a 12.1 second lead over seasoned professional and fellow Peugeot Rally Academy – Sainteloc team mate Francois Delecour.

    Craig set a blistering pace at the wheel of his Peugeot 207 Super 2000 to record fastest time on all three stages on what is his maiden event as Peugeot Sport factory driver.

    Breen the 2012 Super 2000 World Rally Champion was delighted with his days work, “I wasn’t taking any risks, just driving in the middle of the road. To be leading this rally after day one makes me so proud and I hope it’s the start of a fantastic journey. The conditions have been tough but I’m on cloud nine at the moment.”
  • Day Two Schedule

    All times are local, Ireland minus two hours

    0905 Service C Liepāja (15 min)

    1020 SS4 LDz Cargo 2 (Vecpils) 18.73km
    1055 SS5 Volkswagen 2 (Tebra) 16.88km
    1155 SS6 Neste Oil 1 (Edole) 21.31km

    1340 Service D Ventspils (30 min)

    1520 SS7 Ventbunkers 1 (Alsunga) 10.42km
    1555 SS8 Neste Oil 1 (Edole) 21.31km
    1720 SS9 Ventspils kains 1 (Ventspils) 3.40km

    1735 Flexi Service E Ventspils (45 min)
  • Moynihan Sat Stage Guide Part 2

    SS6 and SS8: Neste Oil 1 and 2 (Edole), 21.31 km
    David Moynihan says: “It’s very fast, very wide, with lots of long corners on the crests. There’s a section at the start, which is also used on stages 11 and 13. You turn off to the main road, very fast and wide with lots of frozen gravel. Craig liked this stage on the recce.”

    SS7: Ventbunkers 1 (Alsunga), 10.42 km
    David Moynihan says: “This stage starts in a very twisty section then goes onto a fast, wide road with lots of crests and hidden corners where the position of the car will be crucial.”

    SS9: Ventspils kains 1, 3.40 km David Moynihan says: “This has been designed specifically for the spectators and it allows them to get close to the action. It’s in a ski slope area and was quite rough in the recce with a lot of ruts.”
  • Moynihan Sat Stage Guide Part 1

    Co-driver David Moynihan (right), who along with driver Craig Breen lead Rally Liepāja-Ventspils following Friday’s opening leg, spoke to ERC Rally Radio’s Chris Rawes to guide you through Saturday’s stages.

    SS4: LDz Cargo 2 (Vecpils), 18.73 km
    David Moynihan says: “This stage starts alongside a field where it’s quite narrow. You then go onto a main road with chicanes to slow the average speed down so there’s more heavy braking. It’s very fast on a wide road with long corners over crests.”

    SS5: Volkswagen 2 (Tebra), 16.88 km
    David Moynihan says: “This stage starts on an autocross track before going onto a main road. The stages are very fast with lots of straights and heavy braking into junctions. It’s narrow at this point but still high speed in the forest and in the middle it gets a bit tricky. The last section is very fast with crests and hidden corners.”
  • SS3 Interview

  • Craig "Tops over Night"

    Irishman Craig Breen, in a Saintéloc Peugeot Rally Academy 207 Super 2000, leads the event by 6.4s with Jari Ketomaa next up in a Ford Fiesta RRC. François Delecour is third at the overnight halt in Liepāja, 5.7s behind Ketomaa, despite completing much of Friday evening’s final test with the door of his Peugeot refusing to close.

    “Even as a kid I had a dream of leading a rally like this,” said Breen, who was quickest on all three stages alongside co-driver David Moynihan. “I wasn’t taking any risks, just driving in the middle of the road. To be leading this rally into the night makes me so proud and I hope it’s the start of a fantastic journey. The conditions have been tough but I’m on cloud nine at the moment.”
  • SS3

    Craig fastest so far again on SS3, Craig at the end of stage," I just can't believe it. Everything is like the dream. I'm happy for this opportunity to be here and lead this rally is superb. Conditions are tough, but I like it."
  • SS2 Times

    Craig has carried his speed on to SS2 and he is fastest with 5 crews through. He has extended his lead over ketomaa to 3 sec with more times still coming in
  • SS1 times

    Top four Crews clear of SS1 and Craig fastest .3 ahead of Ketomaa, Great Start for Craig
  • Interview after Qualifying

  • Press Conference

    Question to Craig
    Welcome to Latvia, Craig, for the start of what is a big adventure for you in the FIA European Rally Championship. Tell us about your programme for 2013 and what it means to you to be a factory driver with Peugeot?

    “It’s really nice to be here in Latvia to begin our programme. It’s a big season for me this year as you said. I have eight events with Peugeot in the 207 Super 2000 and with Saintéloc Racing. It’s a really nice year ahead of me and I’m really looking forward to driving this rally in Latvia.”

    Question 2 You spent Tuesday testing in readiness for this event and you’ve also taken part in the Qualifying Stage. How confident are you for a strong result and do you feel under any pressure to deliver?

    CB: “The test on Tuesday was in full snow conditions and a lot of snow compared to today. It was my first time driving the Peugeot on any surface other than Tarmac so there were a lot of new things for me. The test went quite well and in the Qualifying Stage we were running on used tyres so we didn’t have so many studs in the rear. But we have a good road position now for the beginning of the rally and I am quite confident we can go well.”
  • Qualifying Update

    1. Ketomaa 2:44.8 2. Lukyanuk 2:45.6 3. Gryazin 2:46.5 4. Plangi 2:46.8 5. Švedas 2:48.0 6. Breen 2:49.3 7. Kisiels 2:50.1 8. Delecour 2:51.3 9. Černý 2:51.9 10. Orsák 2:56.7 11. Tlusťák 2:57.7 12.Puskádi 2:59.3
  • What Day 1 Looks Like

    The waiting is over as the action on Rally Liepāja-Ventspils, round two of the FIA European Rally Championship, finally gets underway today (Friday).

    Here’s a brief summary of what lies ahead for the leading crews competing in Latvia,All times local.CET is minus 1 hour, UK, Ireland Portugal minus 2 hours:

    08:00hrs: Free practice
    09:30hrs: Qualifying Stage
    13:00hrs: Starting position selection
    14:45hrs: Ceremonial start
    15:40hrs: Service A (Liepāja)
    17:10hrs: SS1: Rallyofchampions.com (Podnieki)
    17:45hrs: SS2: Volkswagen 1 (Tebra)
    18:45hrs: SS3: LDz Cargo 1 (Vecpils)
    20:13hrs: Service B (Liepāja)
  • Moynihans: Family Affair

    It’s fair to say that rallying is something of an obsession for the Moynihan family as David Moynihan, navigator to Craig Breen in the FIA European Rally Championship, explains.

    Moynihan is one part of a rally-mad family from Cork in the Republic of Ireland with fathers, uncles, sisters, brothers and cousins all involved in the sport.

    “My father Philip co-drove at international level, my sister Amy co-drives for my other sister Sarah, my cousins Liam and Colin both co-drive and my uncle John was a driver,” said Moynihan, who will co-drive Breen in a Saintéloc Peugeot Rally Academy 207 Super 2000 on this week’s Rally Liepāja-Ventspils. “We’re completely warped by the sport, we run businesses in it and I’m born and bred into it.”
  • Qualifying to signal Start

    Qualifying comes to the FIAERC in Latvia this week when Rally Liepāja-Ventspils hosts the first Qualifying Stage of the 2013 season. All five loose-surface events on the ERC calendar will feature a Qualifying Stage to determine the starting order of the nominated priority drivers for the first leg of the rally.

    At 09:30hrs local time on tomorrow (Feb 1) following a period of Free Practice, 12 priority crews get one run over a 5.89km course to set their best time. At 13:00hrs during the pre-event press conference, the quickest driver in qualifying will select their starting position leg one and so on until all drivers have made their selection. Non-priority drivers will start leg one in seeded order.
    The priority crews who will contest the Qualifying Stage are as follows:
    1 Ketomaa/Lindström (FIN) Ford Fiesta RRC

    2 Breen/Moynihan (IRL) Peugeot 207 S2000

    3 Delecour/Savignoni (FRA) Peugeot 207 S2000

    4 Černy/Kohout (CZE) ŠKODA Fabia S2000

    5 Tlusťák/Vyoral (CZE) ŠKODA Fabia S2000
6 Lukyanuk/Arnautov (RUS) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
7 Plangi/Sarapuu (EST) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X R4

    8 Orsák/Šmeidler (CZE) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

    9 Švedas/Sakalauskas (LIT) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

    10 Kisiels/Ronis (LAT) MINI John Cooper Works RRC

    11 Puskádi/Gódor (HUN) ŠKODA Fabia S2000

    12 Gryazin/Chumak (RUS) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX R4
  • Stages are a hit with Craig

    Craig says he’s a fan of the Rally Liepāja-Ventspils stages after completing reconnaissance for the FIA European Rally Championship round today.

    Breen, who has signed up for an eight-event ERC campaign with Saintéloc Peugeot Rally Academy, has driven through all eight different stages that will be used on the winter event to prepare his pacenotes with co-driver David Moyinhan.

    After returning to the event headquarters in Liepāja, the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 driver spoke to www.fiaerc.com: “They’re nice stages,” said the 22-year-old Irish talent. “The stages on Saturday and Sunday, which we did today, are more in the forests but they’re very fast in places but a bit more narrow. They have a nice flow to them, they’re undulating with rolling crests rather than sudden jumps.

    “The stages on Friday, which are closer to Liepāja, a more open and it’s easier to read the road although that will be quite difficult in the dark when you don’t have the landmarks visible. In general the roads are wide and fast, undulating with long corners on what is quite a sandy surface [underneath the ice]. It will be interesting to see how fast the Regional Rally Car and Group N cars will be compared to me because they won’t struggle for pace on the flowing sections.”
  • Weather Update

    Rally Liepāja-Ventspils organisers have received several enquiries about the weather conditions and the effect they might have on the rally schedule.

    Raimonds Strokšs, the rally director, said: “We have located several possible problem areas in stages but since the weather forecast says there will be more frost tonight we have not planned any changes to the rally schedule.” If for any reasons there will be any need to make any changes to the rally schedule, the organisers will immediately publish information on their website, the Twitter account @lvrally and on Kurzemes Radio.
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles

    Craig spoke to fiaerc.com yesterday about how it became interesting getting to the 208 R5 test last week.

    With heavy snow affecting air travel around parts of Europe last week, there was a moment when Craig Breen feared he wouldn’t get to his test with Peugeot Sport on time. That’s when he let the train take the strain as he explained to www.fiaerc.com

    “The snow was causing havoc, not just at home but also to lots of flights to various European airports,” said Breen, who spent four days last week testing Peugeot’s new 208 Type R5 along with co-driver David Moynihan. “We were meant to fly from Dublin to Nice but when that got cancelled we even looked at trying to get to Frankfurt to go from there. Eventually we got a flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle and from there we got a TGV down to the test in southern France. Everything turned out alright in the end – we were only a few hours late.”
  • Event Schedule

    All times local.CET is minus 1 hour, UK, Ireland Portugal minus 2 hours

    Day One - Friday Feb 1

    0800 Free Practice
    0930 Qualifying 5.89km
    1245 Start Position Selection

    1445 Ceremonial Start

    1540 Service A Liepāja (15 min)

    1710 SS1 Rallyofchampions.com (Podnieki) 6.16km
    1745 SS2 Volkswagen 1 (Tebra) 16.88km
    1845 SS3 LDz Cargo 1 (Vecpils) 18.73km

    2010 Flexi Service Liepāja (45 min)

    Total Friday 41.77km
  • ERC Rally Radio

    There's live broadcast coverage from Latvia on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as ERC Rally Radio presents all the excitement and news from this weekend's ERC Rally Liepāja-Ventspils.

    Greg Strange presents the programme, Julian Porter and Chris Rawes are live at the Stage Ends and in the Service Park: Mark Jones produces.

    ERC Rally Radio can be heard through www.fiaerc.com, through iRally and www.irallylive.com, through iTunes Radio, www.lvrally.com and www.rallyradio.com.

    Live on air from these times:

    Local: Friday 1 1645 Saturday February 2 1000 Sunday February 3 0800

    CET: Friday 1 1545 Saturday February 2 0900 Sunday February 3 0700

    UK & Ireland: Friday 1 1445 Saturday February 2 0800 Sunday February 3 0600
  • Eurosport Coverage

    British Eurosport is broadcasting as follows: all times UK, Ireland

    Saturday 2 Feb Highlights Day One: 2345-0015 (British Eurosport)

    Sunday 3 Feb Highlights Day One: 0700-0730 (British Eurosport 2)
    Sunday 3 Feb Highlights Day One: 1000-1030 (British Eurosport 2)

    Monday 4 Feb Rally Review: 0000-0030 (British Eurosport)
    Monday 4 Feb Rally Review: 0630-0730 (British Eurosport 2)
    Monday 4 Feb Rally Review (replay): 0730-0800 (British Eurosport)

    Tuesday 5 Feb Inside ERC: 2330-0000 (Eurosport)
  • iRally PRE Event Interview

  • Craig Chats

    Craig Interview on Event Website

  • Peugeot Academy

    Peugeot Sport Rally Academy - Press Release - PRE FIAERC Latvia

    English Version

    French Version

  • Entry List

    Entry List

  • Event Schedule

    15 over 3 days

    Stage distance:
    243.00 kilometres
    • 41.77 kilometres on leg one
    • 92.05 kilometres on leg two
    • 109.18 kilometres on leg three

    Liaison distance:
    609.07 kilometres

    Total distance:
    852.07 kilometres
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    Rally Liepāja - Ventspils

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