Rallye du Valais

7th November 2013 - 9th November 2013


Taking place in the mountains of southwest Switzerland close to Lake Geneva, the rally is the country’s most important motorsport event and is a regular on the ERC schedule. The rally uses challenging, narrow asphalt roads. Ice and snow can be a factor.

Event Updates

  • Rallye du Valais-Day 3 - Part 2

  • Rallye du Valais-Day 3 - Part 1

  • Rallye du Valais-Day 2 - Part 2

  • Rallye du Valais-Day 2 - Part 1

  • Rallye du Valais - Day 1

  • Peugeot Sport Event Report


    Between them, Peugeot 207 S2000 drivers Craig Breen and Jérémi Ancian notched up more stage victories than all their rivals on the 2013 Rallye International du Valais, with 12 wins and seven one-two finishes to their name after the weekend’s 18 tests. After leading early on, however, they were handed big time penalties for early arrival at the start of SS3, which relegated them to 16th and 28th positions overall respectively. Overcoming the disappointment, the two Peugeot Rally Academy drivers bounced back thanks to thrilling fight-backs to claim third and fourth spots at the finish. Meanwhile, Stéphane Lefebvre was on top in his class before dropping a minute-and-a-half on SS14 and ultimately retiring on the following test.

    Read Full Report Here
  • 3rd for Breen & Vanneste

    Peugeot Rally Academy’s Craig Breen has clinched his fifth ERC podium of the year on the season ending Rallye du Valais when he and his Belgium co driver Lara Vanneste claimed 3rd place today in Switzerland.

    Craigs comment after the final stage, "A podium was the aim, I set my sights high and to get back to the podium is very nice, a good way to finish the season. I cant wait for the first rally of next year and getting behind the wheel of the 208 T16, it will be a dream come true for me"

    Full Event Report to Follow
  • Final Stage Interview

  • 3rd Overall

    Craig finsihes the last stage in 3rd and we just wait now for the drivers to complete
  • SS17 Interview

  • SS17 Verbier 2

    Craig through the penultimate stage, Burri is still running. Final stage to go
  • SS16 Interview

  • SS16 Craig keeping the pace on

    Craig keeping working on SS16, two stages to go
  • Ss15 Interview

  • SS15 Come back Kid

    Some banter at the end of the stage with Craig and Chris Rawes from ERC Rally Radio. Craig sets 6:39.8

    We are still waiting for Vasily GRYAZIN and reports that Gryazin is out, so Craig moves up to 3rd and on to the podium
  • 14 min delay

    Official from fiaerc.com: Start of second loop with a 14 min delay - SS15 start at 13:49 CET
  • Photo: Sat Midday Service

    Photo: Sat Midday Service
  • Sat Service Interview

  • Craig up to 4th

    After a delay caused by Aigners accident, SS14 has been completed by the top drivers and with fastest time on the stage he is now up to 4th overall.
  • SS14 Interview

  • All ok for Craig on SS14

    Craig happy with time on SS14, he did complain of some brake problems for about 15kms in the stage. He sets 24:10.8

    Craigs time looks to be great but Andreas AIGNER is reported to have crashed out and now the stage looksa to be stopped.

    Great comment from Craig at the end, interview next
  • Photo: Craig Always Working

    Photo: Craig Always Working
  • SS14 Now LIVE

    Reports that SS14 is now live and Craig is just about to enter the test. Thsi will take a while for the cars to get to the end and the results on this one will go along way towards the final placings.
  • Small delay at Start of SS14

    Next up is SS14 Les Cols. Theis is the longest stage of the rally at 37.13km
    There appears to be a small delay at the start at the moment
  • SS13 Full Stage Time List

    Craig was 2nd fastest on SS13, this is after being fastest on both SS11 and SS12. Craig is up to 7th overall now but the gap to Nicolas ALTHAUS in 6th is only 3.1

    In turn the gap between Craigs Peugeot Rally Academy team mate Jeremi Ancian who is in 5th position is now just 10.8 seconds
  • SS13 Interview

  • Craig through on Verbier

    Craig has completed Verbier stage and sets 11:04.9, back with full list of times and interview next.
  • SS12 Interview

  • Craig through SS12

    Craig set fastest on SS12 to date at the end he said, "I thought I had a puncture, but it was a very wide section. I was a little bit cautious."

    Full stages times and interview next
  • SS12 Next

    Next stage, Bruson 1 (Le Chable - Champsec)and theres reports of rain. In fact; a quick up date on the weather. There was rain over night and it has made conditions very slippy.
  • Photo: All the Best Craig

    Photo: All the Best Craig
  • Photo: Final Check

    Photo: Final Check
  • Photo: Saturday Service

    Photo: Saturday Service
  • SS11 Interview

  • Happy with Run

    Craig reported to be happy at the end of SS11. He is fastest to date more crews to come in.His interview next
  • Final Day1Live

    We are NOW! LIVE with the final days action on Rallye du Valais and the final day of the championship for Craig. He and Lara are 5th on the road today. Back next with Craigs progress on the stage

    CERM SERVICE 08:30(All Times Listed are CET)

    11 Champex 1 (9.53 kms) 09:40
    12 Bruson 1 (16.96 kms) 10:25
    13 Verbier 1 (15.52 kms) 10:55
    14 Les Cols (37.13 kms) 11:35

    CERM SERVICE 12:40

    15 Champex 2 (9.53 kms) 13:35
    16 Bruson 2 (16.96 kms) 14:20
    17 Verbier 2 (15.52 kms) 14:50
    18 Col des Planches (25.15 kms) 15:30

    CERM FINISH 16:20
  • End of Day2 Interview

  • END of DAY2 & Up to 8th

    A Change in LUCK for CRAIG sees him climb to 8th by the finish of day-two.

    After incurring 2 minutes in time penalties for an error made by co driver Lara Vanneste and broken powersteering to date. Breen has had some better luck over this afternoon’s loop of four stages.

    Craig has been back on the pace over the quartet of tests and after being down as far 16th this morning the change in fortune has seen him climb back up to 8th position as day-two draws to a close.

    The rally resumes tomorrow for the final day and a total of eight stages.
  • SS8 Back on the pace

    With a clear run Craig and Lara are back on the pace over SS8 and are in better form this afternoon
  • Incar from fiaerc.com

    Onboard with Craig
  • SS7 Better Luck at Last

    Finally some good luck for Craig on SS7 where he posts 2nd fastest time.

    Craigs quote, "That was better but Ive not had a clean run through the stage like the others. Its a lot easier to drive the car for sure"
  • Craig exits Service

    Craig is just exiting miday service in Sion and reports his 207 S2000 is fully repaired. He and Lara are now on their way to SS7
  • Craig's Midday Service Inter

  • Service Interview with Ray Breen

  • SS6 Interview

  • End of Morning Loop

    Craigs comments, "I drove this stage completely with no powersteering. Its a disaster. There were so many hairpins. The car was all over the place. It was just a little bang on a white pole on the inside of a corner and it did enough damage to ruin my rally. Im trying everything, I know I can do it"
  • SS5 Interview

  • Continuing to lose time

    A deflated Craig continues to lose time with no powersteering on his Peugeot 207 S2000.

    "I drove this stage completely with no powersteering. Its a disaster. There were so many hairpins. The car was all over the place. It was just a little bang on a white pole on the inside of a corner and it did enough damage to ruin my rally. Im trying everything, I know I can do it"
  • Photo: SS4 Stage Action

    Photo: SS4 Stage Action
  • SS4 Interview

  • More Problems on SS4

    Craig comes to the end of the stage and reports he hit something early on in the test and broke the powersteering.
  • Day 2 Live

    We are LIVE with day 2 of Rallye du Valais and SS4 is running. Back soon with Craigs progress on the stage
  • Photo: Focused Craig

    Photo: Focused Craig
  • Photo: Fri Morning Service

    Photo: Fri Morning Service
  • Friday Start List

    With the time penalties incurred Craig and Lara are placed 16th overall as day two is set begin. The start order have them in 10th place when the stage action gets underway at 9:45 CET

    Friday Start List

    SION 09:00 (Times listed are CET)

    4 Vercorin 1 (26.58 kms) 09:45
    5 Veysonnaz 1 (13.62 kms) 10:55
    6 Nendaz 1 (12.08 kms) 11:15

    Sion SERVICE 12:40

    7 Vercorin 2 (26.58 kms) 13:40
    8 Veysonnaz 2 (13.62 kms) 14:50
    9 Nendaz 2 (12.08 kms) 15:10
    10 Les Casernes 2 (6.18 kms) 16:00
  • Penalty Imposed

    The 2 minute penalty that was initially enforced on Craig for being late to start on SS2 was indeed scrubbed as Craig reported at the end of SS3

    But due to Craigs co driver checking in at the time control early at the start of SS3 a 2 minute penalty has been incurred.

    Sufferng the 2 minute penalty Craig and Lara are now relagated to 16th position 1:55.2 down on new rally leader Andreas AIGNER.
  • Day1 Photo: Sion Service

    Day1 Photo: Sion Service
  • Day1 Photo: Rally Start

    Day1 Photo: Rally Start
  • Day1 Photo: 207 Hot Seat

    Day1 Photo: 207 Hot Seat
  • Day1 Photo: Last Minute Prep

    Day1 Photo: Last Minute Prep
  • Day1 Photo: No1 Seed

    Day1 Photo: No1 Seed
  • Unofficial leader after day 1

    Very tricky according to Craig on SS3, Lappi FASTEST, Orsak +8.5, Aigner +9.3, Ancian +11.8, Gryazin +13.9, Breen +16.9

    Although the results show Craig to be leading overall after leg 1 Both Craig and team mate Ancian have received time penalties for late arrival to stage two. This is currently being reviewed by the organisers so the positions remain provisional and subject to official confirmation.
  • Fastest again on SS2

    SS2 12.96km Craig reported a heavy wheel impact early in the stage but luckily got away with it. FASTEST from Ancien +5.3, Lappi +7.1, Aigner +8.1
  • SS1 Equal fastest

    Craig was equal fastest with his Peugeot Rally Academy team mate Jeremi Ancian.

    Craig reported the stage to be very slippy, totally not what he expected.

    Times: Breen / Ancian EQUAL FASTEST, Aigner +4.3, Burri +8.8, Gryazin +14.2, Lappi +18.3,OrsAjk +25.1, TlusAYAjk +30.4 BE PART OF THE DREAM www.cbrsupportersclub.com

    Start : SION 13:30 (All Times Listed are CET)

    1. Crans-Montana (11.66 kms) 14:15
    2. Anzère (12.96 kms) 15:15
    3. Les Casernes 1 (6.18 kms) 16:00

    Sion SERVICE 16:15


  • Peugeot Sport: Event Preview


    The Peugeot Rally Academy will field its full squad for the 54th Rallye International du Valais, the final round of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship. Peugeot 207 S2000s have been entered for Craig Breen and Jérémi Ancian, while Stéphane Lefebvre will drive a Peugeot 208 R2. The Peugeot 207 S2000 of Grégoire Hotz will benefit from the backing of Peugeot Switzerland.

    Craig Breen targeting victory
    With a score of four podium finishes from the seven ERC rounds he has contested to date, Craig Breen would love to wrap up his first complete European campaign with a win that would earn him the year’s runner-up honours. However, with Lara Vanneste sitting alongside in his SaintéLoc Racing-prepared 207 S2000 once more, the Irishman will be a newcomer to the stages which are set to the majestic backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

    Craig Breen: “I don’t have good memories of Poland or Sanremo, so my aim is obviously to end the year on a high note. The stages seem to suit the Peugeot 207 S2000 which won the Rallye du Valais in 2011 and 2012, as well as several other times when the event counted towards the IRC. We will have a test session in the region on Wednesday morning to optimise our set-up and we absolutely need to make the most of this opportunity to notch up a top finish.”

    Click Here to Read Full Release
  • Peugeot Sport

  • Craig: Top Seed

    The official entry list has been released for next weeks ERC season finale with Craig and Lara as the top seeds.

    Entry List

    Entry List Preview from fiaerc.com

    Preview from Event Website

  • Event Documents

    Event Program

    General Map

    Event Itinerary

    Leg 1 Map

    Leg 2 Map

    Leg 3 Map

  • Rallye International du Valais

    Switzerland - Asphalt 07-09 November 2013

    Taking place in the mountains of southwest Switzerland close to Lake Geneva, the 2013 ERC season-closer is based in Martigny and has been a regular on the European championship schedule for a number of years. First run in 1960 as a regularity event for competitors to discover the region’s wineries, the Rallye International du Valais tag was adopted in 1985 by which time the event had turned into major contest. Legends such as François Delecour, Juha Kankkunen and Jean Ragnotti have all sampled the challenging, narrow asphalt roads that characterise this event. Ice and snow can also be a factor.

    Event Website

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