Rallye Sanremo

11th October 2013 - 12th October 2013


With the action contained within a 25-hour window, a huge strain is placed on car and crew. The stages use narrow, mountainous roads and feature fast, flowing sections, frequent changes of rhythm and blind and open corners with rapid climbs and descents.

Event Updates

  • Ducher pays tribute to Craig

    Praise for Breen from team manager Ducher – Article from FIAERC.com

    Vincent Ducher, whose Saintéloc Racing concern manages the Peugeot Rally Academy in the FIA European Rally Championship, has praised lead driver Craig Breen’s performances and backed him to become a winner.

    Breen has four ERC podiums to his name this season and is currently locked in a close fight for the runner-up spot with fellow Peugeot 207 Super 2000 driver Bryan Bouffier heading into the season finale in Switzerland next month. However, he will start Rallye International du Valais on the back of two frustrating outings in Poland and Italy.

    “It’s very easy to work with him, he’s very professional and always motivated, never needing to be pushed,” said Ducher. “He can win rallies of course but he is still learning the events so it is not easy.”
  • Day 2 - Highlights

    View on YouTube
  • Day 1 - Highlights

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  • Peugeot Event Report


    The 2013 Rallye Sanremo turned out to be a drama-packed and highly emotional roller-coaster ride! The Peugeot Rally Academy lost Jérémi Ancian on SS3, and an ’off’ on Day 1 forced his team-mate Craig Breen to make use of the ‘Rally2’ ruling. Peugeot Italy’s Paolo Andreucci also went ‘off’ while leading. Despite this cascade of incidents, 207S2000 driver Giandomenico Basso went on to clinch the win and hand Peugeot its seventh Italian Manufacturers’ title.

    Read Full Report Here
  • SS11 End of Sanremo

    Craig has reached the end of the final stage and said "it was a weekend where luck was not on our side."
  • SS10 Interview

  • SS10 No Brakes

    On the penultimate test Craigs Sanremo bad luck continues as he lost his brakes 4km from the end of stage.
  • SS9 Interview

  • SS9 run to finish

    Craig sounded alot happier at the end of that stage after grtting the steering rack changed in service. Craigs time 13:41.1, which is 4 seconds quicker then this mornings run.

    Two more to go
  • Service Interview

  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8 Engine prob

    Drama as Craig spotted an oil light on the dashboard and had to put oil in the engine before contesting the stage. At the end of the the test he stated that he would make major changes to the car in service for the afternoon loop.
  • SS7 Interview

  • SS7 Handling Issue

    After reporting a front handling issue at the end of SS6 Craig reiterated the problem again on at the end of SS7. Currently Bouffier has set the fastest time, with Craig second fastest
  • SS 6 Times

    SS6 so far: Bouffier 13:41.3, Breen +4.0, Andreucci +4.1, Perico +8.0, Basso +13.5, Lappi +13.8, Albertini +16.1
  • Clarification of SuperRally

    To clarify Craigs position of taking part in todays action under SuperRally/Rally 2 - He is allowed to restart but will not be classified in the final overall classification and thus not be eligible for Championship points.
  • SS6 Interview

  • SS6 Craig's Time

    Craig through SS6 but at the end of the stage said the reason for not starting first on the road was the car would not fire up on the startline, we played around with the car and got it going and then decided to go third on the road.
  • SS6 Live

    Day 2 is live, Craig Breen has opted to go 3rd on the road
  • Saturday Stage Schedule

    Start : SANREMO 09:30

    6 Colle Langan 1 (19.93 kms) 10:59
    7 Passo Teglia 1 (21.85 kms) 11:34
    8 Colle dOggia 1 (20.73 kms) 12:22

    Sanremo Service 13:58

    9 Colle Langan 2 (19.93 kms) 15:36
    10 Passo Teglia 2 (21.85 kms) 16:09
    11 Colle dOggia 2 (20.73 kms) 16:53

    Sanremo Time Control 17:54

    SANREMO Finish Ramp 18:04
  • SuperRally it is

    Craig and Lara will restart in the morning under SuperRally and have vowed to go as fast as possible on leg two of Rallye Sanremo on Saturday.

    A gutted Craig said: “Something really strange happened and I’ll have to watch the on-board camera to see what it was. It was two dangerous to carry on and I didn’t want to ruin everybody else’s rally if I’d stopped on the final stage and blocked the road. Now I need to go and show some good speed tomorrow, that’s all I can do.”

    Breen and Lara will tackle Saturday’s six stages at the head of the field.
  • Hoping to SuperRally

    Craig is hoping to be able to Super Rally over the Saturday Stages but this will entail incurring a time penalty
  • Craig trying to continue

    Craig is working on the car after the finish of the SS4, trying to continue in the rally
  • Problem on SS4

    Craig reported that something broke on the rear of the car near the start of the stage and he hit a drain with the rear, this in turn broke the rear wheel so we stopped to change the wheel. But there is still a problem, I must check again now as Im not sure is the spare wheel broken again now. Im not sure how further we can go
  • Times starting to come in

    Rally leader Paolo ANDREUCCI sets 23:02.8 on Ronde part A, Craig yet to finish the stage.
  • Ronde part A live

    Stage 4, Ronde part A is now live. The top 10 cars are running at 2 minute intervals.

    For tonights two stages the cars have now been reseeded, so Craig is running fourth on the road.
  • Craig speaks about 1st loop

  • No easy rally, admits Lara

    Rallye Sanremo isn’t easy – just ask leading co-driver Lara Vanneste. The Belgian, who is partnering Craig for the second time in a Peugeot Rally Academy 207 Super 2000, says the Tarmac contest is the hardest event she’s tackled so far.

    Vanneste is a newcomer to the demanding asphalt stages in the hills above the seaside town, she said: “It’s a very difficult rally, the most difficult rally I have ever done concerning the pacenotes because there are so many corners and Craig has so much information in the pacenotes and just to read the notes in time is a big task. But I am mamanging and learning and already I did a big step compared to Poland, which was my first rally with Craig.”

  • SS3 Interview

  • Drama on SS3

    Craig complaining of a tyre problem. Basso stated the same issue with his tyres. Bouffier braked late and hit a barrier, drops 1 minute 10 seconds and the rally lead. Paolo ANDREUCCI (ITA) was feastest and goes into the rally lead. Craig +11.7. Service now
  • SS2 Times

    Craig 5th after stage 2 15.5sec down on rally leader Bryan Bouffier.
  • SS1 Interview

  • Craig's time on SS1

    Craig has set 9.16:3, Bouffier 9.10.2 Fastest todate. Craig said he felt emotional at the end of the stage. He was confident through that, but can recall being so scared starting this event last year.
  • Pre - Event Interview

  • Craig Confident

    Craig will start first on the road for day one of Rallye Sanremo. And the Peugeot Rally Academy driver says he’s full of confidence ahead of the asphalt event.

    Breen, who is competing in Sanremo for the second time, is one of 53 drivers tackling the legendary rally, which celebrates 55 years in 2013.

    He said: “I’m very confident, I’m in a really good frame of mind. The test went very well and shakedown went very well. It’s the same sort of feeling, if not better that I had in Corsica before the rally there earlier this season. I want to go for it this weekend.”
  • Tyre Change Practice

    Tyre Change Practice
  • friday Stage Schedule

    Start : SANREMO 14:00

    1. Coldirodi (14.34kms) 14:33
    2. Apricale (17.75kms) 15:01
    3. Vignai (20.40kms) 15:28

    Sanremo Service 20:18

    4. Ronde (33.87kms) 21:21
    5. Ronde B (20.40kms) 22:06

    Sanremo Service 23:10

    SANREMO 00:01
  • Shakedown Video

  • Today on Shakedown

    Today on Shakedown
  • Pre-Event Press Conference

    Drivers Present: Toshi Arai, Giandomenico Basso, Craig Breen, Hannes Danzinger and Umberto Scandola. Questions to & Answers from Craig

    Your second appearance in Sanremo following an impressive debut last season. What are the main lessons you learned and what can you achieve this year?
    CB: “For sure it’s a lot more comfortable for me having competed here before. Last year, especially in the recce, I was very nervous because it was my first time back in Italy after my crash on Targa Florio. Because of this I make my pacenotes very slow. But my confidence comes back step-by-step and I am a lot more confident this year for sure. The objective is to push very hard and we will see what that will bring us. For sure it will be a very difficult weekend.”

    As well as competing in the ERC as part of the Peugeot Rally Academy you have also been testing the Peugeot 208 T16 R5 car. How is this going and when will you be testing again?
    CB: “Since the beginning of this year we have been testing with the Peugeot 208 T16 and I’m very fortunate to be part of the development work of this new car. The R5 class is new for everybody – each team is finding their feet and the limit of the regulations. It’s very interesting to be involved and the testing is going really well. We have been driving on different surfaces and between now and Christmas we are planning a lot more development work so when it’s finished it will be the best car in the R5 class, that’s the objective. Also the heritage of the T16 name is very big and we plan to bring out a product that will match this name.”

    Full Conference Transcript
  • Ronde Revised

    Ronde revamp will still test ERC aces in Sanremo

    Rallye Sanremo’s famous Ronde night stage will still provide a tough test for car and crew alike when it’s used on Friday night.

    Originally scheduled for 55 kilometres to mark the FIA European Rally Championship counter’s 55th anniversary, the stage will now be run in two parts with a 500-metre liaison section in between.

    The first part, SS4 Ronde, will measure 33.87 kilometres with the second part, SS4 bis Ronde bis, covering a distance of 20.40 kilometres. There will be a 1.03-kilometre liaison section between the two runs.

    The change to the format follows consultation with the local police on the grounds of ensuring spectator safety.

    Despite the route tweak, the two sections of Ronde will combine to create a big challenge for crews contesting the penultimate round of the FIA European Rally Championship, with drivers and co-drivers getting very little respite between the two parts.
  • Thursday in Sanremo

    Rallye Sanremo, the penultimate round of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship, fires into life on tomorrow afternoon with the opening Coldirodi stage from 14:33hrs local time.

    Before then, however, crews took part in shakedown on a stage close to the famous village of San Romolo from 12:00hrs today where they finalised their car set-up.

    That will be followed at 17:30hrs by the pre-event press conference, which will be attended by Toshi Arai, Giandomenico Basso, Craig Breen, Hannes Danzinger and Umberto Scandola.
  • Ready to Battle

    Article from fiaerc.com – ‘Breen relishing battle with Italian legends’

    Craig says he can’t wait to go up against Paolo Andreucci and Giandomenico Basso on Rallye Sanremo this week.

    The Irishman is competing in Sanremo for the second time this weekend & rates the Italian veterans as the ultimate benchmark, particularly as they will also be driving Peugeot 207 Super 2000s on the legendary rally.

    “There’s a flock of 207s doing this event and it’s going to be good for me to see where I am in terms of pace against drivers like Andreucci and Basso [who won in 2010 and 2012 respectively],” said Breen, a member of the Peugeot Rally Academy. “We showed some good speed in Sanremo last year and I can’t wait to get started to find my marks again.”

    Breen, who will continue with new co-driver Lara Vanneste in Sanremo, was hampered by a spate of punctures when he took part on the event last season. He will be hoping for better fortune this year as he looks to overhaul Bryan Bouffier in the battle for the runner-up spot behind champion Jan Kopecký.

    Bouffier will also be Peugeot powered in Sanremo and is eight points ahead of Breen in the standings. However, unlike Breen, he didn’t get a pre-event test due to a lack of funding.

  • Ten reasons why… (Part3)

    8: Bouffier is back…
    Having won in Corsica and gone very closely to claiming top spot in Austria and Poland, French ace Bouffier is expected to deliver another pacey performance in his privateer Peugeot.

    9: … and so is Danzinger
    Although a spate of retirements has put Danzinger on the back foot of late, he was mighty on his Sanremo debut at the wheel of a Renault Clio R3 in 2012.

    10: It’s the stuff of legends
    Not only is Rallye Sanremo shapingup to be another epic battle for ERC glory, the event itself is steeped in motorsport history.
  • Ten reasons why… (Part2)

    5: Title winners aplenty at ŠKODA
    In terms of successful drivers it doesn’t get much better than ŠKODA’s Rallye Sanremo attack. In addition to European champion Jan Kopecký*, Umberto Scandola recently clinched the Italian crown while Esapekka Lappi secured the Finnish accolade in 2012. Kopecký, for the record, is just visiting Sanremo but plans to offer advice to event rookie Lappi.

    6: A fond farewell
    Rallye Sanremo will almost certainly mark Paolo Andreucci’s final appearance in the Peugeot 207 S2000 he used to dominate the Italian championship in the past. A new-generation R5-specification Peugeot 208 T16 is planned for 2013.

    7: Non-stop action
    Rallye Sanremo is a rally like no other with the competitive action contained in a period of just over 24 hours. It takes place in the hills above the Italian Riviera town and always produces plenty of drama.

  • Ten reasons why… (Part1)

    ERC will thrill SANREMO
    The FIA European Rally Championship is in Italy this week for the 55th running of Rallye Sanremo. Here are 10 reasons why the asphalt thriller in Liguria is not to be missed.

    1: There will be serious competition ahead
    With leading runners from the European and Italian championships in action the battle for victory will thrill from start to finish.

    2: ERC champions return
    Two former European champions will be competing in Sanremo. While double title winner Giandomenico Basso will be in contention for victory, Maurizio Verini, who took the ERC crown in 1975, will be intent on reaching the finish.

    3: Renault versus Subaru in ERC Production Car Cup
    The chase for success in the ERC Production Car Cup could be a straight fight between Renault and Subaru. Renault has Robert Consani and local hero Federico Gasparetti to call on with Subaru hoping for big things from Toshi Arai and Andreas Aigner.

    4: When second best is best
    Jan Kopecký might have sewn up the overall championship laurels* but a close battle remains alive for second place between Bryan Bouffier and Craig Breen. There’s only eight points in it – in Bouffier’s favour – and both drivers will be competing in Peugeot 207 Super 2000s.
  • Official Peugeot Event Preview

  • Interview with Bob Flavin

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  • Event Data


    Stage distance: 232.91 kilometres (107.89 kilometres on leg one, 125.02 kilometres on leg two)

    Liaison distance: 227.55 kilometres

    Total distance: 460.46 kilometres

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