Rally Poland

13th September 2013 - 29th September 2013


Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2013, the spectacular gravel rally is one of the oldest in the world. Running through Poland’s stunning lake district, base town Mikołajki hosts a popular superspecial.

Event Updates

  • SS13 Eurosport Coverage

  • 7th at the Finish

    As a consequence of yet another puncture on the 13th & final stage Craig and Lara finish 7th at the end of ERC Rally Poland
  • SS13 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • SS13 Craig home and dry

    Craig completes the final stage in 15:21.9 but suffers another puncture more times coming in.....
  • Eurosport Action

    As we watch the final stage live, there are some great footage being shown on Eurosport
  • SS13 Live!

    We are LIVE with the final stage of ERC Poland, tune in to Eurosport for live TV coverage
  • Rally Fans

    Rally Fans
  • SS12 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • SS12 Craig's Time

    Craig posts 8:41.1 which is 5sec quicker than his first run.
  • SS11 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • SS11 Craig's Time

    Craig sets 8.20 for the test which is 12 seconds quicker than his first run and from his interview he sounds pleased with his pace.
  • Final Loop Now Live

    We now live with the last three stages on ERC Poland. Its a rerun of this mornings loop. First up is Biskupiec at 15.58km, then we have Uzranki 15.14km and with finish with the 26kms of Mateuszek. This stage will be broadcast LIVE on Eurosport
  • SS10 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • SS10 Craig's Time

    Craig sets 15:15.2 but his bad luck continues as he picked up a rear puncture in the stage
  • SS9 Craig up to 6th

    After SS9 Craig has moved up to 6th position overall. More news is that we have a new rally leader as Kajetan KAJETANOWICZ has taken over at the head of the field. Bryan BOUFFIER reported to have a rear right damper.
  • SS9 Craig's Time

    Craig is through SS9 and sets 8:46.0, Quote: "We made the pace notes way too slow and I was not very confident in a lot of the fast sections. A couple of places (went wide)"
  • SS8 up to 7th

    With all the times in Craig recorded the 4th fastest time through SS8 and moved up to 7th overall
  • SS3 Eurosport Action

    View on YouTube
  • SS8 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • SS8 Craig Quote

    "I tried quite hard, I was uncommitted in some of the fast places, but I tried my best. I am sure it is something, but I cannot put my finger on it. Something is not quite right at the minute, I know it is there, I just need to find it."
  • SS8 Craig's Time

    Craig is 4th on the road and has set 8 min 32 sec. We still await the times for Kopecky ans Bouffier
  • Day 2 Live

    Early kick off this morning. The second and final day of ERC Rally Poland has just gone live!

    We have a long day ahead with six stages, three early this morning between now and 9am Irish time. There is a long break for service and the second loop gets underway then at 2pm. Again today we have 2 stages live on Eurosport.
  • Sunday Start List

    Sunday Start List

  • Sunday Timetable

    Start / Service: MIKOLAJKI 05:50

    SS8 Biskupiec 1 15.58 kms 07:05
    SS9 Uzranki 1 15.14 kms 08:17
    SS10 Mateuszek 1 26.02 kms 10:06

    Regroup / Service : Mikolajki 13:35

    SS11 Biskupiec 2 15.58 kms 15:05
    SS12 Uzranki 2 15.14 kms 16:17
    SS13 Mateuszek 2 26.02 kms 18:06

    Parc Fermé : MIKOLAJKI 19:40
  • Puncture on SS7

    On the final 25km evening stage Breen’s bad fortune continued when he picked up a puncture restricting his progress. As a result of the deflating tyre Craig lost over a minute along on that stage. At the end of the opening day Craig is in 8th position +2:04.7 down on Bouffier
  • SS7 Eurosport Live

    The day one action comes to a close and covered by Eurosport and is about to go live!
  • Afternoon Service Interview

  • SSS timess

    Robert Kubica set the pace over the super special, Craig set 11th fastest time and remains 6th O/A.
  • SSS Next

    Craig up to 6th after SS5. Mikolajki Super Special next
  • Polish Service Park Vid

  • SS5 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • Craig up's the pace

    Kopeckys sets his first fastest time. Craig +2.5
  • Rally Conditions

    Rally Conditions
  • Details from SS4

    Craig was 5.7 sec faster on the rerun of that test which was the opening test this morning. He still remains 7th overall +55.9sec down on Bouffier
  • Afternoon Loop Live

    The afternoon loop has gotten underway with SS4. Bryan Bouffier looks to have set the pace over the 6km test. Bouffiers time: 4:00.6 Craigs +8.7
  • Midday Service Interview

  • Craig's SS3 Eurosport Footag

  • SS3 Interim Times

    Currently Craig has set the 3rd fastest time over the very difficult 25km stage
  • Eurosport Action

    Great to live footage from the stages on Eurosport. Conditions are just unreal with so much mud and rain comtinuing to fall.
  • SS3 Live on Eurosport

    We are about to go live on Eurosport for SS3 Mragowo 1. The action goes live in 8 minutes
  • O/A Times After SS2

    1 B. BOUFFIER 10:32.6 2 K. KAJETANOWICZ +5.5 3 R. KUBICA +14.4 4 J. KOPECKY +18.5 5 M. SOLOWOW +18.9 6 K. HOLOWCZYC +20.9 7 C. BREEN +27.6
  • SS2 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • SS2 More Tough Conditions

    Bryan BOUFFIER sets the pace again on SS2 with 6:30.7, Craig was +14.5

    Overall Craig is +27.6 down on BOUFFIER. End of stage interview to follow
  • Service Area Image

    Service Area Image
  • SS1 Top 10

    1. Bryan BOUFFIER 4:01.9
    2. Kajetan KAJETANOWICZ +5.1
    3. Michal KOSCIUSZKO +5.4
    4. Jan KOPECKY +6.2
    5. Michal SOLOWOW +7.9
    6. Zbigniew STANISZEWSKI +8.3
    7. Krzysztof HOLOWCZYC +8.7
    8. Robert KUBICA +10.9
    9. Martin KANGUR +11.6
    10.Craig BREEN +12.4
  • SS1 ERC Rally Radio Interview

  • Stage 1 Times

    As times come in B Bouffier is currently fastest with 4:01.9 and Craig was +13.1

    Craig described the conditions as very very difficult. Stage ens interview to follow
  • ERC Poland Live

    Stage 1 in Poland is now live! Times to follow
  • Saturday Start List

    Saturday Start List

    Mobile Results Link on Your Phone


    Start : MIKOLAJKI 08:20

    1 Talty 1 (6.15 kms) 08:48
    2 Baranowo 1 (12.11 kms) 09:40
    3 Mragowo 1 (25.16 kms) 11:36

    Service A Mikolajki 13:22

    4 Talty 2 (6.15 kms) 14:10
    5 Baranowo 2 (12.11 kms) 15:02
    6 Mikolajki (2.50 kms) 16:11

    Service B Mikolajki 16:19

    7 Mragowo 2 (25.16 kms) 18:06

    Mikolajki 19:32

  • Leg 1 Road Selection

    Jan Kopecký will open the road on round nine of the FIA European Rally Championship, LOTOS 70 Rally Poland.

    Czech ace Kopecký, who tops the ERC standings on the back of five outright victories in his ŠKODA Fabia Super 2000, was the fourth driver to choose his starting position for Saturday’s opening leg based on the results of the Qualifying Stage, but opted to run at the head of the field alongside co-driver Pavel Dresler.

    Meanwhile, Polish hero Robert Kubica won the Qualifying Stage to earn the right to pick his road position first. However, he chose to start in fourth place in his Citroën DS3 RRC.

    Michał Kościuszko will start second in his new-generation Ford Fiesta R5 with triple Polish champion Bryan Bouffier third on the road in a Peugeot 207 S2000. Behind Kubica, Polish legend Krzysztof Hołowczyz goes fifth with Peugeot Rally Academy’s Craig Breen sixth, one place ahead of team-mate Jérémi Ancian.
  • Craig during qualifying

    Craig during qualifying
  • Qualifying Times Update

    Craig remarked he was not happy with his driving over the quailfying stage this evening. On the 2.50km test Craig set the eight fastest time and was +1.8 sec on Robert Kubica who went fastest.

    Qualifying Times

    The drivers will pick their repective starting positions for tomorrows leg 1 during tonights ceremonial start
  • Live Qualifying Times

    Live Qualifying Times

  • Pre-Event Rally Radio Interview

  • ERC Rally Radio live

    ERC Rally Radio will be broadcasting live from LOTOS 70 Rally Poland, round nine of the FIA European Rally Championship.

    With Chris Rawes and Neil Cole reporting live from the stage ends, Greg Strange hosting and Mark Jones producing, ERC Rally Radio will be on-air as follows:

    Friday 13 September: from 15:45hrs CET
    Saturday 14 September: from 08:30hrs CET
    Sunday 15 September: from 06:45hrs CET

    ERC Rally Radio is available through the ERC app or by clicking on the button at www.fiaerc.com.
  • Route Changes

    There will be serious competition ahead on round nine of the FIA European Rally Championship – just over a shorter distance than originally planned.

    Following heavy rain on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, sections of stages have been left damaged beyond immediate repair, prompting the organisers of LOTOS 70 Rally Poland to make a few modifications to the event itinerary.

    On Saturday 14 September, special stage one and four, Tałty, is cut from 14.54 kilometres to 6.15 kilometres. Baranowo, which forms stages two and five of the gravel rally, is trimmed from 17.51 kilometres to 12.11 kilometres. However, the length of Mrągowo, which counts as stage three and seven and will be shown live on Eurosport, is unchanged.

    The stages scheduled for Sunday 15 September are also unchanged, including the Mateuszek run, which will also be televised live on Eurosport.

    The changes made to Saturday’s itinerary means that the total competitive distance of LOTOS 70 Rally Poland falls from 230.40 kilometres to 202.82 kilometres. The revised itinerary can be found in Bulletins and Notices in the Calendar section of www.fiaerc.com.
  • Friday Schedule

    It’s a busy day in the FIA European Rally Championship with round nine, LOTOS 70 Rally Poland, getting underway with Free Practice and the Qualifying Stage.

    Here’s a summary of what lies ahead on Friday 13 September (all times are CET):

    09:00hrs: Additional reconnaissance of SS1/4 and SS2/5 due to Thursday’s adverse weather conditions
    12:00hrs: Free Practice (Mikołajki, 2.50 kilometres)
    14:00hrs: Publication of start list for Qualifying Stage
    16:00hrs: Qualifying Stage (Mikołajki, 2.50 kilometres)
    20:00hrs: Ceremonial Start (Place Wolności, Mikołajki)
    22:00hrs: Publication of start list for Leg One
  • Weather Forecast

    Rally Weather Forecast

  • Championship Standings

    Championship Standings before Rally Poland
  • Craig expects BIG battle!

    Craig told British newspaper Motorsport News this week that LOTOS 70 Rally Poland will produce the biggest battle for victory of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship season so far.

    The Peugeot Rally Academy star reckons as many as eight drivers can win the gravel event, which will enjoy live coverage on Eurosport and attract huge numbers of fans to its spectacular stages in the Mazurian Lake District.

    “Everywhere you look on the entry list, there are drivers who can win,” Irishman Breen told Motorsport News. “It’s amazing. We’re going to have our work cut out in the Super 2000 car to keep up with the Regional and R5 cars. I’ve never been to Poland before, but from what I’ve heard the stages are quite soft and this will suit the turbo cars with their torque. But I absolutely can’t wait to get to the start of this event. I’ve not competed for 10 weeks and I’m chomping at the bit.”
  • Stage Schedule

    Full Special Stage Schedule from www.rallymaps.com

    All times shown are CET

    ERC Rally Poland Itinerary
  • Entry List/Event Itinerary

    Event Entry list
    Event Intinery

  • Live Eurosport coverage of four

    Saturday 14 September
    Mragowo 1 (25.16kms): 11:30hrs-12:30hrs (Eurosport)
    Mragowo 2 (25.16kms): 18:00hrs-19:00hrs (Eurosport)

    Sunday 15 September
    Mateuszek 1 (26.02kms): 10:00hrs-11:00hrs (Eurosport)
    Mateuszek 2 (26.02kms): 18:00hrs-19:00hrs (Eurosport)

    * Timings are CET and subject to final confirmation
  • LOTOS 70th Rally Poland Poland

    Gravel 13-15 September 2013

    Location: Mikołajki , Poland

    13 (including four televised live on Eurosport)

    Stage distance:
    230.40 kilometres (116.92
    kilometres on leg one, kilometres on leg two)

    Liaison distance:
    421.46 kilometres

    Total distance:
    651.86 kilometres

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