Geko Ypres Rally

28th June 2013 - 29th June 2013

Geko Ypres Rally and Eurosport Events, the new ERC promoter, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a new agreement to ensure that the Geko Ypres Rally will be part of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship. The rally keeps its traditional spot on the calendar and will take place the last weekend of June. The Eurosport Group, which promotes the ERC through Eurosport Events, will once again be a privileged partner of the Geko Ypres Rally, and provide large-scale TV-coverage of the event taking place 27-29 June 2013.

Event Updates


    SS20 cancelled on safety grounds when the cars of Mikko Pajunen and Davy Vanneste caught fire and blocked the stage.

    Both crews were unharmed and event organisers have confirmed the results of the event have been declared after stage 19, Heuvelland. This means that Craig Breen, who lost time on the cancelled 20th stage stuck in a ditch, keeps his third place behind Bryan Bouffier.
  • Hectic final stage

    News just in; The final stage has been cancelled after Mikko Pajunen driving a fiesta S2000 went off and his car went on fire. Craig had his own problems as he also got stuck is a ditch but was able to get going again and finsih the stage. It is still to be confirmed that he claimed 3rd place.
  • SS19 Interview

  • SS19

    Bouffier ekes 0.9 out on Craig and going into the final stage the gap is now 31.5
  • SS18 Interview

  • SS18 times

    Again very close between Craig and Bouffier. Bryan gains 1.6 on that one to have an advantage of 30.6 with two to go.
  • SS17 Interview

  • SS17, Craig wins this one

    Craig tops the times on this stage and cuts Bryans advantage by 2sec. The gap is now 29seconds
  • SS16 Interview

  • Bouffier edges SS16

    The fight between the two 207 S2000 drivers continues on SS16, Bouffier edges this one by 0.3 and the gap overall now is 30.9. 4 stages to go
  • SS15 Interview

  • SS15 Bryan pushing Craig

    Through that one Bouffier pulled out another 1.1 sec on Craig.
  • Loop number 3 Live

    ERC Rally Ypers Marathon Saturday continues with the next of four stages, this time round SS15, SS16, SS17 and SS18 will be tackled. News from service is that Craig has gone for a hard compound tyre setup and his rival Bouffier is gone for soft...
  • Peugeot 208 T16 at Ypres

  • Service Interview after SS14

  • Leaderboard Update

    Freddy Loix leads Bryan Bouffier by 1 minute 34.7 seconds and Craig is a further 29.5 seconds back in third
  • SS14 Interview

  • Gap to Bouffier Grows

    Fastest time for Bouffier in SS14, hes now 29.5 seconds ahead of Craig
  • Paddon off on SS14

    Still waiting for times but news has come in that Paddon has crashed out. Crew are ok.
  • Overshoot on SS14 for Craig

    Craig reports having an overshoot and a stall in the middle of the stage. Times to follow...
  • SS13 leaderboard Update

    SS13: Loix 1:22.8 Bouffier +0.3 Breen +1.2 Aigner +3.0 PAddon +3.0.

    Overall 1. Loix 1:40:39.2 2. Bouffier +1:38.2 3. Craig +2:04.1 (Diff to Bryan 25.9)
  • SS13 Interview

  • SS13 SuperSpecial

    Over the SS13 SuperSpecial Bryan Bouffier pulled out .9 of a second over Craig. The gap between the two is 25.9

    The crews are now on route to SS14,
  • SS12 Interview

  • SS12 Times

    Bouffier goes 3.2 quicker than Craig on this one. The gap between the two is 25 seconds now
  • five fastest times in a row

    With his quickest time on SS11, Craig has made it five in a row
  • SS11 All ok for Craig

    Craig after SS11 "A lots of cuts, I thought I had a puncture but all ok"

    craig was fastest again, 11.3 quicker than Bouffier, the gap between Craig and Bryan is now 21.8sec
  • SS11

    Craig reports puncture, times to follow
  • Peugeot Rally Academy

    Peugeot Rally Academy
  • Craig on SS10

  • Ypres Service Area

    Ypres Service Area
  • Service Image

    Service Image
  • 4 fastest times in a row

    After completing four tastest times on the morning loop Craig has moved ahead of Hayden Paddon and back to 3rd. The crews are now on their way to first service of the day. Friddy Loix still leads, Bryan Bouffier is 2nd +1min 37.3sec and Craig now 3rd, 2min 10.4 down on Loix and 33.1 off Bouffier
  • SS10 Interview

  • Craig goes 3rd

    With times still coming in Craig has claimed 3rd O/A passing paddon on SS10. details to follow. Crews now on their way to service
  • SS9 Interview

  • Craig fastest on SS9

    Craig has just set a hat trick of fastest times over the opening three morning stages. He remains 4th but the gap to Paddon is now just 3.4 sec. One more 14.19km stage left before service
  • Gap getting closer

    Craig faster than Paddon on SS9 - gap now 3.4, times still coming in
  • Good start, Leadrerboard Update

    Loix 1:12:47.9
    Bouffier +1:35.3
    Paddon +2:05.5
    Breen +2;12.6
  • SS8 Interview

  • SS8 times

    Craig goes fastest again on SS8 and takes another 4.5 from Paddon, the gap now is 7.1 and Craig remains 4th. Craigs comment, "We have to take it step by step"
  • SS7 Interview

  • Leader board after SS7

    After SS7: Loix 1:05:52.0 Bouffier +1:32.2 Paddon +2:03.6 Breen +2:15.2 Aigner +3:28.1
  • All begins with SS7

    Day two of ERC Rally Ypers got underway within the last hour in Belgium with stage 7. Lying 4th after day one Craig Breen has set the fastest time on the morning opener. Freddy Loix rermains in the lead but when he came to the end of the test, Freddy did not stop to talk to reporter. It is not known if he has a problem.

    At the end of the stage Craig said, "Difficult stage, we were very careful on some tricky places. We had 4 hard compound tyres and it was tricky under the trees for braking."
  • Long day ahead

    Day 2 is just about to go live, long day ahead, 14 stages over 12 hours
  • Day One Highlights

  • Saturday Schedule (Part 2)


    SS15 Vleteren - Krombeke 2 - (14.34 kms) 18:00hrs
    SS16 Watou 2 - (12.44 kms) - 18:17hrs
    SS17 Westouter 2 - (7.39 kms) - 18:35hrs
    SS18 Kemmelberg 2 - (14.19 kms) 19:04hrs

    Regroup/Service : Ieper 19:54hrs

    SS19 Nieuwkerke 2 – (14.99 kms) - 20:59hrs
    SS20 Hollebeke 2 – (28.82 kms) - 21:35hrs

    Service : Ieper 22:10hrs

    Parc Fermé : IEPER 22:20hrs
  • Saturday Schedule (Part 1)


    Service IEPER 09:30hrs

    SS.7 Vleteren - Krombeke 1 - (14.34kms) 10:38hrs
    SS.8 Watou 1 - (12.50 kms) 10:55hrs
    SS.9 Westouter 1 - (7.39kms) 11:13hrs
    SS.10 Kemmelberg 1 - (14.5kms) 11:42hrs

    Service Ieper 12:12hrs

    SS.11 Heuvelland 1 - (15.00 kms) 13:37hrs
    SS.12 Lille-Eurométropole - (9.6 kms) 14:32hrs
    SS.13 Show Wasquehal - (1.88 kms) 15:10hrs
    SS.14 Hollebeke 1 - (28.82kms) 16:05hrs

    Ieper 16.57hrs

    Stages 15 to 20 follow in part 2
  • SS6 Interview

  • 4rd overnight

    Over the final stage of the day Craig dropped somemore time suffering from the driveshaft problem. he is 4th overnight 13.2 sec hehind Hayden Paddon in third
  • SS5 interview

  • Broken Driveshaft on SS5

    As Craig came to the end of SS5 he was quick to report he had broken a driveshaft and had dropped alot of time, he now drops to 3rd
  • SS4 Interview

    View on YouTube
  • SS4 Times

    Loix 8:37.4 +5.6. Craig suffered a puncture 2km from end of stage. Paddon +21.2, Bouffier +13.8
  • Shakedown Video

  • Craig's Service 1 Interview

  • Leader board after SS3

    Overall after SS3: Loix 29:14.0 / Breen +15.7 / Bouffier +57.1 / Paddon +1:21.4 / Solowow +1:39.7 / Aigner +2:02.9 / Tlustak +2:53.8
  • SS3 times

    very close again on SS3. Loix fastest by 3.4 over Craig. the gap is 15.7sec, service now
  • Leader board after SS2

    After #FIAERC #ypresrally SS2: Loix 21:32.9 Breen +12.3 Bouffier +45.2 PAddon +1:02.5 Solowow 1:13.9 Kobus +1:28.1
  • SS2 Interview

  • SS2

    Loix 13:20.5 Craig +10.3, Paddon +40.6 more times to follow. After SS2 Loix leads by 12.3sec to Craig. Paddon is 1:02.5
  • Autograph Signing

    Autograph Signing
  • driver-codriver photo

    driver-codriver photo
  • SS1 Interview

  • SS1 Live

    Loix sets 8:12.4 Craig + 2 sec. Paddon + 21.9 plus he was off the road near the start of stage. Bouffier + 15.9. It was raining for the stage. Craigs end of stage interview comes next
  • Craig picks road position

    Craig picks road position
  • Pre-Event press conference

    Pre-Event press conference (Part 2)

    Question to Craig Breen
    There are couple of interesting cars running ahead of you through the stages. You’ve had the privilege of driving Peugeot’s 208 T16. What do you think about the car and its potential?

    CB: “Firstly for me it’s a big honour to be involved in the testing programme. It’s been very successful so far. The T16 is a big name and has a big reputation. Everybody is hungry to be involved with the T16 heritage and everybody is working very hard. For me to drive it’s really amazing. There’s a lot of technology from what Peugeot Sport has learned from over the years. For me as regards to driving it’s very different to the Super 2000. I’ve been driving naturally aspirated cars since I started rallying so this is a completely new way of driving but the excitement of driving the Super 2000 cars is still there so for me it’s really good.”
  • Pre-Event press conference

    Pre-Event press conference (Part 1)

    Questions to Craig

    It’s your first time competing here in Ypres – what do you think of the stages after the recce?

    CB: “It’s a very difficult rally here in Ypres. It’s my first time and the stages are very tricky. Even in the completely dry conditions during the recce still I could see it’s going to be a big challenge here. It will take me a little while to understand the character and the nature of the roads, especially if the promised wet conditions materialise. It’s a nice rally and I’m looking forward to it.”

    Question to Craig Breen You’ve got the number one on the side of your Peugeot 207. Is that a positive or a negative and will you be number one at the finish on Saturday night?

    CB: “Of course it’s a big honour for me to be number one. I would like to have been running first on the road today but this guy beside me was faster last night so it’s like this. Of course everybody wants to win and everybody is here to try to get the victory. I need to be very clever and calm. It’s more important for me to learn the events of the championship this year. Especially with it being my first time here it’s very important I reach the finish. But who am I to say I wouldn’t like to win.”
  • Road Selection

    The ceremonial start has just taken place in Ypres and Craig has decided to run 2nd on the road for the Friday stages. Loix picked first position
  • Friday Schedule

    ***ALL TIMES are CET***

    Start Order Selection - Podium Ieper 13:30hrs

    Service IEPER 16:30

    SS.1 Dikkebus 1 (14.30 kms) 17:05
    SS.2 Wijtschate 1 (24.90 kms) 17:40
    SS.3 Langemark (13.80 kms) 18:29

    Service Ieper 19:30

    SS.4 Dikkebus 2 (14.30 kms) 20:20
    SS.5 Wijtschate 2 (24.90 kms) 20:55
    SS.6 Mesen (9.65 kms) 21:20

    Ieper 21:43

    Park Ferme IEPER 22:40
  • Start Positions

    The drivers will choose their start positions tomorrow (Friday) during the ceremonial start in the centre of Leper at 13:30hrs (CET)
  • Qualifying Times

    Freddy Loix was fastest over the 4.88-kilometre course, 2.15s quicker than Craig. New Zealand’s Hayden Paddon was third fastest with Michał Sołowow fourth and Bryan Bouffier fifth.

    Qualifying Times

    Quote from Craig,“I was a bit rusty at the beginning but it was good in the end and I’ve got a good position for tomorrow. My main objective is to be as close as I can to Freddy and we’ve done that so I can sleep well tonight.”
  • Qualifying this evening

    Shakedown and Qualifying will take place this evening. Free practice will begin 19.00hrs and will be followed by qualifying at 20.00hrs. Start Order selection at the Leper Start podium tomorrow 13.00hrs. All times are CET.
  • Testing

  • Eurosport Coverage

    Friday 28 June 00:00 00:30
    European Rally Championship - Belgium: Day 1 (30min) BRITISH EUROSPORT

    Saturday 29 June 23:45 00:15
    European Rally Championship - Belgium: Review (30min) BRITISH EUROSPORT

    Sunday 30 June 06:00 06:30
    REPLAY European Rally Championship - Belgium: Review (30min) BRITISH EUROSPORT 2

    Tuesday 02 July 22:00 22:30
    European Rally Championship - Inside ERC (30min) BRITISH EUROSPORT

    Wednesday 03 July 08:30 09:00
    REPLAY European Rally Championship - Inside ERC (30min) BRITISH EUROSPORT
  • Event Itinerary

    Rally Itinerary

  • Cats and Witches

    Five facts

    * At just short of 300 kilometres, the Ypres Rally is the longest round of the 2013 ERC so far in terms of competitive distance
    * No driver has won in Ypres more times than Freddy Loix. The 42-year-old has taken victory on his home round of the ERC on seven occasions
    * Don’t be confused by signs to Ieper: it’s how Flemish-speaking Belgians spell Ypres
    * The town of Ypres’ history dates back to Roman times but it’s not always been a happy place: during World War I it was the centre of a number of battles between German and Allied Forces
    * As well as hosting a round of the ERC, Ypres is home of the Kattenstoet or Cat Parade, a tri-annual event that involves a colourful parade of cats and witches no less
  • Event Essentials

    Starts: 16:25hrs, Friday 28 June, Grote Markt, Ypres
    Finishes: 22:20hrs, Saturday 29 June, Grote Markt, Ypres
    Headquarters: Ieper Business Park, Ter Waarde 10, Ypres
    Service Park: Grote Markt, Ypres

    Facts - Figures:

    Entries received: 103
    ERC appearances: Nine (since restructuring of ERC in 2004)
    Stages: 20
    Stage distance: 297.93 kilometres (101.86 kilometres leg one, 196.07 kilometres leg two)
    Liaison: 351.19 kilometres
    Total: 649.12 kilometres
    Surface: Asphalt
  • Qualifying set for ERC Ypres

    History will be made on round six of the FIA European Rally Championship when the Geko Ypres Rally becomes the first all-asphalt event to include a Qualifying Stage.

    The move, which the FIA Rally Commission approved at a meeting in Paris on 24 May, will add a new and exciting dimension to the traditional Ypres Rally shakedown stage held on the evening before the rally. All upcoming Tarmac-based rounds of the ERC are now authorised to run a Qualifying Stage, which will be used to determine the starting order for the opening leg of an event. Rally Poland pioneered the Qualifying Stage concept in the ERC last season with all loose-surface rounds adopting the format as standard for 2013.

    Geko Ypres Rally Manager Alain Penasse said: “The decision from the FIA Rally Commission was a huge surprise for all of us. We understood immediately the thrilling boost this would give to our shakedown. Last year we got more than 5000 spectators on the four-kilometre stage. This option gives the Geko Ypres Rally organisers, and the organisers behind other Tarmac events, to add extra suspense to the rally as the shakedown is no longer just a test run but decides the starting grid for the crews.”

    On the Geko Ypres Rally, FIA and ERC priority drivers (a maximum of 20 will be nominated) will get two runs of the shakedown stage from 19:00hrs CET on Thursday 27 June before the Qualifying Stage goes live at 20:00hrs. The fastest driver will be the first to select their starting position at a ceremony in the Ypres Rally Center from 13:00hrs on Friday 28 June with the second fastest driver next up and so on until all starting positions have been selected. The traditional Ypres shakedown for all other crews will begin at 20:30hrs on Thursday.
  • Tyre Restriction (part2)

    Furthermore, the practice of hand cutting tyres – to provide additional grip – for competitors using 18" tyres will be strictly forbidden unless in very exceptional weather conditions. Hand cutting tyres remains strictly forbidden for two-wheel drive cars, as per the 2013 ERC Sporting Regulations.

    François Ribeiro, Motorsport Development Director, Eurosport Events, said: “The ERC tyre regulations were far too expensive. We want the ERC’s open tyre competition to remain, but we had to do something to drastically cut costs for the teams. With six new tyres allowed after each service park, we had a situation where teams were running 36 to 42 tyres for 250 kilometres of stages, which was economic nonsense given the endurance capability of new tyres. We have consulted with the teams, rally organisers and the tyre manufacturers and proposed a tyre restriction plan which the FIA Rally Commission has rubberstamped.”

    The restriction on tyre use is in addition to Appendix V of the FIA’s Regional Rally Championship Sporting Regulations that came into effect from 1 May. They limit tyre compound choice to two different types and also specify the requirement for tyres to fit 18" wheels on Tarmac. However, tyre companies Pirelli and Yokohama have been granted waivers until 1 October to produce tyres that conform to the new requirements.
  • Tyre Restriction (part1)

    A forty per cent restriction in tyre use in the ERC from Ypres onwards

    The number of tyres that crews can use in the FIA European Rally Championship will be restricted from round six onwards as part of continued efforts by ERC promoter Eurosport Events to reduce the cost of competing in the flagship competition.

    A meeting of the FIA Rally Commission in Paris on 24 May agreed to a proposal by Eurosport Events to restrict tyre usage from next month’s GEKO Ypres Rally in Belgium. It means that a maximum of 20 tyres – plus four for any pre-event running such as shakedown or free practice and qualifying – are now permitted for use on ERC events.

    The impact of the revised tyre regulations will be monitored until the end of the season to adjust the 2014 tyre regulations if necessary.

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