Rallye du Var

23rd November 2012 - 25th November 2012

Rally du Var in 2012 competes in the 23 to 25 November 2012 for the last round of the championship of France rallies. This rally is organized by the ASAC Var.

This rally Var also hosts the final round of the Citroën Racing Trophy, Trophy Twingo R2, Volant 207, Twingo R1, France Junior championship and challenge Renault Sport.

Event Updates

  • Friday Schedule

    15 stages, 243km in total.All times local.CET is minus 1 hour, UK, Ireland Portugal minus 2 hours

    Day One - Friday Feb 1

    0800 Free Practice
    0930 Qualifying 5.89km
    1245 Start Position Selection

    1445 Ceremonial Start

    1540 Service A Liepāja (15 min)

    1710 SS1 Rallyofchampions.com (Podnieki) 6.16km
    1745 SS2 Volkswagen 1 (Tebra) 16.88km
    1845 SS3 LDz Cargo 1 (Vecpils) 18.73km

    2010 Flexi Service Liepāja (45 min)

  • Vote for Craig

    The WRC.com 2012 driver of the Year Poll is continuing on wrc.com

    Craig currently has a narrow lead but it's very close. Did you cast your vote yet?

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  • 3th overall

    The drama continued even on the last stage, where craig has set his second fastest time and takes 3rd overall.

    GREAT DRIVE, Well done to Craig, Paul and all the Saineloc Team
  • Delay before SS12

    There's a delay before the final stage. More news as we get it.
  • Comment after SS11

    Craig's comment after SS11,"C’est une très belle spéciale. Nous faisons un bon temps."

    Translation: "This was a beautiful stage and we did a good time."
  • Craig up to 4th

    Yes that's correct folks, Craig is up to 4th place. Robert Kubica who was leading has crashed out and Craig set the fastest time on the stage and by doing so has passed Charles Zuccarelli and has also gained a place because of Kubica's exit. So up to 4th and the final stage remains. Service now.
  • Still NO start SS11

    The delay has now gone to 45 min, still no start. Not looking good now. No reason as of yet why stage has not began
  • SS 11 Delay continues

    The delay has been extended to 15 min and as I update there's still no start to the stage.
  • Delay on SS11

    Retard d’au moins dix minutes or in our own tongue - There's a 10 minute delay at the start of SS11
  • Two stages to go!!!

    11.1 sec is the gap SS11 Collobrières 32,57 km is next. Then a 20 min service and the final stage SS12 Vidauban 2 31,74 km. Lets hope there's no P--ct--es today.
  • The final morning is live!

    Hi folks, the final morning of Rallye du Var is now live and on stage 10 Craig has posted the 3rd fastest time. He remains 6th but the gap to 5th is now only 11 sec. We await Craig's comment from the end of the stage.

    Only two stages remain
  • Sunday Schedule

    early start... Sunday Day 3 Schedule– All Times Listed are CET

    06h00 Service 20 min

    SS10 07h00 La Garde Freinet 10,99 km
    SS11 07h45 Collobrières 32,57 km

    09h05 Service 20 min

    SS12 10h10 Vidauban 2 31,74 km

    11h50 Podium
  • 2nd fastest on SS9

    craig has had another stormer on the final stage of the day, setting second fastest time to end the day 6th place, as more times come in. Great Drive
  • another stormer on SS8

    Craig has had another storming drive on SS8. Setting 2nd fastest time over the 7.58 km test. He remains 10th as the morning schedule comes to a close in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

    Regroup now, then service and one more stage this afternoon.
  • puncture confirmed

    Yep, another right front puncture confirmed. bad luck.....
  • Time loss on SS7

    Craig has lost time on Stage 7, reason is not yet known but it could be another puncture. He has dropped from 5th overall to 9th
  • SS7 delay

    The delay before SS6 is being carried to SS7 but the first times are coming in now
  • SS6 & up to 5th

    Craig recorded the 4th fastest time on SS6 and moved up to 5th O/A in the process. he is now just .7 behind Romain Dumas who currently holds 4th. SS7 next and is 16,65 km
  • Delay on SS6

    SS 6 was due to begin at 9.10 but there's currently a delay. Reason not known yet but the stage should start soon!
  • Tyre choice spot on

    Craig puts his good time on SS 5 down to getting the tyre choice perfect.
  • Craig up to 6th

    After that storming time on SS5 Craig is up to 6th overall. Service Next.
  • French Poetry

    The French language decribes Craig's drive on SS5 Perfectly, "Très belle performance de Breen"
  • Day 2 Starts with a BANG!

    Craig has set a cracking time on the morning opener, second fastest, just 1.3 sec off that of Kubica's. Overall as of now he is up to sixth but more times are coming in. Craig's comments from the stage coming next plus his overall position.
  • SS5 is Live

    Day two is now live. The current weather is 12 degrees under a cloudy sky. It's expected to remain cloudy all day but stay dry. Times for SS5 coming soon.
  • Live Results

    Good morning all, day 2 is just about to get underway. Today is the longest of the rally with 5 stages, totally 106 km's. To keep up to date with stage and overall results please follow the live link:

    Live Results

  • Sat Stage Schedule

    Saturday Day 2 Schedule- All Times are CET

    07h20 Service 30 min

    SS5 08h35 Le Plan de la Tour 2 20,25 km

    09h30 Seevice 20 min

    SS6 10h10 Collobrières 32,57 km
    SS7 11h10 Pignans 16,65 km
    SS8 12h25 La Môle 2 7,58 km

    13h20 Regroup 100 min
    15h20 Service 20 min

    SS9 16h25 Vidauban 1 31,74 km

    19h00 Parc Fermé

    Saturday Stage Map

  • 13th after SS4

    After the opening four stages of Rallye du Var, south-eastern France , Craig and Paul are 13th overall, 3 minutes 56 seconds off event leader Robert Kubica.

    Breen who is competing in a Sainteloc Racing, Peugeot 207 S2000 initially began the day with third fastest time on the first 7 km stage. At the end he stated “the car was a bit soft but the stage went well.

    Over stages two and three the recently crowned Super 2000 World Rally Championship succumbed to a lack of power and was picked off by a number of competitors in more powerful WRC machines.

    Then on the final stage of today the Waterford driver suffered a puncture dropping more time.

    The rally resumes tomorrow with a further five stages.
  • Craig now 4th SS3

    SS3 17.93km Kubica FASTEST, Loix +21.8, Robert +32.7, Breen +37.4, Maurin +41.3, Craig drops to 4th O/A SERVICE NOW
  • still 2nd after SS2

    SS2 10.19km Kubica FASTEST, Loix +13.7, Maurin +23.1, Robert +23.5, Breen +24.1, Craig still holds 3rd O/A
  • 3rd on the SS1

    Great opening time for Craig on SS1 3rd overall. This was a short stage so will be interesting on the longest ones later
  • 3rd on the SS1

    Great opening time for Craig on SS1 3rd overall. This was a short stage so will be interesting on the longest ones later
  • 3rd on the SS1

    Great opening time for Craig on SS1 3rd overall. This was a short stage so will be interesting on the longest ones later
  • WRC.com Driver Poll Update

    In the WRC.com poll for the best WRC driver during 2012, Craig is out in front Full Article Here

    Make sure to cast your vote!!!
  • Friday Stage Schedule

    Friday Day 1 Schedule – All Times Listed are CET

    13h15 Podium
    13h35 Service 15 min

    SS1 14h15 La Môle 1 7.58 km
    SS2 14h55 Bornes les Mimosas 10.19 km
    SS3 15h25 Cogolin 17.93 km

    16h00 Service 35min

    SS4 17h05 Le Plan de la Tour 20.25 km

    18h05 Parc Fermé

    Friday Stage Map

  • Entry List

    Entry List
  • Location Map

    Location Map
  • Event Website

    Event Website

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